GTA IV is better than GTA V

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This video is not about realism, it points out gameplay value along with minor details. Physics, gunfight, AI, melee combat, controls, interiors, multiplayer freedom. While GTA V has some obvious advantages from being a 2013 game, a lot of technical features and sanbox elements from GTA IV (2008) were missing such as crouch ability, holding onto ledges, picking up objects and much more. Those notable changes reduced all the unpredictable fun and made it an experience with less replay value. No mods were used, this is the original version of both games on PC. Cheats were used at some point for demonstration purpose but every comparisons are fair to each other. ------- Songs ------- After Dark / アフター・ダーク by NoGht />TBOGT pause menu />GTA IV Soviet Connection (mixed Intro)

GTA IV is now backward compatible on Xbox One.
physics and AI were alot more free in GTA 4, no idea why they restricted the physics and the AI so much in GTA 5 other then to make the experience more "casual" I guess
The Quiet Firework
GTA V logic: *walks up to cop* Cop: “YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!” GTA IV: *walks up to cop* Cop: “Hey there” GTA V: *bumps into cop* Cop: “TAKE HIM DOWN!” *bang bang* GTA IV: *Bumps into cop* Cop: “Hey, watch it buddy”
Mustafijur Rahman Rahman
Always Remember: GAMEPLAY>Graphics
Roman -Hey cousin lets go bowling! Niko-📵 Roman-👎
gta IV made you feel terrible for killing someone
Glad people agree on this too. To me GTA IV has a special place in my heart, GTA V was good but not that impressive at all.
ii krash
gta iv :(
The Game
Gta 4 is underrated😥 Gta 5 is overrated 😌
Duggames Playes
We need a gta iv remastered.
I always thought GTA IV had better physics. punching and shooting people felt better.
0:06 since when was it illegal to look at people?
Arthur Morgan
That's why I don't play GTA V anymore.
Ethan Trembley
GTA IV = gameplay - Graphic GTA V = Graphic - gameplay
why am i crying to the music
Ten Hour Guy
Not played GTA IV but thinking of picking it up. I hate how aggressive the NPCs are in GTA V.
Rar Ted
I just pray that Rockstar taks their time with GTA VI I mean we already saw what they can do with red dead redemption 2 I expect nothing less
Samuel Varvodic
They toned down the realism with GTA V to make the gameplay more fun and casual. Remember all those times in GTA IV when you were speeding away from the cops and you couldn't make a turn and you end up slamming into a wall, go flying through the windshield and die when you hit a wall? I prefer GTA IV's realism to GTA V not that shooting helicopters out of the sky with an RPG in New York City is realistic but that's just me! Also I should point out that GTA V is still a great game!
GTA IV: Cops have realistic gun aiming. GTA V: Cops have automatic AI perfect gun aiming.
Gregory Kitchens
There are lots of things better in gta 4 than gta 5 but the reverse is true as well
I agree with this video, but you forgot to mention the best quality of GTA IV: "Yah Niko, one ting one love me brudda." - Little Jacob.
Chris Hansen
I love both IV and V. Anyone with me? I actually played IV after V. And i love them both. But what annoyed me in IV is the driving and the same missions over and over again. Drive from here to there shoot that guy and drive me back. Thats something that V did a lil better in my book. But like indeed there are allot of things that IV did better then V just as there are things that are better in V then in IV. Instead of making all hate comments and shit on the games like uuuugh gta V was shit blablabla. Just enjoy the games and stop being such lil bitches. Every game has its flaws. And i had allot of fun in gta online too. (Didnt last long tho) and i love the first person feature in gta5. After playing it on ps3 and then on ps4 it gave a whole different expierience. Gta 4 is fun and all. But i cant stand doing most of those boring missions... they both have a very special place in my heart.
One Cheesy Mofo
Imagine how long this video took to create
Samrush LOL
Mr. HaCkEr
GTA IV: Windscreen breaks only from brute force against the windscreen itself. GTA V: Windscreen breaks whenever you lightly tap something.
GTA IV should get remastered for the X.
Heavy Metal Gamer
When GTA 6 comes out it'll cause alot of buzz and probably receive critical acclaim like 5 but once buzz dies down people will say that GTA 5 is better than GTA 6. I call it the hipster effect... gta 5 > gta 4.
Snes 16b
Children nowadays no longer know how the games had plot, story and feelings. Games today only exist to generate profits for companies . They no longer care about detail, essence, history, or characters. Max Payne 3 was an example of what Rockstar has done with a brilliant game with a deep and dark story about a man seeking revenge and justice in your own way through the worst kind of scum in society and seeing the worst kind of human being wherever he goes . I played the first one at age 13 and was terrified at the reality behind drug users. I'm not saying that the third game is a bad game, it's very good too, but there is not the same atmosphere and essence that the first game in the series presented. It's just another third-person shooter in which you shoot at everything and everyone with a cliché character like in the Hollywood movies. The same thing happened with GTA 4 and 5, they made a gta to be fun. Only that. (I do not speak English, I used google translator, sorry.)
