Mortal Kombat 9 - Expert Tag Ladder (Cyrax & Sektor/3 Rounds/No Losses)

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Been wanting to learn to play as Cyrax for a while now. I'll eventually get better with him once I play as him more. Combos at: 03:15 , 04:50 , 5:15 , 06:16 , 06:38 , 09:34 , 13:32 , 14:45 , 22:17 , 26:39 , 29:26 , 36:40

fire boss
Combos at 3:15 4:50 5:15 6:16 6:38 9:34 13:32 14:45 22:17 26:39 29:26 36:40
keith jackson
mustard and ketchup
The Film Effect
Sektor's scarecrow fatality might be my favorite of the series!
dust Sans
Fahti xddd and can you do a #Sindel and #Kitana tag ladder
Ingrid & SíleX
Can You Complete Expert Tag Using Stryker And Sonya Blade?
Gatitos Gati
Kabal and strike 😘
michael a. moreno vizcaino
que vuelvan cyrax y sektor como robots buenos aliados a la tierra y sus versiones humanas
Rio Grande aquarios
Perfect combos
Militia/IMC Pilot
Your a bad ass with Cyrax and Sektor, using their combats in a single combination can make things even better. Love your way of fighting.
Deja Perez
I have a idea you can do human Cyrax and sektor
Hols. HD567
Misma kombo
Demister Legent
Какой робот вам больше нравицп пишите в коменты
Sandra Cordero
Buen video
Mihaela Ciobanu
Cyrax. și. Sector. Sunt. ,Buni
Игорь Болтнев
9 мортал тема а десятый волосатое приятное существо
Scorpion show
Ёу братаны ёу пацаны
Ingrid & SíleX
bryant elome
I low key just woke up at 3:18AM
Can you do Kenshi and Kung Lao
luciano tisera
ketchup y mayonesa
Alexis Zer0mil93
24:46 Good For Sektor!
fire boss
toasts 3:34
Soy Nicoman
ta chido 10/10
ben gameplay
Fãs kenshi e Liu kang
The Gaming Bros
Lol I can't land a punch on expert
Even Mendez
Can you do one with, Cyber Sub-Zero and Smoke?
Blogger Pro
АФегеть ты играешь
Wizzard Games
And like Cyrax And Sektor
la mega petagranada
Los robots molan!
Артур Ильин
Я один здесь русский?!
Jana Jegyináková
perfect like😎😎😎😎
Andromaker1 GD
You can with freddy and kratos?
FINAL komat X
#finalkombatx I like kombat
Min 3:17 buen combo😀
Aerica Mcewen
Goro and kintarow
Clash Pro _YT
Danil Drift
Cyrax's reset on 3:16...
Anthony Al_masri
3:26 damn son!!!!
ivan walter arce
reiden and smoke
Yuliana Usuga
Deja Perez
Deja Perez
When will you do kang and raidin just asking?
jack estripador
perfect combos,toast 3:34
edwin quizaya
charlie playz
Sektor and cyrax are triborg
Deja Perez
Can you do them ?
Modesta Romain
Matthew Walker
Cyrax and sektor vs sektor and scorpion then cyrax and sektor vs kitana and cyrax?????
marthe schouppe
nothing interesting here
I like cyrax and sektor as robots
Eddie Torres
can you do kang and raiden
Инна Данжурова
Хо хо хо хо хо
fat boi 69
Do cyber Sub-Zero and triborg
Rogerio Müller
meus deus do céu
слэж лайф гребенюк
Jany Diaz
Olivia Irizarry
how old are you you are are are coool
misha menabdishvili
Pls #Scorpion And #LiuKang
Арсений Опшмм
Здесь русские есть вобще
gregory house
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