Simon & Garfunkel - Full Concert - 11/06/93 - Shoreline Amphitheatre (OFFICIAL)

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Simon & Garfunkel - Full Concert Recorded Live: 11/6/1993 - Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA) More Simon & Garfunkel at Music Vault: />Subscribe to Music Vault: /> Setlist: 0:00:00 - The Boxer 0:04:57 - America / Homeward Bound 0:11:19 - Mrs. Robinson 0:14:51 - Scarborough Fair 0:18:31 - The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) 0:20:57 - Bridge Over Troubled Waters 0:25:47 - The Sound of Silence

I can be sure that in 50 years to come, people will still be listening to Simon and Garfunkle.... they will be gone, i will be gone, and most of the people who lived durring their era will be gone, but their music will live on forever.
Ron Sturm
Their sound brings me back to my youth. A time of innocence and dreams. The hopes for the future and the desire to be loved by someone who truly cared for me, because I really had little more than my dreams. Now, that I am older and wiser I truly miss the romance and desires that time gave. Simon & Garfunkel were and are the voice and message of that time. The awakening of a generation and the message of who we once were.
Bob Pearsall
I remember seeing an interview of Paul Simon. He said something like, people try to read something about their friendship from seeing them on stage, but it is not possible. They are good friends. They have been friends since they were 11, and been having arguments since they were 12. [So, I suppose, it is like trying to figure out what is going on with a couple who have been married a long time by watching them... they kiss, they fight... and you cannot see into the depth of their shared reality.]
andrew kaufman
Even though Artie was the harmony voice and wrote a few songs and Paul was the main reason the material was so iconic and will be remembered-for many, many years - this duo would would not be remembered in the way they are without each other. Paul IS a genius writer and responsible for the bulk of the material but without Art it would just not be the same. Consider these comments from someone who has been listening to the duo since their beginning. Pauls music is magnificent but their original music from the 60s and 70s would sound different without each other if only a band replaced Artie's voice and the original duo/acoustic guitar sound was never used.....AK
Sarah Saydee
l agree, Paul"s Body Language towards Artie expresses His ego
abbie has no life
I'm only 15 and have been listening to this wonderful pair all my life. :) I will forever love their music
Bbbandit 2000
Absolutely brilliant thank you 🙏 I truly so very much love America!!!! 😜🏳️‍🌈🌈🙏🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈😜🙃🌎🙏🏳️‍🌈x x s
Israel Centre
Simon & Garfunkel what legends you are!! xx
Lotte Inkenhaag
The simplicity in these songs always gives me goosebumps. Beautiful how these two men can tell a story with only a guitar and their voices. Lovely :)
Chrissie Simon
I've just watched this. I can't believe I've been SO ignorant! Mr Garfunkel, I have to say, Paul would not be where he is, without your voice xx
I was at this concert. It was magical. Especially Art's rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Wish they had videotaped the audience reaction to that. Tears everywhere. Eddie Van Halen overplayed on Sound of Silence and ruined the closer IMO. You can see that in Simon's face. I wouldn't say there was tension between the two in the concert. I think they were immensely enjoying re-discovering their collaborative powers. There was a little bit of nerves and fumbling for the exact right harmony or lyrical cadence a few times, but overall it's a tremendous time capsule performance of some of their best material. Scarborough Fair is flawless, but then again it always was - it's the song that made them as a duo. You have to remember that they really hadn't played live together in the USA since the Concert in Central Park in 1981 (although they did a few numbers at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1990). I think the initial crowd reaction to them being on stage together was somewhat moving to both of them and you see that these two professionals want to give their best performances. Sadly, I'm not sure you will see these two live together again. That time is past but this music will live on for a long time.
Scarborough fair... the most magical song in the world
Sally LittleShell
It hurts my heart that these life long friends cant put hurt feelings aside and become friends again. The tension in this concert could be cut with a knife, body language on Paul is harsh
Eduardo Castillo
Who is the clown that destroyed sound of silence with a guitar solo that sounded like crap?
Dang Coppock
LivingWell 79
When they both play on stage,I noticed that they're not people pleaser. They just sing calmly and quietly and people are pleased
Rose Lieberman
They are truly absolutely wonderful
That  guitar solo in Sound of Silence was well out of tune - carried on throughout and spoiled the perfomance.
So many memories, both happy and sad.
Angelika Plesko Reid
Scott Allen
Once in a lifetime chemistry. Miss them .... Miss the sound.... Miss the ERA. Hello Darkness my old friend.... I've come to talk to you again. Were there ever better lyrics ?
Rob Watkins
Wow, great stuff! Who was the guy with the long hair who played guitar with Paul on The Sound of Silence?
Great stuff. Thank you. As I've gotten older, I've realized that people who yell and shout during a performance like this are not doing it because they're loving the music or because they want to express appreciation to the performers. They're doing it for no other reason than to call attention to themselves. This is why I rarely attend concerts anymore unless it's at a venue that doesn't attract these immature idiots.
I never thought I'd be excited to hear Mrs. Robinson again... I thought wrong.
