1996 Opening Day Baltimore Orioles Kansas City Royals Video

Mike Mussina faces off against Kevin Appier in the Opening Day for both teams.

Wow. It was nice when Jon Miller was the MC for these and not Jim Hunter
Mene Tekel
Kevin Appier is the most underrated pitcher
Daniel Wesley
That's a little ridiculous looking... making the players run a half marathon after being introduced!
A Decent Username
Brady Anderson's magical season for a sensational player and human!
Brad A
Good ole rex barney!!!! Great stuff Matt.
Bill Clinton :)
Johnson Waite
The O's TV theme music should be the O's theme music on MASN!
William Dunphy
Mel Proctor (PBP) Jim Palmer/Mike Flanagan (C)
Thank yooooooooooooooooou
William Dunphy
Umpires HP Drew Coble (CC) 1B Rick Reed 2B Mark Johnson 3B Larry Young
+Matthew Bunch Do you have the original commercials that aired during this game?