GTA IV is better than GTA V

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This video is not about realism, it points out gameplay value along with minor details. Physics, gunfight, AI, melee combat, controls, interiors, multiplayer freedom. While GTA V has some obvious advantages from being a 2013 game, a lot of technical features and sanbox elements from GTA IV (2008) were missing such as crouch ability, holding onto ledges, picking up objects and much more. Those notable changes reduced all the unpredictable fun and made it an experience with less replay value. No mods were used, this is the original version of both games on PC. Cheats were used at some point for demonstration purpose but every comparisons are fair to each other. ------- Songs ------- After Dark / アフター・ダーク by NoGht />TBOGT pause menu />GTA IV Soviet Connection (mixed Intro)

GTA IV is now backward compatible on Xbox One.
physics and AI were alot more free in GTA 4, no idea why they restricted the physics and the AI so much in GTA 5 other then to make the experience more "casual" I guess
Nerdy Geek
GTA IV cops: You are under arrest! GTA V cops: Omae wa mo shindeiru
I hated that in GTA V you couldn't go in any of the bulidings. All I would do in GTA IV is give myself all of the guns, go to the nearest building I could enter (mainly the hospitals) and see how long I could survive with 5 stars. That was so fun and GTA V is so disappointing.
Jack Magá
GTA IV : Adults GTA V : Kids
Roman -Hey cousin lets go bowling! Niko-📵 Roman-👎
Glad people agree on this too. To me GTA IV has a special place in my heart, GTA V was good but not that impressive at all.
Chriso boyo
GTA 5 is the worst because it doesn't have the swingset
Size of the Game GTA 5: 77gb Size of the Game GTA 4: 18gb Edit: thanks 4 the likes
Ghassan Aljayyousi
Hopefully rockstar watches this before realising gta 6
GTA V has more stuff to fuck around with. More cars, planes, guns, etc, you can modify stuff, so there's more basic sandbox. GTA IV felt like a living, breathing world much more, has better physics, easier controls, and something that you can't really demonstrate in this video: an actually compelling narrative. Splitting the game into three main characters didn't help GTA V, it hurt it. That's why the final choice is so bad in V: two of the three just feel like non-standard game-overs.
I fear Red Dead 2 will suffer a similar fate :(
jAmE lBs
41k GTA V fanboys cried
GTA V sucks when you look at this comparison.
I was so disapointed when I tried to pass in a Cluckin' bell for the first time in GTA V for some trash food...
joao vicente
GTA IV is a so underrated game.. The evolution of graphics and physics after Gta San Andreas was incredible. This is the game that brings me more nostalgia. When the gta V came out, I was super enthusiastic and impressed, but now with more maturity, I feel that this game was and is much better. This is a game for adults while GTA V (not taking the merit) is a game made to amuse childish children and to enrich the rockstar / playstation with all that online stuff. This postmirrors many of the feelings that true GTA IV fans feel and can not express!
I agree with this video, but you forgot to mention the best quality of GTA IV: "Yah Niko, one ting one love me brudda." - Little Jacob.
Tiemen Sikma
I remember the good old days when everyone in gta 4 was driving the infernus
NonSense Garage
I had way more fun playing gta iv. I can’t play gta v for more than 30 min
Efe Mamur
I always thought GTA IV had better physics. punching and shooting people felt better.
Wellington Tongh
GTA IV is better
The fist fighting in 5 really bothered me. First of all, there is no difference between punching them and shooting them, they will die even if you knock them out GTA 5. In GTA 4 they just fall and squirm around on the floor in pain. Second, it's extremely simplified. You can't do well-timed dodges with counterattacks, you just hold defend and you'll stay completely safe, and press the attack button until they die.
Monsterland Buddies
GTA 6 should return to GTA IV’s roots. Like if you agree.
And actually, dropping in water from a tall height can cause pain.
Even the stripteasse club is better
roksana buras
I would like to go back to the times when I first played GTA IV and SA. These times
Basti Kaiser
Ragdoll physics in GTA 4 were much smoother than GTA 5. Watched this Video, and bought GTA 4 right after. Great Game, great Video.
