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My guitar doesn't do that...
Devon Palmer
Oh look at mr fancy lighting over here. Improving his content
News Man Stan Gaming
My god, you actually did a guitar cover of Bohemian Rhapsody? And a fantastic one at that, well done.
Piyush Sapra
Guys, I failed no nut November after watching this cover.
Peter Hollens
Yes get it. When we gonna do something fancy together? 😂🤗❤️🙌🏻
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Jonny Briggs
You should have shaved down to a mustache... just sayin..
Before you get to famous and my comments Will disapear in you’re vids i just want you to say thank you for making wonderfull music iT makes my day and Maybe this is the last comment you Will read from me but know that i Will always watch you’re vids no mather What. Just so you know you got a loyal fan 👊🏻🙌🏼🙌🏼
Alpha Chicken
455 likes 0 dislikes Amazing cover, keep up the great work!
I literally clicked on this the nanosecond that the notification popped up... Btw going to see the movie for the second time tonight and I can’t wait!!
Aaron Flemming
Holy smokes, man!! This I hands down the best rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody I’ve ever heard! This has set my mood for the entire day! Thank you!
Isaac Nava
Like if you can hear the lyrics
derpty derp
It's a strange feeling, thinking that it can't possibly work on a classical guitar, but at the same time knowing that you can and will... That was truly epic!
Alejandro Tourino
Never clicked off of hentai so fast
2.7k views and 0 dislikes because everyone loves you
Isaac Laing
Whoever the one person that disliked this video is...I'll find you
Pure talent! This was magical, Freddy would be proud! <3
chunky chunky
you are for real my favorite youtuber
Dhruva Menon
Do a how to train your dragon medley
Its finally here! This just made my day Also... NOTIFICATION SQUAD WHERE YOU AT
Party Puggo
What an underrated YouTuber, and I don't even play guitar
Roman Turek
V Ve Ver Very Very n Very ni Very nic Very nice I go to cinema on Bohemian Rhapsody
Nicole Sammarco
Maked me cry😢 so good thanks for doing a beatiful version :)
Dorimant Heathen
Awesome as always! Beside, great beard, it really suits you.
iRx Destiny
Dude congrats of 200k i still remember when you where at 60k
Well played and nice beard!
i always click on these videos forgetting how extreamally good you are. absoulutly incredible
Josh Luckey
Holy moly. How is every video better than the last? Amazing job! 😲
Adam Maker
You are God at guitar.
Julian Scalici
Such a good movie!!! Even better when you play it. My guitar teacher and I have been learning your arrangements and its been the most fun we've ever had in 7 years,(I'm 14). Your precussion techniques that you use in most of your songs are amazing and we love them. P.s. I'm surprised you haven't done a batman medely yet. I do understand the amount of time and energy it takes but it would be killer!!!
Please do sherlock BBC theme
Roman Sable
Omg, love it! You are the only one who inspire me to keep playing guitar:) Great job as always, Nathan!
Andrea Mallozzi
This actually made me emotional..
Lee Jones
And ... to think I almost didn't listen - 'cause almost no other cover of this (one of my all-time fave bits of music) has made me feel 'comfortable'. A BIG smile from me. You nailed it - your combination of percussive attack and harmonics, great sensitivity and good timing just placed this on top notch! Very happy sigh! Thanks!
Ana Hogwarts
Awesome ! This is magic 😱😍🤩😭🏆 I love your videos ❤️ (Hello from France 😊)
Yös Isla
I’m so glad I came across your channel. This is beautiful. Love your covers. If only I could play this well. I’ve been playing acoustic for 4 years.
The Brad lantern
Everything you do is magic. The fact these are as a far as I know your arrangements which is absolutely insane
Rajat Srivastava
How can some be so Perfect ?... Love it man... Subscribed with Notification Turned ON... Can't miss your content... 😍😍😍
Razzll Dazzll
Yayyyy I'm first. Awesome job! (btw I just bought your tabs for Ancient Stones and I'm stoked to learn it. I hope you can do more from Skyrim some day) Cheers!
Skyler Schell
Dude, been following you for a long time and your content only gets better and better! Blown away.
Norman Guitar
This is high end guitar playing! Congratulations 🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶
James Harrison
2 thumbs way up. Still did the Wayne's World head bang. Very well organized good sir. Definitely did the song justice.
Isac Saleh
So many difficult techniques, such a beautiful arrangement and you executed it gracefully! Amazingly well done my friend :)
GingerNinja ́
you just can´t not love him
Marie Reidy
Wow this is amazing and how you can do that song on guitar and make it look so easy!!!! Out of this world
SpicyShrimpTaco ;
Ima go all out Liam Neeson on the people who disliked the video But in all seriousness, this song is super special to me and I wouldn’t have had your cover any other way. Super glad you did it. Thanks and please keep going with these amazing covers
Μάριος Ελευθεριάδης
Dude, ive been subscribed to you for two years and you never disappointed me. I would think (i hope this cover isnt bad) but it was always fantastic. I hope you succeed in life man.Bravissimo.
