GTA IV is better than GTA V

This video is about gameplay value, not realism. Physics, gunfight, AI, melee combat, controls, interiors, multiplayer freedom. While GTA V has some obvious advantages from being a 2013 game, a lot of technical features and sanbox elements from GTA IV (2008) were missing such as crouch ability, holding onto ledges, picking up objects and much more. Those notable changes reduced all the unpredictable fun and made it an experience with less replay value. No mods were used, this is the original version of both games on PC. Cheats were used at some point for demonstration purpose but every comparisons are fair to each other. ------- Songs ------- After Dark / アフター・ダーク by NoGht />TBOGT pause menu />GTA IV Soviet Connection (mixed Intro)

Peanut Arbuckle
this is honestly pretty depressing.
David Tyierejian
GTA IV has bowling GTA V doesn't It's clear to see which is better
Niko Bellic
Thank god I'm in GTA IV.
Blind Roach
Gta IV cops: Nobody has to get shot, put it down. Gta V cops: *WITNESS MEEEE*
Remember when people hated GTA 4's realism before GTA 5 came out?
King Lenny
GTA 5 literally everyone hates you for standing around
black metal
I would pay good money to play gta 4 remastered
Vinícius Moraes
"sometimes you need to get worse to get better..." - Tennis coach from GTA V
General Scouty
I'm dissapointed that he didn't include the ambulances, in GTA IV, they actually put people on stretchers and into the ambulance, in GTA V, nope, he dead, whatever lol.
II Kylie
gta 4 was ahead of it's time
Evan Cisneros
Who remembers just killing everyone in the hospital in GTA IV?
Papa Bless
*Niko drives on crosswalk running over NPCs* Niko: "What is wrong with these people"
Fight Me
Dropping into water from such a height would definitely kill you, though.
How Big is the Map?
The map in GTA IV is smaller but I find it much more cosy and atmospheric.
Justin ThomasTM
So basically GTA 5 is easier to kill and easier to die, idiotic law enforcement, great driving, excessive explosions, and no logic at all. Sounds like a Micheal Bay Production.
High Altitude
GTA IV: The Journey radio GTA V: no The Journey radio IV win
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Michael: *inhales* LSPD:It's free real estate.
Gta IV : have a perfect ragdoll physics , details Gta V : have a good graphics , beautiful Rdr 2 : *Hold My Beer*
This makes me wanna go and buy another copy of GTA 4
GTA IV: Punch someone and they realistically react to the pain and either run away or fight back GTA V: Punch someone in the head and their skull splits into 15 pieces, killing them instantly
Jess plays
*That feeling when GTA 4 is better than GTA 5*
43k Romans downvoted this video because they cant go bowling in GTA V
Yudhi Raspati
9:35 Nico : *crashes his car into people Also Nico : WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?
Hey niko, it's your cousin Roman let's go bowling
Thegrandtheftmaster 105
The GTA4 music makes you happy, sad, and ecstatic all at the same time. So many mixed emotions!! 😃😭😈
*Top 10 things I really like/love about GTA IV:* 10. Spare/Kill Options On Certain Characters 9. DLC 8.Hanging Out With Characters (like Roman, Little Jacob, or Packie), then trolling them 7. Activities (especially, bowling) 6. Getting Other People Arrested 5. Cop Car Missions 4. Theme Song (Soviet Connection) 3. Physics 2. Characters 1. Storyline
Nyquillus Swirvithan
That beautiful goddamn pause menu music just brought back so many memories😢
Nico Belic is the best GTA character GTA IV also has the better story it look like a action movie story the main character is a good guy not a gangster or criminal malcontent
gta IV made you feel terrible for killing someone
Joshua Minke
I'll just say this, i've completed gta 4's campaign multiple times, and I've completed gta 5's campaign once
apparently people in Los santos is just dumb and barbaric
Ian Lee
Gta IV is better that GTA V CHANGE MY MIND
swahili ranger
At Rockstar: "Guys what if we made the game bigger, but made everything else smaller?"
Random Dude
Rockstar while making GTA-IV: Make everything realistic. AI, Physics, Logic, and buildings with accessible interiors. Rockstar while making GTA-V: Make sure it has great graphics. Make the online mode a money grinding simulator instead of being a way to have fun with friends. Nothing else.
Dota Game
So basically before GTA V came out fans complaining about GTA 4 realism and after release of GTA V fans complaining about how GTA 4 is better than GTA V because its realistic oke lul
k immaded
Oh damn, the way the cop is limping while still trying to fight you after getting shot at is heartbreaking. And then you gunned them down, you monster!
Kahn Girde'
4:20 American cops 4:29 British cops
shahnaz mirza
GTA V graphics + GTA IV physics + GTA San Andreas story = best GTA game.
GTA V is more cinematic at the cost of realism
Fernando Jiménez
More expensive games, best graphics, but less playable games.
Super Rad 800
Better physics, better animations, better AI. It's well-aged. Proof that recent games are just about shiny, static and fancy looking graphics. I really hope that GTA VI will be even better in every aspect.
Formula for a fun game: Action -> Big Reaction.
