GTA: Vice City Stories - Mission #48 - Steal the Deal [HD]

GTA: Vice City Stories Mission #48 Walkthrough Video in Full HD (1080p) GTA: Vice City Stories Playlist - /> =================================== Game Publisher: Rockstar Games Game Developer: Rockstar North Mission No.48 Mission Name: Steal the Deal =================================== Mission Objectives: *Stakeout the Strip Club. *Follow Gonzalez's goon. *He's left the car. Keep on him. *Get on that Jetski and keep following Gonzalez's goon. *Follow Gonzalez's goon. *Get closer or you'll lose Gonzalez's goon. *This must be the place. *The product is stashed in that boat. *Watch out for sentries. *Get into that boat. *Take the boat back to Diaz. Mission reward: $1500 Location: Diaz's Mansion, Starfish Island Given by: Ricardo Diaz =================================== Related Achievements / Trophies: *None =================================== Game available on: PlayStation Portable (PSP) , PlayStation 2 , PlayStation 3 , PSP-E1000 Video recorded on: PC (using PPSSPP Emulator) =================================== Thanks for watching , if you have any problem with this video or anything you don't understand , send us private message on youtube and we'll help you as soon is possible ! Like this video , comment , share and please don't forget to Subscribe! Follow us on: *Youtube: />*Twitter: />*Google+: