The NEW 2019 Mercedes Benz S560! Ridiculously Amazing!

If you love super cars, you MUST watch this video! Mercedes Benz S560 is one of the best cars! Watch till the end to see me drive and give my feedback. Subscribe To My Channel: />Follow My Instagram Account: />Mercedes Benz of Chicago: />Collaborate: [email protected] AMG GT Video: />GLC 300 Video: /> Welcome to HZL! This channel will focus on car reviews that I will do to see if it passes by HZL test. It will focus on design, materials, technology and much more! At the end of each video I will rate it from 1 - 10! Please subscribe to the channel so you get to see all the fun cars I will review!! If you wish to collaborate, email me. atmospheric-hip-hop-background- cloud-ten

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Julio Ordonez
Thanks for this video, I love it! I really enjoy every second watching this car.
Great video! I never comment on car videos but this was very good, and informative. Keep it up!
Pablo Calle
Keep hustling great review bro !
Dolapo Adu
First time I've watched a car review. Nice video.. I'm putting this on my Vision board m. Thumbs up for u.
Philip S. Jones
Where are you in America the dirt lot and cracked up distressed neighborhood ? Took over the video afraid you were going to get mugged or worse!
william h
Picked one of these up eight weeks ago. Heaven on wheels. From my E class, huge jump in comfort.
I would open and close my trunk at every red light
Artsiom Shamailau
Our plug-and-play device used to change the level of clearance. It works with all Mercedes-Benz with Airmatic. If you want to lower you Benz, I’m glad to help you.
Great details on this video you produce
Doc Will Joe
Nice Benz man 👀
Awesome bro. Keep hustling.
Trevor Graham Welch
Good Video, I saw this car going through the drive through at Mickey D’s . !!!
Jack J
Good presentation. BUT ... you'll want to try avoiding the usage of repetitive terms and phrases (e.g. 'this car') -- and provide additional time to mention more of the fantastic features and specs.
Beautiful car but I don't understand why the taillights don't extend to the trunk hood like most cars out there. It would be nice to see Mercedes do that and I'm sure they can make it look nice.
Not a bad video. But it would have been if you go more into the features of the car.
Alex Bolden
My Lex 460 does all this at more at a fraction of the price...Nice car tho😎
Gabriel G
Half price in 4 years
Viraaj Sharma
i am also going to own it
Kenneth Muhammad
I wanna see a BMW 750i Xdrive
woodrow winchester
850 is better
A roumi
Thank you
Lefty Stratocaster Player
I'm perhaps the only person on the planet that was cross shopping the S560 with the upcoming 2019 CT6-V. But then, on the recommendation of a buddy of mine, I started watching "The Blacklist." I think it's now safe to say that my mind's made up!
Patrick Law
Great Video!!!!
Robert S
Ridiculous music.
Bruiser 38
Great car, crap intro and background music. Have no idea how most of video was because I'm not sitting through an annoying video when there are so many videos about this car.
Viraaj Sharma
very nice video
Olof Olofersond
2000 ford Taurus