50 Insane World War 2 Facts That Will Shock You!

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CORRECTION: France was not neutral. Yugoslavia wasn't part of the axis, but joined the allied powers. But when it got invaded it became part of the axis powers. World War 2 Facts That Will Shock You! 🔔 Subscribe to The Infographics Show : 🔔 💬 CHAT WITH ME: 💬 /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐻 OUR OTHER CHANNELS: 🐿️ Subscribe to Fuzzy & Nutz: /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: 🐦Twitter: />📘 Facebook: /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✍️ SUGGEST A TOPIC: ✍️ Sources for this episode:

The Infographics Show
CORRECTIONS!!! PLEASE READ! France was not neutral. Yugoslavia wasn't part of the axis, but joined the allied powers. But when it got invaded it became part of the axis powers.
Spencer O'Dowd
France was NOT neutral. They declared war on Germany at the same time as the UK.
much of this is wrong
Learn history first, before teaching others.
TK Gus
It's sad that over 1 million people are now taking this crap as facts.
Violating Panda
This is HIGHLY inaccurate and deceptive.
Me, as someone who loves learning about history: Already knew it, Already knew it, wrong, Already knew it, wrong, etc.
Jane Shepard
The "socialism" in National Socialism refers to the extremely conservative and rightwing "Prussian Socialism" as defined by Oswald Spengler in his book "Preussentum und Sozialismus", which has absolutely nothing to do with the Marxist Left. In fact, Prussian Socialism is vehemently anti-Marxist and 100% pro-capitalist, oftentimes also pro-monarchist. Their definition of socialism is self-sacrifice for the nation - civic duty, basically.
So you dont mention the raping of china but you mention the raping of germany? The Japanese atrocities committed against the chinese could cover all 50 of these facts easy
SImplified to the limits. Wrong at so many points that I lost track. Geez, this video and history are two different things. Pathetic!
Harvester Of Tone
I would take this video down. So many mistakes.
Dude you put no effort into videos, like make accurate borders atleast!
MobileGaming DE
Dude... did you ever visit a school??? This video... it's... NO!!! JUST NO!!!
Martin Randall "The Infographics Show. This is such a bad video so much misleading information, a little bit of knowledge is dangerous. You should think about re-shooting it maybe in 2 or 3 parts. You start out by stating the USSR was on the side of the Allies. WRONG!! They didn't become Allies until after Operation Barbarossa (21st June 1941), so, as we know WW2 started with the invasion of Poland (1st September 1939) meaning they were an Axis power for almost the first two years of the war, then changed sides. They invaded Poland in the weeks after the war started and then as part of the pact they signed with Germany (Molotov-Ribbentrop pact) went after Finland (the Winter War 1939/40), check out the Finnish sniper the Russians called "White Death", Simo Hayha, and also Romania and the Baltic States. Oh yes, Finland fought on the side of the Allies, then against and then for. You also miss even more like the fact that GMC and FMC got awards from the Germans for the manufacturer of trucks, GMC because they owned Opel who made most of the German trucks, and FMC because when the Germans captured France they used FMC's Frech truck plant. Henry Ford used to have a signed photo of Hitler on his desk. Then the fact that the German tire company, Continental, gave Standard Oil the formula for synthetic rubber to look after until the end of the war in Europe, nothing wrong in that except when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and brought America into the war, how were they going to put tires on the trucks and cars for the Army when they couldn't get the rubber from India? It took an act of Congress to force Standard Oil to give up the formula, American business eh, and if that wasn't bad enough just look at this one, America came into the war on 7th December 1941, and yet Standard Oil was still supplying fuel oil to German U-boats off the coast of Spain until May 1942, they had been doing this since the beginning of the war, supplying American fuel to sink American ships and take American lives. You mentioned very little of Poland, check out RAF No.303 Squadron (the Polish Flight) and their history during the Battle of Britain (the highest number of confirmed kills by a Hurricane Squadron) and throughout the war. You state that some people think that if England hadn't come into the war they might still have an Empire, the Empire was already breaking up, because of pressure from the Americans after WW1. England and France had signed a pact to come to the aid of Poland if they were invaded by Germany. But all they did was to declare war on Germany. You missed out Allied countries like Greece and Malta and the Islands of the Carribean and most of the Commonwealth countries like India. You can't just give out small bits and pieces, it doesn't tell the whole story."
Lucas Witte
>american education
Ryan A.
This is very sad and very inaccurate
Harshil Patel
There's just so much to learn about the world war 2. One history course doesn't do justice
Literal Gas Mask
Damn boy that's a whole lotta misinformation
Correction- Fact: France was NOT neutral and did NOT just get caught up in the war by getting invaded. France was part of the Allies and officially declared war on Germany following the German invasion of Poland. Fact: Finland did NOT change sides. Finland was NEVER truly allied with the Axis.They were merely co-belligerents against the Soviets who provoked the Finns into a border skirmish. The Finns merely used the Germans as a means to defend their territory, only to turn on the Germans in 1944 once they were on the retreat. Finland was in fact a country that was neutral and just got caught up in the war. Fact: The Soviet Union is the only country that actually changed sides. Though they never formally joined the Tripartite, they allied themselves by signing a pact with Germany for a joint invasion of Poland. The Soviet Union changed sides once Germany turned on them.
