Progressive Psytrance August 2017[Ozora Tribute 2010-2017]

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DJ Electric Samurai
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Ryan Mcgrath
What a mix bro absolutely smashed it by far one of the best DJ'S on YouTube thank you 8)
Emily Linda Hofmann
Thnx Samurai. I was enjoying so many high vibrations.
Marcel R
Thank U 4 this awesome Mix!
Vincent Barraud
Excellent mix !! Merci, ça donne encore plus envie d'aller à Ozora prochainement 😎👌
كمال كمال
goooooood fkin m
Bravo Samurai! <3
Robert Carson
Klep,  You have created quite a following since I first found your  video mixes.   It is even better!   You have a uncanny knack with your video to audio mixing.   In my top five!!!Peace
your mixes are amazing dude. Im got something for you: try to make a mix which goes from chilled Psytracks to progressive and back to chill. Like an Astrix song but only 1 hour long :D
Ioannis Zafeiriou Xraysman
<3 that mix,so nice
J. B.
This is my favorite ES vid. I especially like the John F. Kennedy speech that is admixed in. Thanks.
Steven Buckingham
As Awesome As Always, Thanks DJ.
Dusan Babic
Wot wy ar ask from aor speys,ay tinch wi wil in anadr dimeza luch🚀🛰
Wow! 😊👌🏻🌈🕉⭐️ Beautiful
Ohhhh yaaaa!!!! 122th Comment ~ Superb Music ~ sounds familiar hmm before I stepped on this Planet!!!
Carlos CG
Amazing mix, excelente sincronización música y video wow, iliked ✌
I pressed play, and magic to operate ! thx bro !
Danilo Landeta
great mix dj today is going to be a blessed day thank you
Kim Roberts
1:30 am in my part of the world........thanx for a great way to start my I AM motivated!
LOL - nice one. Did you enjoy it? Sample any good chemical entertainment? Thanks as always Mr Samurai.
R.G. Espíritu Libre
Electric samurai the best! 😉
25:29 <3
Dina Papadopoulou
Ωραιααααααααααα! Πολυς κοσμος!
Danilo Landeta
gt tickests for ozora bro ty
István Nagy
Very nice compilation, dud 👍♥️🙃
Thomas Furuvald
I just listened to Pollination, a great album by rising dust, and somehow instinctly I go generic search "progressive psy trance" and see your new mix uploaded like my heart found it all on its own..
Wilma H.
ohhh how i miss these days when you have space for dance and the mood of "sharing is charing" was by all people in its mind... :')
Микагело дела Наполи
A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! <3 <3 <3
23:10 one day I need a woman in my life which does exactly something like that the couple is doing in the background (right corner).
Eduard Cimonow
Ryan Mcgrath
E-Clip Decipher need I say no more big tune bro
love, love, LOVE!!!!!!!
Rodrigo Medeiros
opaaaa me marcou vou ver então !
very nice mix and good vibes :)
Rob Heideman
💣💣💣💣💣💣❤️ SAMURAI. ❤️👍🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🇳🇱
2010 or 2017?
Paul Michael
Hi DJES, I noticed that the film quality in the beginning is not sharp (e.g. lacking clarity / grainy) who ever recorded it must of had a good time, lol. Whenever you attend these festivals do the psytrance gals google over you knowing who you are (the guru behind the A/V mixes). :)
Luís Miguel Costa
This is so powerful groovy beats 😵😎😂great job 👏🆒💯%
Takács László
Ozora csak azért létezik mert mi létezünk,és vissza is igaz! :)
J. B.
I like this one a bit better than other ES mixes. The 'chatter' in some of the other ones are depressing. This one is good study music. Writing a Doc. Dissertation to this.
Sandy Bhatt
Man i play all your videos on the projector and make all the college dance to the tune then we party on the jupiter.....😈
Dina Papadopoulou
Το ειδα! Πολυ ωραιο! Δυο σκηνικα εχει το βιντεακι!
I play your mixes on my way to work - big stereo headphones, sometimes when the basses hit louder, the sound leaks. I had a few funny situations when people came to me and poked me in the tram or a bus. I took of my headphones and guess what they asked. No, not to turn it down a little - they asked me what am I listening to, because it sounds awesome ;) I guess you can expect more and more people listening to your mixes in my country. Best wishes from Gdansk/Poland.
mr sneakers
Fausto Martínez
ja justo lo que por mucho estuve buscando pura adrenalina
Marik Marmon
не плохой такой фест , А где проходит не в курсе ?
Very cool bro.. thank you...♠👍👍🔊🔊🔊
Լասլո Բորբելի
վայ քո, արա
HAHAHA = *******PLaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTsCh*******1
Axel Litoral
43 reggaeton listeners here...
Андрей Соловов
Bartosz Ratajczak
jest moc...
Where placed same festivals?
siddharth singh
Teach me , Master !
Systemman 08 11
Richard Allen
Yeeeeee well played electrical ninja man. Just finished a post charter full yacht washdown to find a new mix to enjoy my afternoon beers to. Fuckyeeethatshowilikeit!
Jose Ramon Gomez
Muy bueno
Excellent stuff m8
Douglas Carvalho
ALV esto esta cosmicoooooooo papa!!
it s home!!!!!
Ioannis Zafeiriou Xraysman
αυτό μόνο <3 κι όποιος μπορεί καταλαβαίνει
Govinder Singh
Love ❤️ it
milan bakalar
niceeeeee thx,,
Douglas Carvalho
só pedrada monstra
dviratukas ddviratukas