2000 NBA Finals Game 1 Indiana [email protected] Angeles Lakers

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Rewatch or discover the 2000 NBA Finals. Shaquille O’Neal MVP. With Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Glen Rice, Ron Harper, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox, Robert Horry, Brian Shaw, A.C. Green vs Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose, Austin Croshere, Rik Smits, Mark Jackson, Dale Davis, Sam Perkins, Travis Best.

Ralph Henriquez
I still get chills when that NBC On NBC intro comes on man the good old days
Marvin Blanc
Back when things felt organic
old basketball is gold basketball
carlos dupree
Funny...these pacers were a better team than the Pistons in 04....Lakers were not as focused I guess...as they were in 2000
Exodus Pessoa
Asmosis Jones
glen rice...we forget about him
Omer Gözütok
Lucas Mann
man i wish NBC would buy back the rights to the NBA the good old days
Dave Ambrose
Reggie used to choke something serious
Kimmuel Weatherspoon
pete tsouchlos
nba officials are a joke
I love this old school style of bball. Many of the current players are very talented but it almost looks like exhibition games.