David Tennant as Ginger Littlejohn in Bright Young Things (2/4)

David Tennant's scenes as Ginger Littlejohn in "Bright Young Things" (2003). In this scene, Nina (Emily Mortimer) hooks up with childhood sweetheart Ginger. Her heart may be with Adam (Stephen Campbell Moore), but Ginger has the money! Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by Mark Gatiss. Part 2 of 4.

Smiley King
Another movie David and Michael are in
Ruth Alber
Okay Ginger you're very crafty and very sneaky I'm not swallowing the manure
Ruth Alber
I don't know what's worse the damn Fez on the 11th Doctor's forehead or David turn wearing a mustache looking like something from out of a Charlie Chaplin's 1940s movie I don't know about I love laugh cry pass out or be scared I hide under the covers