The Strangers Official Trailer #1 - Liv Tyler Movie (2008) HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: />Like us on FACEBOOK: />Follow us on TWITTER: /> The Strangers Trailer - A young couple staying in an isolated vacation home are terrorized by three unknown assailants. Universal - 2008

The Greek Pianist
Home invasion movies like this are terrifying because they're not far-fetched at all. There's real sadistic and violent killers in the world who love to prey on vulnerable people...
ive never understood why people split in horror movies😂😂
Naveen Dravid
I watched this by myself in my room at night and honestly it was the scariest movie I've ever seen
Honestly my favourite scene was the wide shot of her in the lounge room and one of the strangers just slowly walks into view and looks at her. It's so creepy and tense, and even though nothing happens in that moment and she doesn't see him it's just so CREEPY!
Patricia Suquilanda
I can't imagine people that went thru this in real life 😭😭😭
Ivan Espinoza
one of the only movies that terrified me and my family
raptor rodger
I just realized every scene in the movie. The camera moves around, it's never steady
Really really well done film. Could've been a little better. But one of the better recent horror films
Deada** that line “because you were home” is just savage
I actually liked it. It has alot of originality to it
Elisha Louis
Best horror/thriller ever imagined
Talk about one hell of an effective horror trailer.
Niah J .
Luke Cross
Been waiting ages for another good family film to watch on movie night
Pineapple Lover
this was the first video I ever watched on YouTube I'm not kidding
Cristian Negrete
in gonna be honest. I sleep better at night with my gun next to me because of this movie lol 10 years later still
Karl Zawila
Is it true that this was based off of the 1981 Keddie murders?
It would be awesome if they visit John Wick’s house
Such an amazing movie.
Juan Mazuera
Definitely one of the best horror movies that I see. An horror movie is better when the facts can happen in the real life.
They just wanted to know if Tamara was home or not...
Brandon Hatton
This movie was inspired by the keddie cabin murders
The movie was very gripping in the beginning and started in a manner much different from most horror movies. It built slowly, the actual story starting after over twenty minutes and from then onward, there were a lot of creepy moments. For me, the movie started to get annoying when Kristen ran out of the house, fell on her face and injured her ankle. Cliche much? After that it was just a series of stupid decision and stupid decision like every other horror movie protagonist. I realize why it has a 6.1/10 on IMDB.
delete delete
I love the theme song
William Louie
who is excited for 2nd film
Ashley Simon
I was holding my cat while watching this and one part made me jump resulting in me throwing the cat at my girlfriend 😂
GameDevil Bitch
This movie No Bloody But its so scaryyy
Heavy Metal 357
Finally part 2 is on it's way
Welp i watched the 2018 by mistake cause i didn't see the year but now im watchin what i intended to...the 2018 is meh..
I saw this movie with my best friend at the time when I was like anywhere from 9 to 11. (I'm 18 now and too lazy to do the math) Story: It was me, my best friend, her parents, her two brothers, their friends, and one of their girlfriends. We also had a neighbor that was friends with my bff and I but we didn't really like her because of her attitude and how she always pushed us around. Well, she was crying in the kitchen because she didn't want to watch that movie. And they had already started the movie since before she got there. She ended up going into the bff's room and one of the brother's friends decided to go outside and hit the window to freak her out a bit. He slipped back into the room and acted like nothing happened and she went back into the kitchen. My bff's mom said, "On the count of three, lets all scream." So that's exactly what we did and she finally went home (which was the house right beside hers). I felt bad, but it was also our revenge considering she was so rude to us.
This movie is hella suspenseful and creepy! I recommend
Jarret Moniz
i would just play dead.
Matthew Ortiz
Holy shit I would turn off all the lights and kill them in the dark
Would you just pull that ak-47 out of your ass?
Samuel Oh
Holy s**t! If I was in that situation I would get like a ak-47 and take them down!
Emily Ruiz
I llove this movie
William Kayo Thomas
Austin Gordon
I would protect them my family knowing it will cast my life so be it
Joseph Hoffman
this film should have had more characters character development but still a good film
Jordan Hyde
Best. Trailer. Ever.
Declan Machin
Mint film
Kyle de Jager
Watched this alone in the cinema years ago. Sat right in front swear I shat my pants very intense. You never know what's gonna happen next not scary but definitely had me jumping when I least expected it
gustavo junior
Gostaria muito de ver o filme os estranhos e você e o próximo.mas n consigo .como fazer .porfavo
This is based on an unsolved mystery! I think that's what makes it scarier for me
Michael Johnson
1:33 Thumbs up for Dennis Reynolds
Outdoors, Farming & More
Awesome !
