Mortal Kombat 9 - Expert Tag Ladder (Cyrax & Sektor/3 Rounds/No Losses)

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Been wanting to learn to play as Cyrax for a while now. I'll eventually get better with him once I play as him more. Combos at: 03:15 , 04:50 , 5:15 , 06:16 , 06:38 , 09:34 , 13:32 , 14:45 , 22:17 , 26:39 , 29:26 , 36:40

Deja Perez
I have a idea you can do human Cyrax and sektor
fire boss
Combos at 3:15 4:50 5:15 6:16 6:38 9:34 13:32 14:45 22:17 26:39 29:26 36:40
keith jackson
mustard and ketchup
Rio Grande aquarios
Perfect combos
la mega petagranada
Los robots molan!
fire boss
toasts 3:34
Blogger Pro
АФегеть ты играешь
Ink! Sans
Fahti xddd and can you do a #Sindel and #Kitana tag ladder
The Film Effect
Sektor's scarecrow fatality might be my favorite of the series!
Ingrid & SíleX
Can You Complete Expert Tag Using Stryker And Sonya Blade?
FINAL komat X
#finalkombatx I like kombat
Sandra Cordero
Buen video
Ingrid & SíleX
ben gameplay
Fãs kenshi e Liu kang
Eddie Torres
can you do kang and raiden
I low key just woke up at 3:18AM
Can you do Kenshi and Kung Lao
Danil Drift
Cyrax's reset on 3:16...
Demister Legent
Какой робот вам больше нравицп пишите в коменты
nothing interesting here
I like cyrax and sektor as robots
Gatitos Gati
Kabal and strike 😘
kevin kevs
just use uppercut when life is low
Yuliana Usuga
Mihaela Ciobanu
Cyrax. și. Sector. Sunt. ,Buni
michael a. moreno vizcaino
que vuelvan cyrax y sektor como robots buenos aliados a la tierra y sus versiones humanas
Matthew Walker
Cyrax and sektor vs sektor and scorpion then cyrax and sektor vs kitana and cyrax?????
Soy Nicoman
ta chido 10/10
Even Mendez
Can you do one with, Cyber Sub-Zero and Smoke?
Игорь Болтнев
9 мортал тема а десятый волосатое приятное существо
jack estripador
perfect combos,toast 3:34
Wizzard Games
And like Cyrax And Sektor
Anthony Al_masri
3:26 damn son!!!!
Aerica Mcewen
Goro and kintarow
Jorge THE free fire
Min 3:17 buen combo😀
fat boi 69
Do cyber Sub-Zero and triborg
edwin quizaya
Andromaker1 GD
You can with freddy and kratos?
charlie playz
Sektor and cyrax are triborg
Modesta Romain
Jana Jegyináková
perfect like😎😎😎😎
Clash Pro _YT
marthe schouppe
ivan walter arce
reiden and smoke
Rogerio Müller
meus deus do céu
Olivia Irizarry
how old are you you are are are coool
Deja Perez
When will you do kang and raidin just asking?
Deja Perez
Can you do them ?
Deja Perez
misha menabdishvili
Pls #Scorpion And #LiuKang
Jany Diaz
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Здесь русские есть вобще
gregory house
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