The Sound of Dubstep (Ministry of Sound) Mega Mix

BUY NOW @ HMV - />BUY NOW @ ITUNES - /> Ministry of Sound brings you the latest buzz genre to emerge from the underground club scene. Over the last couple of years Dubstep has risen to prominence with mass exposure across national radio, being championed by the likes of Annie Mac & Zane Lowe on Radio 1 as well as massive club nights surfacing all over the world. Having been the first to bring out a collection of Bassline as it hit its peak, The Sound of Dubstep is now the freshest sound in dance music and makes this an essential purchase for all people that like their raw bass. The Sound of Dubstep is the first TV album to bring together all the biggest tunes, allowing you to experience the low bass frequencies bought to you by the pioneers of the scene including Skream, Benga, Caspa, Rusko & Doorly. With massive remixes of The Prodigy, MJ Cole, Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris and loads more. This is the ultimate collection of over 40 classic and exclusive heavy hitting tracks that is destined cause some serious damage!

Ass Ketchup
i still remember every track even though i haven't heard this mix in 3 years
back in the days when dubstep was like dubstep and not skrillex
eR Insanity
Anyone remember Coki Spongebob? Wish I could go back 😭😭😭
Jack Wolfskin
The old Dubstep is the best Dubstep! 
Charlie Debenham
Fuuuuck coki - spongebob was the first song I heard of the guy, top producer
BlanX B
Still best dubstep for me it's nearly 2015!! :D
Krystelle Suki Murray
2017 and still some of the best dubstep I've ever heard
I know all the songs in they're order I've listened to so much. LolZz!
06:30 is easily my favourite.
Still best dubstep for me and it's 2016 aha :)
Gisborne Norman
I still remember the track 8 years later 😍
I think I may be a dubstepaholic
No Thoughts Barred
One of my first introductions to Dubstep was this mix back in 2010/2011 <3
Alaa Al Safadi
Tek-One's Supafly remix though dirty af
The Vladinator
This is the first dubstep thing I listened. After this one weas Sierra Leone <3
Smell Those Vibes
Damn i never realized thats d double e on the second track
The screaming bitch at 4:55 ruined the whole song...
Alex Knockoutz
If you don't like this song, get your ass awy from anything saying Dubstep in it!.Likes?
lucie farová
Cruel Intentions Joker Remix Simian Mobile Disco The Sound of Dubstep
uhh... yeaaaa... uhhh.... i want a biscuit.
Simian mobile disco - cruel intentions (Joker Remix)
Greg Munro
Awesome dubstep from ministry, may have 2 buy this 4 a change
nes boumnijel
what tune is 34 seconds!!!!!!!!!
shaun hen
step up or get down bitch u better bow down
Dan Alden
dubstep is sound bites. nothing more. will not die for the things they take from this G.E.N.
I can't believe people dislike this? This is so fucking good, these tracks will never die. 3 years later and I still bang them as if they're fresh. 'Red'by Artwork makes me happy for some reason. I LOVE THIS MIX.
No sir, it seems you're giving up on dubstep, BAD!
ryin zanella
it will
Evil Spud
You know what makes a genre that's already on shaking ground crumble? Rap and then a bitch screaming with repetitive drums.
Roland Huber
Sorry i have Forget the R!
Roland Huber
it,s cool! Hey shit taht is my shit!!Roland!The early Dragon Fighter!! Figherstarter is the best Ptodygy Project,AND well is cool!
Tim Bla
fking best Dubstep Sampler all the time - Sicked ! ... my Car can not get enough <3
1 DnB (drumstep?) track, 1 jungle track and 38 dubstep+brostep tracks, this is the best Dubstep album released by Ministry of Sound. Too bad their future releases are shit.
what kind of synth is at 4:38 ?
still listening to this mad mix
Tucker Mathis
Damn... you really did make him shut up. I tried clicking on "show the comment" but all I got was an error window saying "comment no longer exists".
Руслан Малаховский
dubstep is alive forever
dont you hate it when you press show comment and the comment doesnt exist anymore?
Just go better to be honest
The original is the best
Toby Boutilier
Fuckin sick!!!
First dubstep related video i watched and first dubstep I had ever listened to, so i guess wheres my money caspa remix was the first dubstep song i ever listened to :D
It's kinda sad reading all the comments from years ago saying how dubstep is gonna last forever and a couple years later it's a lot less popular than what it was :(
You mean the US is FAIL because it couldnt take Dubstep....
Kunt Cuntington
Austin Tu
Jarvi Ray
Bloc party - Where is home. Shit that song just gave me memories of when I was 13-14😔
ATH-M50s i got em ;)
Boris Johnson
Recommend some good headphones (Preferably over ear) ?
Mr.Dave Blank
Ignore that .-.
Mr.Dave Blank
What's that 2nd song :oo!!
nathan smith
I love it <3
callum stephenson
Tom Harrington
Dub was an offshoot of Reggae in the 1960's which led into Dubstep and Drum and Bass. Some of these songs lean more toward those original Dub roots rather than the preconceived Dubstep you're thinking of.
proofs enough... you're not a dubhead :)
Karcok Kurczok
Zajebiste :-)
thank god i love dubstep,this is badass
Chris W
Memey ID
Couldn't skip the 30 second advertisement, so I skipped the entire vid. Fuck you youtube
Henry Cowie
profer 4 so much more
connor seal
shut the hell up
Elliott Wheeler
you no like dubstep
Exactly ''It's been around since the 90's'' 1997 was still in the 90's believe it or not :D
Tristan Mellor
Actually It was Invented in 1997 but didn't come into the Actually music Industries til 2000. Just Updating you on Music History
arjun c
this is beautiful
01:27 - 02:08
Marissa Loupe
Dubstep will forever be around
Firesknight Killingone
Dubstep isn't dead
Dubstep can't die.
Ashleigh rose
love dubstep
esto es dupsteap y lo demás son tonterías
i bet you listen to skrillex and excision, the destroyers of dubstep
kelsey-tyla Ashcroft
Kiril Trifonov
You haters are retarded, and this is awesome! That is all. P.S. I expect nothing other than thoroughly ridiculous responses to this, as is typical of YouTube-frenzied-commenters ;)
this is the propa shit :D not like todays 2012 shit
Robotrino Robotrino
Wow dubstep sucked in 2010.
Klink Klang
Oh shut the fuck up.
David H
LOL, this shit is so little kid xD
I'm looking for such songs as from this album but can't find much... Yeah real dubstep is dead :/
2002 dubstep
Aprildawn Atkins
Yasmine Alice
7:00 riverside....
No,i mean the genre called "dubstep"
Stefani Petkova
01:58 which song is ?? xx
liggy stardust
Why should I believe you? PEDO BEAR. Nahh, kidding. This is DUBSTEP! ;(
did you mean 1998-
ruby jade p badness
this song brings memorys but i have bad sides love you wolverhampton x
Tayler Ralph
Not really....
BeastyBrit _TV
nice one u gota do more
BeastyBrit _TV
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
jamal parry
nice one
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Mostly from America...
Are you kidding me there are so many new talanted producers and I'm not talking abaout Skrilex.
Poppy Smith
skrillex is dubstep!!!