QueenOf Everything
I would run far away…
Cheyenne stitches
the one masked persons mask reminds me of masky.   i watched and though, "marble hornets movie NOW"
I always watched this movie when I was younger and never knew she was Steven Tyler’s daughter WHAT THe FRICK
Joe Boutel
2 sp00ky 4 m3 m9
Philippe Beauchamp
Omg this trailer is solid af. Truly represents the tone and core of the film. Even though it spoils the best part of this film
กมลวรรณ ลาจันทร์
อยากดูทำไงจะได้ดู ขอพากย์ไทยหน่อยสิ😟
Robert Hextall
if i was in this situation the only things i would do would be to open the front door and just run for my life! no looking back, no stopping for breaths just full on sprinting outta there!
Austin Gordon
I believe in evil so real I saw them a stranger they were evil I didn't know nothing I was child
its sounds so sacry
It's probably an Underrated Horror Film to say the least. I cannot wait for their Sequel this Year.
Superb trailer! The swing noise gets me every time!!
Marlon Smiths
"TRUE EVENTS" ????!!!!!!
alpha kidd mvp vendetta
me saw it at the movie theater
Final Boy
Full of dread. Don't watch it home by yourself at night with the lights off. It's not a good idea.
Jennifer Moreno
Whos here bc of shane dawson
this movie trailer scared me as a child
Philip Alingcastre
Oh hell noooo ohhhhahhhh
Reynaldi Gustover
My childhood was ruined by this film, even I don't know what this is about. Just got thrill by the atmosphere they made. Great movie back then.
The first song playing on the record player is "Sprout and the Bean" by Joanna Newsom. Such a beautiful song for such a creepy scene
They are making a second one based in a deserted trailer park!
Luis Alberto Godines
That music repeating is so scary because you want that song turn ff
This is like rainbow six seige 2 v 3
jack hillard
This movie is based on the true story: the Keddie Murders.These murders took place in some kind of resort in California 1981, in April. There were two slaughtered bodies in the cabin, and the skull of a missing girl in the area. No one knows for sure who conducted these murders nor why. Two people(a middle aged man and woman) with glasses were suspects of the murders. After the murders, people have claimed to hear strange noises in the cabin. Noises like moaning in irony or something. Then they burned down the cabin to the ground like in 2004. The cabin's number was 28, and it was in a very remote area. No one heard the screams, noises or anything from the cabin. Modernly, the murder labyrinth is still unsolved, and considered one of the greatest murder mystery in history. They're probabyly still out there...waiting for another evident person to murder...
Hua Mulan
Mark was right lol
sanatna 300
Bought this movie it is pretty good
Cora T
This movie is really well done 10/10 would recommend 👍
Just got done watching this, great movie, no rhyme, no reason, people are just f'n crazy....
1911 VsGlocks
What if they were 3 black or latino guys thou 😂😅? They prolly wouldve been shot right on the spot ^_^
Jesus Garcia
I keep on getting jumpscars
Louie Daily
Doesn't look scary I'm only here because of the sequel I look forward to watching this
I wanna see it so bad but i'm too young that's not the main reason it's because i believe this is based on real events and my parents say i can't get these images in my head, but i already did when i saw the cover
p ђ ๏ є ๒ є
This is a great movie! I watched at 12 on Netflix last night.
Manu O
the record player music intensified the chills in the movie even more.
Delia Rivera
Best thriller movie I've seen
Ibtissam NASSIF
if that's not zooey deschannel's voice in the end ladies and gentlemen than I don't know what is
bieber fan
One of the scariest I've ever seen love it
RřëncïõO KïïnnĞ !
I never thought there was a the stranger
Luis Gonzalez
This was an okay movie.
Pierce Likes movies
I think that prey at night is better
creepy writing at 1:21 and 1:42
The_Necromancer 153
No Through Roaf
Zekie Gaming
Who else is here from no through road?
I saw this in theaters at a midnight showing with my best friend; it was the day before our senior high school graduation practice. I'll never forget it. We were the only ones in the theater, and it rattled us to our cores. I've yet to see a scarier modern film on the big screen. It has some minor flaws, but I still regard it as one of the best horror movies of the 21st century.
Debo bratkon
I would like to watch free fullleanth wide screen the strangers
Emily Cunningham
I came from Shane Dawson's recent video...
Dean Esposito
The trailer was very weak in my opinion.. But both movies were fantastic
TheRealDoge :3
Such scary
Janiyah Davis
I watched this movie a few years ago I’m glad I saw this before the first one
Joshua Garrett
def up there with on of the scariest movies ive seen.
The movie poster brought me here.
حكاية صبية
O M G😨
Cesar Camacho Jr
Hindi ko pa na papanood
Karanvir Kooner
I've seen the movie it still is pretty terrifying and it is underrated as one of the scariest movies ever made