Un Usuario
I prefer GTA SA
Ten Hour Guy
Not played GTA IV but thinking of picking it up. I hate how aggressive the NPCs are in GTA V.
Chris Hansen
I love both IV and V. Anyone with me? I actually played IV after V. And i love them both. But what annoyed me in IV is the driving and the same missions over and over again. Drive from here to there shoot that guy and drive me back. Thats something that V did a lil better in my book. But like indeed there are allot of things that IV did better then V just as there are things that are better in V then in IV. Instead of making all hate comments and shit on the games like uuuugh gta V was shit blablabla. Just enjoy the games and stop being such lil bitches. Every game has its flaws. And i had allot of fun in gta online too. (Didnt last long tho) and i love the first person feature in gta5. After playing it on ps3 and then on ps4 it gave a whole different expierience. Gta 4 is fun and all. But i cant stand doing most of those boring missions... they both have a very special place in my heart.
the dislikes are from triggerd shark card fans
areen malik
Gta iv miles better
Tony Woods
GTA V was such a disgrace to GTA series. I was excited to when I heard that GTA V will be based on Sanandreas because GTA SA is still my favorite game but this GTA V shit was such a shame, GTA SA and 4 pulled off so much even after limitations of the time but even after having no restrictions, Rockstar just focused on graphics and multiplayer and forgot that GTA was always a single player open world game and not a game featuring multiplayer only things and with lobby filled with 9 year old kids. Go back to your roots, Rockstar
FINALLY SOMEONE FUCKING REALIZES! GTA V is great but 4 is much more detail heavy and fun!
علي احمد ابو ولايه
gta iv😍😘 gta v5😒👎
david johnson
One thing I love about gta 4 is the shooting, all the weapons feel punchy and satisfying to the point where you could grab an uzi and still do carnage just like an M4 would. Gta 5 completely miss is this not only because of the nerfed ragdolls but the weapon sounds are just horrible, they don’t sound punchy enough, even the mighty minigun doesn’t sound like a death machine like it should.
Ruck Slaughter
Scott Sanders
Well if it's based off modern-day California, it kinda has to be the worst...
The ending was crazy. Good video man!
@Crowbat don't forget to make a video about how is "Red Dead Redeteption better than Red Dead Redeteption 2".
Gta iv felt more realistic but the story was dog shit.
Randy Oblack
Gta iv better ❤️
Enemies Of The People
Great video illustrating all of the gameplay points which made GTA5 a depressing play, particularly in single player. It's clear that Rockstar's strategy was to move people onto the Online 'freemium' mode when they'd finished the single player campaign to fleece (Fleeca) more money out of them, which would necessitate all these adaptations in favour of speed and maximum compatibility (as well as no replay factor in single player). GTA5 PC, for instance, is remarkably well optimised and runs on far more machines than GTA4 PC did. Add to that no single player DLC and their strategy becomes quite clear. Which, given the type of game GTA is, is really hypocritical. The GTA series has spent time lampooning such corporate, shareholder-pleasing, drop-to-your-knees-undo-the-flies-and-swallow-your-pride manoeuvres. Perhaps in the next GTA game, Rockstar should take aim at itself?
Punch other criminal near cops GTA 3/VC: Good job, citizen, here is your 25 bucs! GTA SA/GTA 4: You two - under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Collide with cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4: Be careful, citizen! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Steal a car near cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4 - You are under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD!
The Rockstar Gamer
I just realised why GTA V has barely any interiors and bad physics It’s because of the developers having to make the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 at the time, and so with the huge map and (for the time) great graphics, they had no choice but to tone down the interiors and physics just so would run smoothly on the PS3 and 360 Boom, solution. Now can you nostalgic idiots stop commenting that “GTA IV is better than GTA V” on every single GTA IV-related video?
Mighty Davies
I’d love to see a sequel of comparing GTA from this channel, The online in V is a joke, it totally missed the point of free roam multiplayer. Not to mention SharkCards...
The Quiet Firework
GTA V logic: *walks up to cop* Cop: “YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!” GTA IV: *walks up to cop* Cop: “Hey there” GTA V: *bumps into cop* Cop: “TAKE HIM DOWN!” *bang bang* GTA IV: *Bumps into cop* Cop: “Hey, watch it buddy”
Levi Ackerman
That's why I don't play GTA V anymore.