Akhil. V
I think only a selected few can nail the solo in that manner. That was beyond perfection my g!
Guilherme Junqueira
Great as usual! Nice work, man! 👏🏾👏🏾
Edwin Pascua
Who watched this and then went straight to the real bohemian rhapsody if it sounded like it I did
Abhishek Tiwari
Holy Shit 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Brother you've taken it to an other level!!!!!! BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!
JM&NM Studios
I'm a huge fan BTG!!! Great cover and beautiful arrangements!
Buen video saludos😉
Konstantin Rebek
When I got the e-mail regarding this arrangement I thought my god this was a hard thing to arrange for the classical guitar. But you did it again :D your skill and creativity is amazing. Nex time maybe Asterix and Obelix hihi Kind regards, Konstantin
Duduzin Loko
I am Brazilian🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 and I'm impressed by your talent.
Luca Scanlon
This is awesome
The Greek 13
I'm speechless you are the best congrats from Greece
John Anthony
Damn those lights thou
Amaia Yoller
You just motivated me to start playing the guitar again. What a beautiful interpretation!! I wish the song was even longer... 💘💘
YAS Nate this is just awesome. LOVE IT. makes me super hype to go see the movie now! I'm amazed you managed to arrange such a complex song onto the guitar! Thoroughly impressed. Moon x
Zach Peterson
Bro!!! Always perfection!!! I seriously love your stuff, still one of the best youtubers to me of all time 👍
Ayed Oukhay
That was really AWESOME , Nathan!! Beautiful arrangement and fantastic cover, as always 😊 I really enjoyed it, thank you Nathan!
Dums gamers
You are my inspiration
Bleach Guy
Your so awesome dude! Keep up the good work
Jennifer James
You are killing it!!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration and motivation!!! I love your Content. Please keep it up!!!! 🤗❤
Carlos Jerome Gonzales
Freddy would be proud! This is so beautiful, I get the same chills listening to both the original and this!
William Low
Absolutely amazing... your guitar rendition is every bit as good as the original... just in a different genre.
Your covers and arrangements are always a joy to listen to! 💖
Dipanjan Mandal
when i listen to this...the lyrics automatically plays in my cover!!♥️♥️
Inspired me to grow a beard back again 😂 this rendition was epic by the way.
Jack McCarter
Nate you made it! Haha love to see your channel growing man keep it up and I’ll keep tipping those dimes like the old days
Great job! Both your beard and arrangement are getting better, bigger, and more epic!!!!
Ryan A.P.
I didn’t know I needed this in my life until I heard it. Your musicality is a gift, my friend. There are those who are technical, those who are fast, etc. but you just have a gift for feeling music and translating it for us mere mortals to enjoy. Thank you for this 🙏🏻
William Robberson
Loving the new setup and lighting m8!
such a great arrangement . Loved the fact that u made the whole composition in C major and gave your own flavor to it. Loved it....
Nerasonn Stuff
Stuff like this is why i wanna learn guitar...beautiful
Glenn Hiller
Holy Shit! That video quality drastically improved. I notice you have a 4k camera and lighting setup now.
Hadrien Brissaud
Hey, I was wondering what was up during those three weeks. Now I get it, heheh. What can I say ? Splendid. Cheers man, thanks for all this pleasure.
A wild Sisco appears
One of my favorite videos of yours man I absolutely love this song and your amazing guitar writing and skills really make it justice Thank you for this
Jonathan Chan
This deserves wayyyyy more than 30k views
Tisk tisk tisk who would dislike this,great job!
You perfectly capture the greatness of the song ! I feel like it's the longest arrangment ! What a work !
WifiJEDI 0908
Wish I could play like that, Freddie would be proud!
Wow, you're amazing. I'm looking forward to your future projects!
Thiago Oliveira
Wow this is so much better than what I imagined when I asked if you could play Bohemian Rhapsody and led Zeppelin songs years ago. I guess I just have to wait for Robert plant to die,so the movie studio can get the rights to the bands story, so I can hear you play stairway to heaven.
Duy Khong
DOOM Slayer
This is a beautiful cover!! Nicely done mate!! I love all your guitar covers so keep up the great work :)
Abhudaya Mehrotra
This is the best thing on planet earth *literally*
ag ga
Loved it 😍 pure magic.
Seriously impressive. I always love seeing how people handle the key changes in the middle. It's facinating and I can't imagine how hard it must be
Jeremiah Dias
"Excellent!" All I can think of when I hear this song is Wayne's World, haha.
Matthew - san
Amazing arrangement! As a longtime Queen fan, I salute you. Nice work.
Ben & Ben
Super Clean... I want this Arrangement.. notice me pls
Mahdi Kassem
What's your ethnicity?
Ronnie Slater
Fantastic cover man, one of the best i've heard
Another great one, knew it before I watched
Rehan Alam
Man, things you do with the guitar, Hats off.
Mortimer Harley
Lol only 3 dislikes with 1.4 thousands likes. That's amazing man and so is your music