Singham - Singham Dynamic Action

Singham is the closest thing to a live-action Axe-Cop movie we will ever get.
Srdjan Papic
Singham > Goku+ Chuck Norris + Avengers
x x
People complaining about physics, in an action movie? u wot m8? Just sit back and enjoy it. This is an awesome scene.
That's it, I'm growing a mustache.
Negão Doutrinador
Singham is the indian version of Chuck Norris.
Hoagie Boy
See this is how you do an action movie , not that nudge nudge wink wink  "Lookhow silly this is " Expendables bullshit , but with unadulterated action played straight in all it's self indulgent glory
fry futurama
The most badass thing ever. Gotta love them Bollywood movies :'D
The Nonpartisan Hack
We need to forget about making video games based on Hollywood movies and focus on Bollywood.
The guy that flew into the water got lucky.
House Meister
You know you achieved something in life, when you get your own epic soundtrack calling your name.
John Cady
I like the end where Singham refuses to waste his bullets and beats them with his belt instead.
Iliana Stamenova
I just can't stop laughing! Respect, Singham :D:D
DeRyThe D
"Welcome to india entertainment ,the place where you can enjoy our unbelievable longest playtime, non-neccesary scene and non-sense physics and continuously background insert music in every scene ON OUR TV SHOW or the Movie ."
utkarsh sankrityayan
With great mustache, comes great power.
America has Chuck Norris. India has this guy.
Sir Austen Chamberlain
HE HAD A GUN...Too mainstream, better rip off a lamp post and run after them :)
Desmond Goosen
Can we not get this guy to join the Expendables
Ulises Moreno
He's attacking us in slow motion! We're doomed!
what is the name of this epic song???
That music in the background is just amazing. Also, to jump on the bandwagon, Indian Chuck Norris
I think Singham might have some anger issues.
Paul Henry Gonzales
police brutality
Murat Kaya
1 indian vs 300 spartans
Nikhi Makhijani
Funny thing is that the movie is actually really good!
In any North American movie, this guy is the bad guy.
Rodier Ratafakus
I want |Bollywood HBO :D
4:52 the exact moment her panties dropped
Darth Pinkaminus Piekus
The Chuck Norris of India. Defies all physics.
idian arnold swartsineger
Rokhim Bhatara
we need more police like him...realy man
WaKa MaN
Please, Who knows this version of shiva tandava stotram ?(music beginning at 1:09).
Edim 108
This is how you make an Action movie! Over the top, yet with straight, serious expressions of actors! It's so over the top, yet all of them manage to have expressions serious as F! It makes it 10 Times better in my opinion :D
i would imagine doing coke gives you the same feeling as watching this shit..
Anmol Jani
The cheesiest yet funniest action scene I have ever scene.
Damazy Włodarczyk
also known as Facial Hair: The Movie
Pavan K
The Theme song still gives me goosebumps Thumbs Up if u still watching this in 2016 👍👍
I can't stop watching this scene. How didn't I watch this movie in the cinema?
Taylor Forester
This stud, this henchman. He is the hero Gotham deserves AND needs.
Charles R.
Fantastic. Amazing. Very Entertaining. Thank You.
Logic Killer
Best part of the scene is "Shiva Tandava Strotam" 1:08 ... my favourite workout song...
Kamil Bigos
I guess it's something like "Don't mess with the Zohan"? :p
Big Loaf
Hollywood, take notes.
Nerf Elite Army
This is why Chuck Norris will never visit India. BECAUSE OF THIS MAN!!!!!
Sadi Masochist
Singham takes the ridiculousness of 80's action films and just has fun with it!
Guillermo Cruz
This is WAY BETTER than the Avengers movies!
Никита Чернышев
Physics?No, didn't heared!
Nicolas Masson
Marsupilami Ceccarelli
Chuck Norris + Terminator = Singham
Don't mess with Indian chuck Norris O_O!!!
Joan Echavez
this guy is more powerful than the avengers combined. He does it effortlessly and in style. They should get him to defeat thanos!
this movie defies the laws of physics..!!
That part where the woman comes to hold his gun...
Jeremy Pooran
whip the shit out of them!
Mustache mode: ON
Florian Betoulle
Ca doit etre le curry qui leur donne ces pouvoirs de l'espace
Абакидза тв
Опа гангам стайл
0:16 awww, the little pouty-faced street urchin teleports in and tugs at our heartstrings. I'd shed a tear if I wasn't so busy laughing my ass off.
Fail TV
I like Hindi movies
Watching in Nov. 2018 ????
Malik Aqib
damage to public property is an offence !
حماده محمود
حسن السوداني
Reminds me Bud Spencer's movies. That slap.
Deepesh Kashyap
Superb action. Hats off to Ajay Devgan. Great camera work. Overall fantastic.
a little bit less slowmo and it would have been perfect. most epic soundtrack of the last 10 years!
lion noises for edgyness
Javier Hinojosa
5:31 I say whip it; whip it good!......I say whip it; Whip it good!
I loved the god of war scene at the end
I don't know what is being sung in the song, but it sounds cool.
I wish Indian police might such brave like bajirao singham then there is no crime in country
The music doesn't exist, music created for the film. Called "Singham".
Is this a comedy?
this man is harder how terminator XD but the best 5:24
Ray Maready
Haters will say it's fake.
Mike_ 613
I never thought I'd see anything more edgy than Sonic OC.
Aese Hi Sachhe SaiNik hone ka SABHI Public Officer KO Honi Chahiye - Jai hind Vende Matram
Fawzia Manaa
i love you singham 😙
Anyone knows which version of the "tandav stotram" is it? iam searching but cant find it anywhere .. please :\
0:42 name of this song? I cant find it in the ost :C
Lucas Oliveira Naves
indian chuck norris
ادمہۧن مہۧشہۧاكہۧس
خوش ارباح حصلت من التحشيش مالتي بالعافيه عليك ههههه
starboi klem
him vs chuck norris who would win?
He's like the dad super hero, unstoppable and when he is pissed he takes off the belt.
Sita Ram
Singam jaise police officer nhi hote samaj main ab toh ghush khodu police wale hai india main isiliye india ka development nhi ho pa rha
singham vs superman
HERCULES Is That You???
Hardik Dikshit
Bhaji Pao is the most badass pao bhaji wala
mohamed _lg
هاذا الشرطي الملولي هههه في المغرب🔥🚀🔫
M.r Subhan Studio
who is reading funny comments🤣🤣😂😂
Jeroen Mathon
Dat action
Anik Saha
Ajay sir is the best actor in the world.
Mega Penguin Games!
mlg parody lol
Hideki Minami
Just Dreaming with a Cross Over with Singham and Fujioka Hiroshi - Kamen Rider Ichigo! XD
If I had death note I will write his name but the note will burn😥
Ravindraa Sutar
my all time favorite movie
lesson learned, never attack a fed jax if you have no escape
Lamak F Mohamad
singham singham singham crazy police hero police strong police parkour police
john del
shingam the fighterman
Is there anyone powerful enough, that could arrest Singham for breaking the laws of physics?