I've spent many hours in GTA:4 just causing havoc in LC, having shootouts with cops, car chases etc. All this felt incredibly boring in 5. With a bit of modding GTA4 becomes even better with more responsive cars and so on.
Rainn Nguyen
I immediately deleted the GTV 5 after watching this video, redownloading gta 4. :(
Nikolai > Mickael Trevor Franklin combined
why am i crying to the music
Cops in GTA IV have mercy because they don't shoot directly Nico the police wants him to surrender.
Remember back in the day using your imagination on GTA IV? I remember being able to make a public lobby with your own settings. I remember making zombie apocalypse maps, I remember pretending we were cops, we were military. I remember having gang wars. REMEMBER WHEN YOU COULD JUMP ACROSS ISLANDS? I use to gather up my friends and we would have an all out cop war, pretending we had to rob places by going in them and "collecting" the money, then escaping to our next destination. When NON game breaking glitches weren't patched like the Swing Set of Death GTA V has realistic graphics but it doesn't bring people together and doesn't bring your creative side out. Also, I remember when money used to matter because you could get outfits and not tanks to blow up everyone in the lobby.
Did we mention the multi-player in GTA IV? Yes, you heard me right! A multi-player! This includes: •Fighting over an infernus •Flying all around Liberty City w/o getting shot •Racing around the airport. •Go with your friends and rob any available store. •Hostage the people in the hospital. AND •Getting propelled everywhere because you couldn't drive your car because it was too realistic.
Samuel Varvodic
They toned down the realism with GTA V to make the gameplay more fun and casual. Remember all those times in GTA IV when you were speeding away from the cops and you couldn't make a turn and you end up slamming into a wall, go flying through the windshield and die when you hit a wall? I prefer GTA IV's realism to GTA V not that shooting helicopters out of the sky with an RPG in New York City is realistic but that's just me! Also I should point out that GTA V is still a great game!
Jorge Falto
I just pray that Rockstar taks their time with GTA VI I mean we already saw what they can do with red dead redemption 2 I expect nothing less
Chris Johnson
Damn, you really drove the point home at the end there. Wtf Rockstar?!?
Advance Intelligence
GtaV- No bowling GtaIV- Bowling Its obvious what the superior game is here.
so the perfect gta 6 would be combining sa, 4, and 5.....and even the older gtas having the ability to fart and burp xD
Baelfire fowl
The aimbot assist in GTAV legit makes me think the company targeted children so they could feel like badasses when they play, my sister got her kid GTAV. Now he’s a complete moron who literately replicates the protagonist’s son. Sad
GTA V PROS Driving feels better Movement Graphics (after 5 years they should be better) GTA IV PROS Gameplay Interiors Physics Objects Npc interactions Storyline Phone contacts In game activities Character dialogue Music Totally agree with this video. I thought when GTA V came out we would have even MORE interiors, more objects to pick up, more activities in game to do for fun, but there is so much LESS. No interiors, less daily activities, can't call your npc friends to hang out, can't get the girlfriend which was silly but fun.. everything that was amazing in GTA IV that fans wanted more of, was removed. What we got instead, I dont know. Granted the driving and movement in V feels way better, less clunky. Both maps are a lot of fun but IV has more city. Half the map in V is a waste and underwater is cool but kind of a waste too.
Cody Argentino
I miss GTA 4 so damn much 😭
Eric Swenson
Basically, they didn't pay for the human physics animation system.
Better physics =/= better game. The CONTENT of the game defines how good it is, and GTA V has a metric shit tonne more content than GTA IV
El Burrito
There was just so much more weight to the dynamic animations in GTA IV. It just feels like you're made of paper in GTA V it feels so lame
Wheatley Gaming
Waiting on Red Dead Redemption is better than Red Dead Redemption 2 lmao
Gta iv: Put the gun down! This is your last chance to get out of this alive... Gta 5: youre already dead
bland oatmeal
also NYC > LA
Dariu Sz.