Sigurður H Sigurðsson
thank's For All Yuo Haf done and compliczt :-9 :-D
Elaine S
Emma L
Magical...their voices are just like silk.
susan Mead
Art has the most beautiful voice ever!!!
Toby Williams
Arty's range never ceases to amaze me
General Voltard
Damn Simon had some tasty licks
Rock Singer
Paul the composer Artie the icing on the cake ~ Wish they'd put away the bad vibes towards one and other and do it just one more time ~ Can you imagine us years from today sharing a park bench quietly ~ How terribly strange to be being seventy ~
dominique bailly- quenault
quand je les regarde plein de souvenirs....... que le temps passe vite
Jacinta Moroney
They are an amazing combination.
Maria José Charme
Derek Beauchamp
I’ve just found this concert, great find , thanks for sharing !
winter sonata
i watch again and again ,,, so very good voice,, artie looking good
Sounds like someone forgot to pack his distortion pedal before he left for the gig, and was missing it's presence terribly.
Spencer Max
Such beautiful songwriting and singing
The best! I saw them together in Chicago years ago the best feeling!
JOS Rodsedre
30:50 This is the louziest solo I have ever heard in a professional concert...
Michael H.
Okay. I really respect Eddie Van Halen....., but I'm almost speechless over what I just heard. I have to say..., Eddie blew his shot at giving the world a version of Sound of Silence with an amazing and powerful guitar solo. There were many things wrong with this performance. It didn't match the song, It wasn't melodious (as the song is) at all, It was weirdly off time (possible technical issue?), he hit sour notes almost as if he planned it that way....., and even after the solo was over, all those things continued on. The song actually suffered as a result of him playing, and that's not something seldom said about EVH. I'd say he's still smacking himself in the head over this solo?
Bill Hunter
You can tell they aren't working well together. They're off is the only way I can put it. I saw them live in the fall of 1967 and they were much smoother. I was working on an email while listening and I had to stop and really listen. It was sad when they broke up. Paul wanted to go in a direction Art didn't.
Geoff Joffy
I prefer Art with the wig
Andrew Shakespeare
This was just sublime. When Art sang Bridge... I broke out in goosebumps. However, Eddie's appearance was, at best, superfluous, and at worst, pretty awful!
Sung Lee
It looked like ART's mike got turned downed after Eddie appeared on sounds of silence and it changed the whole tone and mood of the end of the concert Don't get me wrong , I believe EVH is one of the top 5 Gods of Axe. But after he arrived the song took for the worst.
han james
23:15 BRIDGE
Farid Long
OMG Eddie screwed up the guitar fills.... sounded amateurish
Edward Smith
PS, I loved Concert in the Park, 1983. iv'e always loved these gye's together.
David Schmidt
Sally, indeed. I've just seen this concert for the first time tonight, and you're SO right. It was hard for Paul to do these 'reunion' shows, he was just trying to keep Art solvent.
Mirjam Claus-Blenk
They met when they were 11/12 yo. Think about that for a while. They both matured and with the gaining of maturity they drifted apart but always remained connected through their music/songs. Paul (and Art too) said they still love and respect each other tremendously. Their friendship is still there but, like many friendships, they both need their space. Let's respect that. If/when they will preform again together they will decide. Nobody else. I think the outside world reads too much into this so called "envy" towards each other. Two great minds came together and everybody knows two great minds can't be in the same room too long together. Without losing what those minds binds together.
Graham Taylor
Well ! I haven't seen this particular video of the guys before. Great to see. It's a pity Simon & Garfunkel didn't make more albums. But they left us some memorable songs. Some of them are here.
Dr Peter thompson
all I can say is paul simon wished he could sing like Mr Garfuncle. Thats what the true story is.
just awesome
Zdzichu S.
F0Olk&yolk - your timing in desc is not too accurate... dmn
eliane savel
quelle merveille de réécouter ces deux grands artistes, et il est bien dommage que leur collaboration 'est été de si courte durée,ils auraient fait une éblouissante carriére ensemble,mais leur rare retrouvailles laisse de superbes moments ;de quoi donner des regrets mais egalement des bonheurs incommensurables merci pour tout,(je vous aime)
Chrissie Simon
What a joy, and privilege xx ~The Very Mr Garfunkel xx huge joy x
Katie Getman
This Music has been my music since a long time ago 🤡
Lisa Capri
Sorry but, truth is, this was a very depressing performance so much so 11 minutes into it it started to make me feel depressed, it was terrible like they didn't really want to be there at all.
James Wade
These guys are on a level unlike anything mankind has ever seen in music. Im talking the beatles elvis , the stones . fleetwood mac,. nobody does the atmosphere in their songs like these 2 gents.
Zdzichu S.
Ooh, Jesu...!!!... My dreams seems too small for such an event... - I was not aware at that very time... 1993... my second daughter Suzi was born...
Peter Schopf
This isn't Central Park in'81, but still better than most of the BS out there today. Yeah, I'm dated, overrated and relegated to be a minion of a time when music still had content, not some malcontent notion of populist culture.
