Behind the scenes of the "Treat You Better" music video

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Anilam cz
I know girls.. he has abs. But look at his smile 😍
Riya D
My beautiful Canadian muffin
That room is called the FRIENDZONE
Esther Ting
im not satisfied with this guy who distrubed Shawn singing One dance. I shouldn't have watch this video.
hanen aldhalmi
Adriana J.
1:51 girl I see you
he's so cute i love the meaning in the song, he's so beautiful, it was so perfect
"This room. I'm trapped, It's like I've been in here forever." Wait! The room represents the friendzone?!
whos the guy actor from 0:05
Maria Martinez
His voice and cuteness is killing me. 💓💓
Kiki Odubanjo
This video is proof that Shawn was not the one getting beat up towards the end of the video
MendesTøpPhan JoshlerShipper
when u relize you've been to that motel before
Reese Waldhart
"I need a one dance..." *goes serious*
Evy Felipez
for those of you asking what the other guy's name is, it's Frankie Dunne
Hritika Mendes
my husband slays my life
Vanessa Valchuk
he looks so good in this I'm screaming
Leonard Boyer-Z1
I'm you're biggest fan Shawn Mendes please reply
Senan Kelly
at 1:19 pause it I thautht he was going to box him
ralph ruelos
I love shawn mendes than charlie puth because i like the way he is
what's the girl name? someone please tell me
Jillyan Johnston
so..... there's going to be a video to lights on?😉😉
Seeing Shawn hanging out with the other guy makes me uncomfortable since I have seen the video😂♥️
Give me food.
His smile😍
Prettypop 12
I’m so after this one there’s “Mercy and holdin me back” wonder if he is going to do one for “bad reputation” 🤔🤔 I would love that
damnnn Shawn ❤
Chaeyoung Park
Please tell the bad boy of the name of one clip !!!!!
Céline Schaller
Knows someone of you the name of this boy, who plays the boyfriend of the girl?
Rhianna Walsgrove
I love you
Gizem İşgören
Hi guys, do you now actor and actress name?
Awe Shawn is so cute 😍
Jean Luca
Be nice To everyone
So beautiful
Brianna Barrows
My little muffin😍
Kasandra Puth
My favorite part of this video is when he starts singing one dance and he does a little dance and the guy interrupts him I was laughing a lot he is so hot cute and beautiful.I love you SHAWN MENDES.#Mendes and #MendesArmy.Love Your Fan,Kasandra Cedillo Ramirez
Princess S2004
his little dance 💙
Neli -
can anyone tell me the name of the boy which playing the girl's boyfriend
sarahludwig13.Thema : alles sarah
I' love you Shawn Mendes ;-*
Sonjia Smith K with a cooler
"I'm trapped in a room" It's called the friend zone
Tegan Rose
Hot can't handle it
Sherlyn Gisselle
Kruna Bozic
You know the song one dance 🎧
Wren Mendes
Awee when he was singing one dance and then the guy came and interrupted him 😂 he tried to act like he was punching the air but really he was dancing all cool 😂 what a cute Benitoooo
Ariella Gesthalter
My Canadian Muffin 😂🤣
Bella Beaman
He said there were going to be a bunch of connections with the music videos of the other songs off the album but the only other music videos he's done since are Mercy and TNHMB
cristian Cardona
Frankie Dunne act nice in there
the ButterflyGirls 1o1
Shawn my dream is to meet you I what to meet you but I'm to young I am 8 years old
if he dabbed when he started singing one dance....
Savagegirl Xx
I love Shawn mendes
Maggie Mendes
Where did you get this?
Dana Venice Mallari
I think this song is about Camila Cabello, they are so cute if they'll be together #ShawMila 💕
Nae Ateny
Im his wife 💙💙
this is amazing I LOVE YOU IMMA CRY WAAAH XD hes awesome
Mantasha Adan
There is nothing like shawn.
Ma'Raya Stewart
happy birthday
but why
oh my GAWD shawn you woukd TOTALLY SAVE me ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I thought in the video Shawn is upset because she chose the guy over him that's why he's so frustrated and all lol
Matt Gamer
hi shawn w
Alize and Maritza
Who else remembers when he was on Disneys next big thing and now he's so famous
Faluba 21
Mia Lokelani
HOW old are you???
Kpop Edits
beatriz siqueira
I Love this song! I Love this guy ❤
How'd u find this video?
Moka Bell
I like Be u Shawn your so amazing
Moka Bell
I love u Shawn u so amazing
Majida Siddiquie
Love shawn
SKJ Studios
My Perfect Canadian Prince 😍😍
01:52 Is that Brian his best friend from school?
Adya Varshney
a water bottle of course
Detach L2
197 a comentar
Khushi Dalla
Perfect singing. Perfect acting. Perfect body builder. Perfect voice. Perfect smile. Perfect songs. Perfect album. Perfect heart. Perfect person. Perfect everything....I love you Shawn! #mendesarmy
Yesha Flores
friendzone be like 😭😭😭 i feel u shawn i feel u. hahaha
FKA Natalee
OMG YOUR SO FLAWLESS AND HAWD♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💋💋💋😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
hajrah hussain
what are the connections shawn tell me
Beatriz Santos
unicornias mabyejulia
podia ter legenda !!!
Yarleni Otero
1:13 😂❤
Benny's Minecraft Videos
# Swan Mendes
김명선 Ann
1:24 XD "I need a one dance.."
Rui Francia
my i dol
Ashleigh Alford
lot better will her
Amarilys Aviles
i love you
Franzatta Bell
Wayne Ghool
someone please tell me please i will be so greatfulllll please
muffin xoxo
was shawn punched?
Adrianna Michelle
He's also so funny.
Larissa Nayara
Alguém do Brasil
Wayne Ghool
what is the name of the boy who acted wit the girl in the video treat you better not shawn mendes the other one
kenneth liktor
I think it's good :)
Adrianna Michelle
He is SO nice. I always thought celebs would be kind of selfish or mean but he is so nice.
Lieke Boomstra
What is hè doing 1:19😂
Hayden Romero
1:15 was that drake's song
Chloe Curran
bullet roque
he is so jacked! its kinda scary coz it feels like maybe they are rushing to make his body look mature but he's only 18 . just saying.
candela ledesma
hermosooo 😍😍