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West Side is da best
The amount of torque on a well placed Capoeria kick would break someones neck in half.
Lima Lima
Capoeira is awesome. The beautiful dancing martial art!
abdirahman ismacil
the first guy knock him self out 0:14
Bryson the Mad Pencil
Imagine how many slaves in Brazil and africa were freed from their captors due to this beautiful and deadly art. Thousands
Capoeira comes from Africa, Angola in particular.
skyson b pei
They hide their kicks well but i notice they tend to coil up so i would naturally front kick their center mass. Would like to know from any capoiera practitioners how you would defend against it
Supanova William
Capoeira makes your body a walking weapon of mass destruction
A lot of these aren't even capoeira. At 1:10 it's just a bloody roundhouse
Iago Santos
Zum zum zum capoeira kill one.
Tim Allen is a scumbag
This should have been called "mei lua efficiency in mma."
The transition at 2:02 made me wet
Thanks for uploading this! I think it’s a Sport wich is underrated & nice to watch those moves in a full contact-fight. Especially the Sound reminds me positively! This Capoeira Movie with Marc Dacascos, "Only the strong", beginning of the 90's ... panaohey panaohey-panara! Loved it when I was a teenager 👍🏼
Ryden son
So basically one affective kick out of all the movements
Where can i find the original video at 0:46 been looking for years
Angry Africa
When black people enter the ring, because capoeira is an African Brazilian martial art
Mr.AK45 Tube
that happens only if can hit the face
Rif'an Rokhim
Capoeira is very entertaining and satisfying ....
Gyro X
Some are from Muay Thai like the wheel kick, roundhouse etc. So technically not capoeira
Capoeira useless
Martial Kintu
Nice video but the music sucks.
Cradmogam Nflak
Most of the videos are MMA, not just capoeira. Capoeira itself is useless
nicholas vargas
A good wrestling fighter would shit on these guys
Fabio Junior Dos Santos Santos
Capoeira eficiente e imprevisível
Half of this are other martial arts and some of this are even unsuccesful
stick killer
when i saw him do the same back kick twice it looked like when u just bought a new skill in a game and u keep using it because u love it
Southern Paradise
Marcus Aurelio>Eddy Gordo!
Marlon Lockyer
Can anyone tell me the name of the song?
Brian Bernard
By any chance do you know the name of the song ?
Whats the name the first sound??
phaniraj patel
Lei wulong brought me here