HTC Sensation vs Samsung Galaxy S II

PhoneArena presents a brief comparison of the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II. When you dig deeper, the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S II are rather different - the design philosophy is polarizing, screen technology and resolution don't match, the dual-core chipsets are not from the same mother, and the user interface concepts are opposites. Which one will be right for you? Read on, while we jump in to solve this dilemma... For more details, check out our full comparison:

CaptainCrules c
Even an idiot can tell that the Sensation is gorgeous compared to that ugly plastic shit.
Theodor-Andrei Cîrmaciu
I haven't got that yet on my Sensation ICS, and I have the Sensation for 5 months.
It doesn't matter what phone you take, Both beat the living shit out of Apple's Iphone and are cheaper.
Beston Mobasheri
@DIKKEBANA You dumb red neck...
who type ,,P'' on galaxy s2 @6:20?
Richard Rajah
10 people have iPhone
i have htc sensation xe... its less laggy than original sensation..nevertheless samsung gs2 is a little better than the htc sensation and sensation xe
Ephraim Reyes
Ka ad
this video sux u are an idiot how can the keyboard from s2 be better lol
Cristi Feodor
THE BEST ONE IS THE ONE YOU HAVE, i have htc sensation and besides his leaks it is still a great phone. i am using it more for music, filming photo and browser, for me it's not a phone anymore. i am taking the minimal number of calls.
Anthony Montalbano
Excellent and helpful review good sir!
John Yi
@xxgg if you will notice, at 6:21, both units completely lose wifi signal. Something was going on with his wifi, not the phone(s).
You can enable text reflow in the browser through the browser settings. #SGS2
HTC is going the release a new phone called the Sensation XE, which has more Ram and a 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Processor and 'Beats Audio' and a bigger battery. So Sensation owners just got raped. Like somebody else has pointed out: HTC releases to many phones each year:. So whenever you buy an HTC Phone, before you know it they release a better one. With Apple you know you got the best Apple has to offer for one year.
Sin Wei Lee
hey, is this htc sensation's music gallery's landscape interface will like incredible s one?
Sin Wei Lee
For the price, Htc sensation win
john pickard
Sensation all the way .....I love my htc sensation who cares about amoled plus mine is qhd and I'm loving the features....HTC is my choice....
Shivdev Singh
@LostMYmind904 you mad bro?
pizza man
i was thinking about buying the GS2 but i bought the sensation instead . im kinda starting to regret now ;O
rafo sky
@xxgg i love htc,but i saw the signal really lost :SSSSS
Boban Vlahovic
galaxy baby , Galaxy s 2!
i hope in sense 3.5 they will tone it down because there is some lag
@Harishumayun0345 tenx ! :]
Haris Humayun
@shirbcr2 galaxy s2
to sum up - which phone is better ?!?!?
bedanta gogoi
@jrife37 exactly!!! i've used them both,and samoled+ is anyday bettr! u cant even compare these two screens,cuz samoled+ is so much superior
@rishucoolbuddy but not as significantly drop like sensation. I said to myself, i can deal with it but screen view angle and such was a major disapointment compare to other HTC phones like Incrediable2 and such
i'd go for the sensation!!! :)
Alve Rybom
@CrazedTeenz What's wrong with bieng homosexual?
Jonathan Gormal
@shubhams95 If you look in the background you'll see that the samsung also lost its bars right about that point. Both great phones!
Tae Eun Kim
guys, the korean version of s2 is abgn (wifi) with up to 2.4ghz download (or upload) speed. s2 beats sensation like how korea beats taiwan in taekwondo.
job tuinstra
i wish galaxy s 2 hase sense :(
galaxy s 2 wins
DID YOU GUYS NOTICED THAT? During the landscape keyboard demo of Sensation... when he rotated the phone to landscape mode and held it to type... his WIFI signal totally dropped to lowest. Yet another victim to signal loss?death-grip?
are you retarded man? you can look at your friend's facebook without launching the app it's called scrolling the bottom bar
Matevž Krajnik
Reginald P. Tallywinker
I wanted a Galaxy S II, but because they aren't in america yet, I went with the Sensation. I see no problems with it. They both are fast and intuitive, so stop your bitching. Personally, I prefer Sense, but I like the speed of the GS2. It DOES end up being just preference. So all of you that have your panties in a twist, calm down. I doubt you have owned either phone and are just fanboying it up.