Gta iv: Put the gun down! This is your last chance to get out of this alive... Gta 5: youre already dead
Kimi Official
Why I love Gta iv than gta V *Bowling*
GTA SA is the best game in the world
BardiXgamer Official
GTA IV's Fighting was amazing because it was Mo-Capped by the Legendary Bas Rutten
And that's why online multiplayer In gta5 was both a blessing and a disgrace for gamers
Mega Halo Productions
Lmao gta 5 cops arrest your for standing near them....
Gnohp Man
Play gta v only because the online gameplay Gta iv with suitable graphics mod is way better than gta v in offline mode
ϟ KAYL ϟ
9:21 niko bellic is actually slavic so thats why he resists more
Okay, GTA IV got a lot of things right. Like AI, physics, and other stuff. But at least in GTA V it doesn't feel like I'm driving a laundry hamper with wheels. Great comparison vid tho!
Punch other criminal near cops GTA 3/VC: Good job, citizen, here is your 25 bucs! GTA SA/GTA 4: You two - under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Collide with cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4: Be careful, citizen! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Steal a car near cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4 - You are under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD!
german fighter420
Gta V gta IV And gta SA mixed together boom GTA 6 THE FOREVER ALL 3 COMBINED and we wont need to worry about real graphics or car motions or even gangster life *solvedd ys problem
Big City with building INTERIORS >>>>> Big Empty Map
Тима Писаренков
that's why IV didn't get optimization
Dixon Cider
I think all the work in V went into graphics where as IV was focused on gameplay both great games though
There's one thing I really liked doing in GTA IV, I was hitting a taxi with a baseball bat and ran to the cops and let him punch me, so the cops would arrest him :D
Captain Cornflake
That part at the end was absolutely brilliant.
I hope gta6 will have gta4s physics, logic, and just general features.
Fights irl are super short lol
The Protector Of Lolis
Now imagine GTA IV with GTA 5 graphics, GTA 5 online (Not the microtransactions), and every gameplay aspect of GTA 4. The perfect game right there. Basically free roam GTA 4 online.
Farzad K
10:50 Lv.1 crook 10:55 Lv.50 Boss
GTA IV: Has a unique combat system, where you can perform special moves to combat your foes, no matter what weapon you're holding in your hand. GTA V: HuEhUeHuE i'M gOn' PuNcH yA tEeHeE!
GTA 4 physics way better (especially the way cars get dented and smashed)
Mega X
gta 4 needs a remaster for current gen
alex tovar
Gta san andreas has gym. Gta iv has bowling. Gta v is just beautiful:)
4:04 i think its cool for gta v to have pedestrians with more attitude, makes the game funner, but ya gta four deffinetly
I agree dude. I never really liked GTA V, it was pushed, hyped and is rather a hipster game. My heart belongs to GTA IV. I love the scenery there.
Emad Khalifa
I in joyed gta IV online more than gta5 and so many other things
Jesse H
I remember nothing from GTA 4. Speaks volumes how good it is.
I love GTA 5 so I may check put 4
It's not better but the best in GTAs!
ur mom
I tired of playing gta 5 i really wanna play gta 4
Mustafijur Rahman Rahman
Always Remember: GAMEPLAY>Graphics
Anyone remember camping at the end of that long hallway at the hospital in GTA 4 and having a standoff with any officer that dared enter the hallway?
Jon Dillinger
So much time and effort went into GTA IV physics i cant see why V didnt have the same physics
David Rozenov
Okay, vous m'avez convaincu d'acheter GTA 4!
Arabic-anDroid-DZ M
Im your gta iv in the yes beeg mook tooz
Diego Da Bonkinator
I remember playing GTA IV years ago and now that I've seen this I notice it had so much attention to detail I didn't actually notice.
Hayden Day
GTA 5 is too rigid and arcade like with everything. 4 flowed nicely; physics for example felt much more natural and enjoyable
Cause they wanted to upgrade graphics sacrificing physics at same platform. I think if they would released game for ps4 x1 it be more complex game
Well i played IV and it was worth it!
I thought I was the only one who thank you, especially online.
Niko it's Roman! Let's go bowling!
Imagine GTA4 With the Graphics of RDR2
Helder Yysus
I don't get the point of some of those For example the falling helicopter and falling directly to the sea from a high level must kill you no matter what
supreme jokes
On GTA 4 my rockets use to bounce back
I Watson
GTAV's npc's are based on it's online community
Imagine a game with the GTA 4 physics and gameplay but with GTA 5 graphics and vice city story
Blake Flather
Wow! GTA 4 is so much better
San Andreas is my favorite one
i change my profile pic every month
id say that its you guys to pick on what you like better sorry i have bad english
Killmonger Revolution
Well GTA 6 is in the works. Let's hope R* takes the best parts of both games & put them in GTA 6.
Maik Tyson
i miss the old times with my fat cousin
Dingus Games
Alright, alright! I'm using Grand Theft 4 for a little bit! *5 seconds later* Me: Where's GTA 4's update Rockstar!?
Ken Casunuran
If Rockstar made GTA 6 it's story needs gta 4 and san andreas serious storylines and gta 4 physics and beautiful graphics.
Rockstar need to see this video :D
Alex Mc
Gta iv's gun sounds are way better than v's. More intense and realistic