For me GTA V was just good. It lacked something. I don't know what it was but it was the least entertaining GTA I've ever played. In GTA IV me and my friends were always finding ways to entertain ourselves yet in GTA V not so much. Once the story in GTA V was over I uninstalled it (I tried GTA Online but I didn't like it) and I am not planning to replay it in near future
Paul B.
Gta 4 had a better story
Erick Piccirillo
So I have been playing GTA4 and wanting to play GTA5 all this time and JUST NOW find out that GTA4 is better? Life Saver!
II Kylie
gta 4 was ahead of it's time
People were actually considering, in the comment section, that this game wasn't better than the last GTA game. They're even acting as if this weren't a good game at all. Just look at what hate mentality can do to a person to come to such an absurd conclusion 😂
Anthony P
Gta roblox :)
i liked GTA IV's "atmosphere" because it feels more isolated. Like you don't give a crap about everyone (like a real criminal would). And i like that my character is like that in a GTA universe. There's Trevor in GTA V but he's just all crazy. And mixing Trevor with other 2 main characters just removes the "focus" and waters him down. Who even really is Trevor aside from being friends with Michael (and a crazy dude)? The way those characters designed is they're just people having problems for the sake of problems (just to fill in plots in the game). I don't even care about those two guys aside from Franklin because he's all amateur and trying to find a place in his gang. Franklin should've been the only guy in GTA V. I like it better when there's just one guy in GTA. Niko was crazy but not too crazy and i like his progression as a character. Like he's cool and rational sometimes but he goes all out when it goes all out especially when he's protecting his loved ones and at the same time wants to screw Liberty City. You know what I'm saying?
John santos
I Came From the future to tell you that Red Dead Redemption 2 is the most detailed and realistic game and the ragdoll physics are very quite similar to GTA IV
FeedTheCat pls
Jesus Christ. Am I the only one that almost shed a tear when Roman called for bowling? I used to hate that shit, but this made me miss it.
Cops in gta v are cops from 2018
Fact: More enemy health doesn’t make your game objectively better. TTK for an NPC shouldn’t have bearing on the quality of the game when it’s such an insignificant feature. ‘Oh no! The unarmed civilian lasted only 3 punches from a psychopath who’s been beating up and murdering at random for weeks on end. How unrealistic’
Mr.Nathan Neres
Some times i guess gta V is was made only to play in multiplayer
Akki Gaming Point™
Maik Tyson
i miss the old times with my fat cousin
Rude Dude
GTAV has a grid only game design while 4 had feet to grid. Cars also had separate spring physics. It’s that slogan “better graphics without the game”. Also crouching like RDR to take cover rather than the get behind a set cover. Not to mention shoulder swap. Maybe the game had to be shrunk for time but the end product wasn’t very fun. Most of LS are the giant mountains while SA would’ve had a sprawling desert with small towns. The absolute state of GTA. Though the story rocked.
4:27 Wow. The amount of programming R* must have put into the Police combat AI to make it behave in such a realistic way must’ve been colossal.
For the most part I prefer gta5. But the carnage you could dish out with the groups of people enclosed together and the way cheats were handled(vanilla version) via easy phone inputs,instead of having to put them in every time to prolong the fire fights with cops is unmatched in gta4.
GTA V >>>>>>>> dying a slow, painful death >>>>>>>> GTA IV
Peanut Arbuckle
this is honestly pretty depressing.
Kornfanatic Fordfanatic
GTA IV has aged very well compared to GTA V. I feel like there's something missing in GTA V, I can't exactly tell what. But the GTA IV storyline is the best in my opinion.
GTA IV is much more realistic than GTA V
Jacob Wright
Everything Rockstar creates is overrated and kinda meh in many places. But GTA IV will always be the best of their work.
They sacrificed quality over quantity this time. Such a shame.
Mega X
gta 4 needs a remaster for current gen
Caroline County
If you think GTA V is Better I worry for you
Why do you wanna know my name?
0:06 since when was it illegal to look at people?
GTA IV should get remastered for the X.
Wes Lewis
Hey man look, I respect everyone's opinion but GTA V slander will not be tolerated. Great game too
Diego Da Bonkinator
I remember playing GTA IV years ago and now that I've seen this I notice it had so much attention to detail I didn't actually notice.