08:53 Samsung spelling fail, 'equaliser' lol
Nathan French
this reviewer is amazing
he said that sensation have better landscape keyboard than the galaxy s 2 but never showed the galaxy s 2 keyboard for us to compare
Frode Hauge
I ordered the Samsung. Bought HTC Desire April last year. Since a few weeks after purchase, I've been shuffling apps in and out to make room (128MB app space HTC, really?). On the Sensation they've upped it to 1GB, which is still on the low side considering applications aren't exactly getting smaller these days. The Samsung has a more sensible 16 or 32GB. I'd prefer Sense, but no way I'm gonna risk another year of frustration due to lack of installation space.
great reviewer. just wish he could change his accent?..
Ryan Hong
You can choose the zoom setting in GS2 so if you want you can make the text reflow like the Sensation.Also this video is very misleading in terms of black levels (probably a camcorder thing): the Sensation gives you washed out greyish black while the GS2 gives you the perfect black.
Ian Kennedy
I like that Samsung has robust media container support out of the box as well as a seemingly superior video camera, to be expected from a vendor with a more robust consumer electronics portfolio. However, HTC Sense crushes Touchwiz in the pure UI sex department.. For me the call is easy: there is no GS2 for my carrier. But there is the Sensation. Plus, I don't trust Samsung to support their stuff, they have a track record of abandonware.
By the way, sense UI all the way. Samsung has a history of creating absolutely rubbish software/firmware.
People are too critical and nitpicking.. The reviewer picks out the most appropriate / relevant parts to review. This is not a movie! This reviewer is by far the most technical and unbiased. If you, critics, watch enough reviews, you'll see how difficult it is to be / keep as organized as this guy. Very good English and excellent vocabulary. By far the best reviewer on phonearena. Sometimes it seems like the native speakers and reviewers can't even speak their mother tongue properly!Shame!
This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. He keeps missing out parts, such as in the contacts page, the slider bar at the bottom allows you to see the Facebook things.
He cut the Galaxy S 2 a bit short of it greatness and talked up the HTC a little bit more than it's truely worthy of. Sounds like he has a nut for HTC. No comparison between these two phones. Apple iPhone 5? Ok this might be something to compare it to.
It comes down to personal preference he says ? LOL On a road trip which is more comfortable? a Caddilac or Cavalier? Personal prefernece eh? LOL
The HTC sensation has the advantage because of high def screen??? Is this guy serious? The display on the Galaxy S 2 is second to none. No comparison between these two phones. The Galaxy S 2 is superior.
thought the Galaxy S 2 had a 4.5 inch screen? He said both phones with a 4.3 inch screen. Clearly the Galaxy S 2 has a bigger screen than the HTC 4.3.
Ryan Cheung
It's a FUSTER ONE ?!
Darrel Bryan
@laMmEntaI Same thing i thought!
Darrel Bryan
3:38 Security Risk on Htc Sensation!
The Eagle
which one make a better photo and film ? thx.
That was a really good review! Thanks
For God sacks people the sensation and the GS2 are equally good if you want touch wiz get the GS2 if you want sense get the htc sensation there both great phones
Amar Yadav
dude... ur hands r damn shakin !
Joshua Kahn
You can't say you prefer it without demonstrating the other. You forgot to demonstrate the landscape on the Galaxy SII don't say one is better without comparing the two.
Thomas Caudron
I'm definitly gonna buy a GalaxyS II because it's scrolls faster...
OMG this guy is killin me, HT Sensation lol!!!! its HTC BUDDY!!!
he said HT sense lol!!
@Astrixone Why? Because it has grid of icons-style in menu? And a shortcut dock? Just because of that? Oh, please, I think you can live with that. Everything else is different and more functional.
@MisterHeroy mmmm... reminds me of something... IOS! Thats why i dont want touchwiz
Which one ii better?
@bobbymul: and Sensation doesn't look like every HTC Device made in the pas years?....