#1 and already huge flaw. It indicates USSR was among the Allies from the beginning while France joined waaay later. Heh, well.
Mykola Ivanchuk
It's pronounced. FA-N-TA not FE-N-TA.
Curbside Slav
Lufftvaff..... yeaaaahh it’s pronounced luft vaffuh
Toxi 2209
At the beginning you saying poland wasent involved _Co kurwa_
Minecraft Vadder
Carrots are not good for my eyes? My entire life is a lie.
Seb Dutton
USSR wasn’t allied forces. They signed a no war treaty with the nazis however hitler broke that and so Russia was against Germany. They weren’t fighting for us but fighting against nazis for their own reasons.
Lol this video is trash. How can somebody be trusted when they think the Nazis were left wing. This is a common tactic by neo Nazis to make their right wing craziness feel less crazy. According to this video the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a democracy just because it has democratic in its name.
Bruh you need to research better before you make the video
Few people know about the Japanese massacre and human experiments against the Chinese. It can be said that the Nazis are like angels in comparison to Japanese!
I have yet to watch an Infographics video that doesn't contain a load of factual errors.
The nazis were NOT leftists, you tool. They HATED leftists. They were fascists, and fascist totalitarianism is inherently an extreme right-wing position.
Again Poland and its pepole and Polish Jews arent mentioned over 6 milion where are they? Where is Poland in Allies arent we the first to fight? Are'nt we attacked? Arent we betrayed by French and British? We broke the Enigma we defended brittan squadron 303 we had biggest resistent. Please learn before making a video
Learned Lynx46482
Ummm Yugoslavia or more accurate Serbia and Montenegro joined the Allies not the Axis smarty.
PUBG Malaysia - Rejimen Barai
Only Thailand and Singapore invaded? What about Philippines? What about Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak? Indonesia? Pardon me if this sound insulting - Kota Bharu of Kelantan was bombarded hours before the Pearl Harbor.
Fat Panda
Personally, China 🇨🇳 didn’t get enough credit in world war II
Tomasz Basta
Your history is not true. Poland was the first country attacted by Germany and from that moment II World War started. Poland was the fourth force on allies side, and had the greatest guerilla army. Durind II World War died 6 million Polish people. I hope you will enhance your history knowledge and next time you won't tell such lies.
Christopher Baker-Grant
Didn't Italy also switch sides?
Dr Tygan
This video is very inaccurate
Like did you not hear yourself when recording this?
Erick G
Not a very good list. It’s very Europe/Western-Centric. But here's one interesting fact: after Warsaw in Poland, Manila in the Philippines is the second worst damaged/leveled city (and THE most damaged In Asia) from highly urbanized fighting in the second world war even though it was declared an open city. (Not counting the destruction from atomic bombs or anything of that sort)
Sem Ideia
Please delete
Bad history! You even put the countries of that time into the modern borders, did not mentioned the fact that soviets invaded Poland together with Germans but also took Baltic states and Besarabia, noooo.... you just included all of them and painted soviets as a part of the "alies" from the beginning. The same for the eastern front, like Poland (in present borders of course) would be some magical portal to Russia and neither an alied, nor neutral and not even axis country... Like WTF?!
Marco Almogela
Imagine if Henry Tandey did shoot Hitler when they encountered each other during ww1 🤔🤔🤔 The whole course of history would be changed
Speaks about WW2 shows at 0:00 a tu-95 flying in the background
skiddadle skadoodle
Finland wasn't involved in ww2, it was a separate war happening at the same time
Nubs The Classic
Newfoundland not "newfinland
A man has no name
How come you didn’t mentioned Mexico as part of the Allied Powers?
Manual Villacana
I can't believe the number 2 ,, 😤
Gear Mouse
White nationalism is right wing, France was neutral? This is absolutely the worst info on WWII I've watched.
The Philippine Death March?!!! Which killed americans and filipinos
Philippines fought for the us. And has a total casualties of 1.4m.
Video should be called "30 facts you 100% know and 20 more facts that are pretty inaccurate so just don't think about them"
Max Reagan
How come I knew most of these? And I knew all the corrections and what was right and what was wrong.
zu hang
7:25 Germany only started bombing civilian areas after a british bombing run on Berlin. Beforehand the Luftwaffe targeted military airfields to ensure air superiority. This change was a big mistake and was one of the reasons Germany lost the air superiority.
Default Animator
Soviets rode bears to war.
Omfg french subtitles
Graham Turner
The borders were inaccurate.
Jedva Pametan
Yugoslavia was not on Axis side they invaded Yugoslavia !!!!!! Yugoslavia was on Allies side !!!! BIG MISTAKEEEEEEEEEE LEARN HISTORY !!!!!!!!!!!