<3 fan of their music since I was a young girl int he 1970s.
Daryanti Daryanti
garfekel love
ohmmy chanel
They don't make like they used to.
Nicole Gauthier
my best friend died 2 days ago she was 52 and because of me she meet Simon and garfunkel 10years ago and god she loved you guys ... so I am listening the best of you and I hope she does ear you thank you to be there for her right now xx
Adolfo Casanova Lopez
Simón y Garfunkel,que dos profesionales, lastima que al final uno tiro la toalla,pero siempre nos queda lo mejor. Gracias por que nuestras canciones un tanto nostalgias siempre estarán.From España Eddy Nova Madrid.
Régis Pacaud
Tony Oak
Below their usual standard.
John Washington
I'll be the first to offer my 'opinion'. That Van Halen solo is not his finest! It seems totally incongruent with the music.
Colleen McHugh
What on Earth was the point of Eddie Van Halen coming in on the Sounds of Silence like that...terrible
Athos Fernandes
sou fa , mas nao conhecia este post, lindo, valeu
David Mackie
I fell love apx 50 years ago . Stunned. Still am .
Chrissie Simon
Proud of you son x you did good
Bruneau he
Que dire si ce n'est " magnifique duo" et quel dommage de vous être séparés si tôt; Sans cela, vous auriez pu devenir le plus grand groupe du monde. Merci de tous ces merveilleux moments et de ces si belles chansons.
Tina Kukwa
As much as I enjoy this but the body language mostly from Paul S is just killing me, wow !!!
danilo Danilo
se ne vanno da tutti i concerti senza mai salutarsi tra loro due..
Mark D
There can be no doubt of the genius of Paul's composing, guitar skills and vocals. Art's pure tenor harmony(no falsetto), really puts the exclamation point down solid on the duet. Too bad they could not have stayed together longer(Deep sigh).
Carter Elliott
0:34 The Boxer 5:30 America **transition into: 8:56 Homeward Bound 12:17 Mrs. Robinson 17:06 Scarborough Fair 20:47 False Start to: 21:13 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) 23:15 Bridge over Troubled Water 28:35 The Sound(s) of Silence
Zdzichu S.
tune of that electric the last number... is just a machine... and the rest is a sound of silence /exactly and literally/
The savage yelling at 05:58 probably couldn't be worse.
pris zacc
Simon WAS a poet Arte was the reason we listened.
Zdzichu S.
but... between them... and anybody can see it, like a woman's shame /so to say/ ... and YES, I did play a gig right after a fist fight with my drummer... and still... sad sad situations - Babilon money M'mon god would get you always, once you bowed before him
Maria Elisa Budin
Lindoooooooooooo, amo esses dois,são espetacular , inesquecíveis !!!!
Elzbieta Zycinska
Istotnie legenda muzyki country.Dziękuję
Sam Belfort
It is of course good. But not very good. Frequently of tone and out of harmonie. Sometimes even false. They where good and I am a life long fan. But that does not mean that they cannot be criticised. They are simply out of their prime. It has a lot of emotional value though. But that does not make it better.
arnold bautista
pls come back both of you your so awesome singers
Georgia Evans
Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is the best!!!!
Warners should make a movie. Big screen movies "Base on a true story" tend to get red carpet awards. Drama, really really good I can just see it. Songs really meaningful than and now. Who wrote what and why? Vocal vs instrument? Ego vs pride......ummm I can just see it on the big screen.
Bill Neice
I've been around for awhile and I ran the recorders at live performances more than once in the early 60's. Simon and Garfunkle are in my own opinion the most perfectly matched duo since the Everly Brothers. I don't really know why they separated it happened all of the time, usually over creative differences, and still does in the music business. It was however a tragic loss for all of us who enjoyed their music.
SimpleHumbleLife Philippines
ART VOICE is so Cool as ICE..
arnold bautista
not just a money but a love of work cannot be paid
Emma Bembooshkin
As for the comments that Paul wouldn't be where he is without Funkel!? Bollocks! I like Paul's voice waaaay better and to be fair, Paul wrote the songs , played the guitar AND sang. Let's remember where the abundance of raw talent la la lies.
Gershon Hoffman
Am a musician and Eddie WAS great here in my very humble opinion. Contrary to what some have written below-- it appeared to this observer that Paul thoroughly enjoyed it as well, and IN FACT, motioned him over to take a bow next to him.
Jason Zeidman
I love Van Halen, but that solo was incredibly out of place...
Fernando adolfo Alvarez huerta
Maravillosa interpretaciòn musical, harmoniosa ,los instrumentos suenan perfectos. Felicitaciones. FERNANDO ALVAREZ HUERTA. Ingeniero en Telecomunicaciones. Experto en audio y sonorizaciòn. Santiago de Chile. Sud-Amèrica.
Ché Ché
The intro for the past. Dad.
Andy Chi
you make the best music for me paul simon and art garfunkel
Micaï. Claude.
Super !
James Laderoute
This is an amazing concert :)
Julia Brito
Essa música marcou demais minha vida!