Bobby Muljono
I like the browsing experience of the hTc Sensation as compared to SGSII. I also like the elegant design of hTC Sensation with compliments to its wonderful hTc Sense 3.0 as compared to the boring design of SGSII and touchwiz. But in terms of entertainment software, I think SGSII has the upper hand with its smooth and silkiness of phone navigation and video optimizing functions. Personally, I look for design in a phone. SGSII looks similar t the iPhone 4 and I see iPhone users everywhere. Boring.
@Supernova1295 I think that's a matter of opinion. I personally find sense to be a little over cooked. it is in my opinion to far removed from stock android. I think touchwiz 4.0 does a better job of complementing features that are already in android without overdoing it. I still prefer Launcher pro plus though.
Athul Raj
THUMPS up if htc sensation looks like htc desire s from the front view
Saloni Mude
@Thall7308 It does text wrap . This reviewer just dosen't know how to do it. You have to double tap on the section you want and it rewraps just like htc. Also he probably didn't enable it from settings (since it comes disable by default when you buy the phone)
Saloni Mude
The SGS2 also text reflows! you just have to double tap it.
Saloni Mude
Htc has the better UI no doubt. But how many of you will actually use proper sense without using other launcher like Launcher pro , ADW etc ? i for one will definitely put a new launcher and ROM (cyanogen mod is now actively supporting the Modding community now :D ) So it dosen't really matter whatever ui is on since the launchers and mods are usually alot better imo...
Rafael Lopes
@abryant323 Buy an SGS II and put Sense on him XD
This battle has no winner, it depends on a taste and what U, End User, want from your smartphone.
at 8:00, if i'm not wrong, to wrap the text in galaxyS2 you have just double tap the screen.
windows 7 phone all the way!(:
Galaxy S2 my next phone for sure hmm, now just to sell my iPhone and HTC HD7 :)
Aaron Bryant
I wish I could get a device running the Sense UI but with a 4 inch Super AMOLED plus display and a qHD resolution, the exynos processor, 1 gb of ram, and support for more video codecs. That's my dream phone.
Gavin Siew
why not 10.08 on the htc?
Fernando Costa
One says cloudy and the other says mostly sunny...hmm
htc sensation camera sucks + its audio
Darryl Kirby
Superb review ... my next phone will be the S2
I think you have some problem with the browser settings, as I have no problems getting the text fitting the screen on Samsung Galaxy S 2 O.o Yes, I tried on phonearenadotcom
Dennis Lainfiesta
Sense is awesome
Pantelis Bugatti
the back of the htc is like an old phone...... :P (gs2 ftw!)
Sense UI is the best but personally i don't care about the UI that much ... it's just my opinion also the Galaxy S II is incredibly smooth and fast so i would vote for it !! one of the best things about Android is that you can download many launchers if you don't like the UI !! but still doesn't make the Sensation a bad phone :) ..
Lund Hund
also think in a practical sense, sgs 2 has a better screen, battery, web browser, video playback - all of which are very significant features in a smartphone. all due respect to htc but fancy scrolling and widgets are not more important than things i mentioned above unless you own a phone just to play with a UI.
Lund Hund
its kind of dumb to constantly point out the user interface as a negative for samsung when android gives you an option of at least 5 custom launchers that let you make your phone look like whatever you like.
i prefer the sensation screen
Why does phone arena grab the first person off the boat to do their reviews?
@anakkucluk I think a LOT of HTC fans are fans partially because of Sense
HTC sensation's UI definitely looks more appealing, however, its productivity is very limited. You can't resize widgets like on GSII, which I really love, and widgets are not as useful as GSII. Because I own a GSII, I might be a little biased toward HTC sensation, but you have to admit, GSII is an amazing phone.
Very good review..thx man
Rimon Boules
@AudiBoison but i am talking about a phone that is going to be released in the next 2 months not in the next two years
UI = htc sensation win Specs = SGS2 win
@YouHateGasgara no Sensation and Galaxy S2 is better =P
@Rimoz95 you do realize there is no iPhone 5 right now you're talking about a phone that dosen't exist I can't wait either for Samsung Galaxy S-10 it's probably going to have a 3 GHz dual-core processor, 20 megapixel camera and able to get 20.000 in benchmark =P
Peter Cho
sense beats touch wiz but galexys2 beats sensation... HTC sense in GalexyS2 will be perfect!