Albert Wolanski
You should use between wars maps. There was no Belarus nor Ukraine at that time. Talking about causalities in those countries is misleading. Why you didn't list Poland with 6mln causalities but did French and England with fewer numbers. Also Poland was part of allied forces and it was not allowed to take part in England victory parade after the war although the Polish fighters substantially help in the Battle of Britain.
1 fun fact mostly unknown: the atom bomb was made not for dropping on Japan, but was to be dropped on Germany / Hitler! Only because the bomb wasn't ready in time to kill Hitler , it was decided to be used in Japan instead. This is a fact !
despicable scum of society
Video: is about world war. Comment section: different nation's fighting with each other Kittyxvictory user: aww I wish world war 3 Happens.
Brandon Waid
there are so many inaccuracies in this video you should take it down
Savage Shell
omg it’s so shocking. (Sarcasticly 😏)
cata patan
You missed a zero every time you talked About casualties...there's a difference between 60.000 and 600.000!!!
Bailey Raike
Futball Edits
You forgot India was part of the war so was the Dutch Belgium and Denmark
tcynight 01
White natiinalist's are still left wing. Look what they do to the inner cities and see where planned parenthood facilities are located. Also chech out what the founder of planned parenthood had to say about the black population. You will see that the left has always been the nazis.
Assos Pharmacy
Minecraft Vadder
Hitler saw Britains and Native Americans as Arians. That's probably why he offered peace to Britain on time, and Germany was also in contact with some Native American leaders, which said that they would prepare armies to help Germany invading the US.
Dan & the Dogs Adventures
lefty waloper
S.P.Q.R Roma invicta
This video got so many facts wrong
Your pronunciation of Dutch and German words is absolutely dreadful.
Frederik Larsen
edi hadzic
Very badly made video Yugoslavia fell apart in ww2 with 3 sides croatia temporarily being a puppet of nazis (Ante Pavelić) then Serbia fighting for kingdom of yugoslavia (Draža Mihailović) against nazis and add communists to that mess who had some help of allies (Josip Broz Tito) and casualties in yugoslavia were around one million you didnt even mention that.
Frank Multi
Stopped watching at "nazis were left". They privatized all core industry and mechanically murdered the labour movement in death camps to protect private property and the aristocracy. Please provide a definition of socialism which can include these policies or appologise.
U cant speak about ww2 using maps from today
A man has no name
So many wrong facts.
You think i'm funny?
Jamese Negrita
Imagine less than 100 years ago, racism was so bed they didn’t allow their own black brothers in arms to relax in a bar with you, but you’ll let your ACTUAL enemy do so? Because of skin color? In a war you entered to free a people being oppressed and slaughtered due to their race? I can’t even believe that shit. America has been so unfair to black people
K Upton
So many wrong facts... Why would you not fact check something that affected so many people ? What is the actual point of an info show that gives false info
Red Baran
This was just crap. Way to many inaccuracies...
D3r D3utsch3
Actually it was just Germany vs the rest of the world, considering the fact that Italy sucked big time as an ally and Japan was too far away and pretty busy with their own business!
jesus christ so many mistakes so many wrong thing said and showed. i know u corrected it but how can u even say that france was neutral wow. you highlight south africa but not north africa for italy and france. same for india not showing as uk empire. u didnt show netherland in the pacific. please make real reasearch before you make videos instead of abusing youtube algorithym ( i probly killed that word ) to rack up views. holyshit
Jergä Botswana-Vekklandęr
*Be very leery of people who are too extreme regardless of their political stance or any other demographic information!*
WWII didnt start before WWI
Michael Marschner
So many mistakes
Chong Cskiat
U said Singapore but not Malaysia? We Malaysian fought the Japanese aswsll
Cupcake The Man
80% of comment. You need to do more research 19.9% of comment. Hitler was not a leftist 0.1% of comments. France was not neutral
This music tho
Ben L
This video is so inaccurate that it is kind of hilarious
I just unsubscribed, I loved your content and yes this is only one video but it's so biased and inaccurate.
putrifiedpuppy disemboweledkitty
hi! im stoned and want to conduct a little research, i say spanish ships all as one word as i cannot vocally seperate the two. am i alone on this or is this normal? it sounds like im semi - retarded when i pause to separate the two words, so i do not do that. normal, or abnormal?
Some facts weren’t accurate. The UK had no choice but to fight Germany otherwise they would’ve been invaded.
Metal13 Wolfgang
51 facts about INFOGRAPHICS Shows
Wrong information is more dangerous than no information at all. I suggest you take the video offline.
jacob kanal
Spreading a lot of false information. Its 2 bad.
Woof The Noob
The Philippines was captured by Japan so doesn't that mean they were involved in this?
Cassuttus Tshirt
I always heard Hitler was a vegetarian due to bowel issues. And that makes sense.
Yugoslavia was not on the side of the Axis they were invaded by Germany and Italy in 1941
WTF? France joined war in 1944 and Poland isn't even listed? If you choose such BS as your first fact, I don't want to see other 49. Cya