20,000 Steps A Day vs 10,000 Steps

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I'm rapidly approaching the end of my step challenge. There is a HUGE difference in 20,000 steps a day vs 10,000 steps a day. This ha been a very interesting journey and a complete lifestyle change. Q: Want to challenge yourself to get in more steps? A: Check out this Fitbit

Pj Danita
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Terri Goodman
Good Job! I just started walking 20,000 steps and it is a lifestyle change.....it's a challenge but, I am determined.  Thanks for your motivation.  Keep moving.
Petals on the Paving Slabs
I've got a pedometer thing and somedays I love it, some days it's like a nagging boss, I can almost hear it telling me off for not walking enough!
i walked 50k yesterday
Shiny Knife
That's about 8 or 9 miles isn't it? Good luck
Naomi Woods
I'm a waitress. It doesn't take long to put in 20,000 steps. I still like walking outside like you are. Connecting to the outdoors is important. Good luck!
J Hernandez
this video was awesome. it's great food for thought
Great challenge! This is so cool and interesting : )
Christian Koehler
Yesterday I finished the Marathon in Cologne (Germany) and I had 52,000 steps that day. That included the race itself and some walking in the city. I am not a runner who will win prizes, but finishing well under 4 hours is very reasonable for a hobbyist and it involves several hours of training a week to prepare. Running really is a huge part of my lifestyle. In addition to that I don't own a car and rely on public transportation and walking. Yes, on some days I do 30,000+ steps, but my average is "only" about 16,500 steps. So a "running lifestyle" probably won't get you to 30,000 every day. Remember, running 10 miles takes _less_ steps than walking the same distance and faster running takes even less steps. Average of 30,000 a day? Maybe for an elite long distance runner - someone who runs over 100 miles a week and is capable of a sub 2:30 marathon.
That's commendable. Congrats.
JCItchyFeet Chuladakorn
Youre amazing! I started 10,000 steps a day!
I just started 10000 per day and that's a lot of walking, can't imagine 20000 my feet are starting to hurt
I come back to your video every time for inspiration ❤️ XOXO
Great video!! Walking is good!!
Kids Toy Corner
Great video, good job!! LIKE
HeySweds Vlogs
You really inspired me to be better. I feel that it is harder to get 10000 steps in when im in the US v.s Sweden. You just use the car a lot more over here.
ChiratidzoF Masawi
Great inspiration !!!
My Meditation BY Tatsiana Aniskevich
Wow! Super!
QueenBee. Breezy22Vlog Diary
Great challenge Tfs blessings 😊✨👍🏽
HappyAndFunny Toys
Super video👍🏻👏😘🎀🙋🏻
Your doing great!
You've got such great ideas. I'd love to be able to do stuff like this. Great job Pj ! Tfs. :)
Love this!!! Such a good video idea :)
Awesome video! Congrats on your progress.
City of Beauty
Great challenge!
Laura DeNigris
That is awesome! Great job!
great challenge! you're doing awesome!! you got this :-)
Ahmed Fallah
very nice
Khichi Beauty
You are doing great. 👍🏾👍🏾
Lady Death Kitten
Girl I'm stepping with you right now, God bless.
Keep it Simple by Jennette
Sounds wonderful...i need to start waking more!
Federico Borluzzi
Oh yes, 20.000 steps are so many! On some days we just need to stay at home, so it must be hard to walk so much. Great and inspiring video!
Q Foster
I walk on all my breaks and walking 5 miles after work at a local to get 20k steps a day
Phew, 30,000 steps, If you say it quickly, it seems little. . .
I been doing 10,000 steps going to double it up to see if I can do.. I'll let you know if i did it.. Thanks for sharing.. Have a nice day
Ava 'N Me
Very nice and super awesome :)