I fear Red Dead 2 will suffer a similar fate :(
jack Breon
Only thing I didn't like about GTA 4 was no planes but other then that it's my favorite gta
Ubi Lada
Yes, GTA IV is better at everything is shown in the video, however it is one of the worst PC port of all time. My PC is 10 years old and I can play GTA V with 30 to 60 FPS with medium-high settings, but an 11 years old game, GTA IV, with 15 to 45 FPS in low settings, all the time stuttering and lags like hell. In a nutshell, GTA V is way better optimized for PC, but GTA IV is better in terms of gameplay.
I'm a faggot but,
I don't understand why rockstar thought to removed cool things and npc's just get one punched and dead. Maybe gta 6 is another disappointment. Yeah it has better graphics. But small things we can do
My fav games: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Grand Theft Auto IV For life.
The ending was crazy. Good video man!
Luay versión manco :v
Kye Manley
Gta 4 racing is so much fun online
Arvind Hariharan Nair
GTA IV is better because it has Niko Bellic
captain assひ
GTA V is funner than GTA IV and IV was the first gta game I played, dont get me wrong I had awesome memories of playing through IV and its great characters but after you beat the game 2 times and the story's over u realize theres not much to do other than shooting down cops
FINALLY SOMEONE FUCKING REALIZES! GTA V is great but 4 is much more detail heavy and fun!
The driving and chasing are funnier in gta iv. Because the cops are more chasing like the reality, while in gta v they chase you like your the president car. 5 - 7 police car near behind you. While in gta iv the cars have a little distance from you, 1 tries to pull you over by driving in front of you.
SliminoDomino // Gaming And More
Who loves the storyline of GTA san Andreas?
Nikolai > Mickael Trevor Franklin combined
German skulls WW
It's true I have to agree GTA 4 had a better engine in my opinion the cars felt for real the guns the fist fighting.Gta 5 has amazing but nothing compared to this master piece
Cody Argentino
I miss GTA 4 so damn much 😭
A Normal Toaster
People think just because when a new game that is bad they think that the game after it will receive the same treatment (i.e the GTA 5 and GTA 6 argument). If people do say 5 is better than 6, then it’s probably because 6 did things worse than 5, and not because 5 is older than 6. 4 actually has reasons to be better than 5. Granted 5 has better missions and graphics, but what will you do after you’re done with the missions and you don’t want to go on multiplayer.
One of the biggest weapon gameplay problems was that in GTA V all weapons are like laser beams no different at all. Minigun had no cool down or spread, AR felt like every other mp or AR so dumb
Michael De Santa
I used to hide in the toilets in Central Park. And smoke all the cops who entered my toilet. 😂
oui oui zourdani
This video proove that IV is much better than V
I've spent many hours in GTA:4 just causing havoc in LC, having shootouts with cops, car chases etc. All this felt incredibly boring in 5. With a bit of modding GTA4 becomes even better with more responsive cars and so on.
Δημήτρης Γαβαλάς
Guys dont forget the colour quality on graphics the gta iv is really bad at it
Shriram Rajagopalan
Oh the ending ❤️ good Old days.
Wheatley Gaming
Waiting on Red Dead Redemption is better than Red Dead Redemption 2 lmao
Y'all remember how much of a tank the hummer was in gta 4?
Punch other criminal near cops GTA 3/VC: Good job, citizen, here is your 25 bucs! GTA SA/GTA 4: You two - under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Collide with cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4: Be careful, citizen! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD! Steal a car near cops GTA 3/VC/SA/4 - You are under arrest! GTA 5: ELESPEEDEE, YOU DEAD!
GTA 4 is for physics GTA 5 for graphics
da big scouser
I don't get how 43k people can dislike the video because it's just stating the facts
Sakamaki Gaming
Gta 5 looks better Gta 4 feels better
a random guy
if you have questions, play Gta Roblox
Remember back in the day using your imagination on GTA IV? I remember being able to make a public lobby with your own settings. I remember making zombie apocalypse maps, I remember pretending we were cops, we were military. I remember having gang wars. REMEMBER WHEN YOU COULD JUMP ACROSS ISLANDS? I use to gather up my friends and we would have an all out cop war, pretending we had to rob places by going in them and "collecting" the money, then escaping to our next destination. When NON game breaking glitches weren't patched like the Swing Set of Death GTA V has realistic graphics but it doesn't bring people together and doesn't bring your creative side out. Also, I remember when money used to matter because you could get outfits and not tanks to blow up everyone in the lobby.
Old Snake
Disliked by people who thinks graphics are everything
Che Guevara
Gta IV 👍
Damjan Rade
This is why men play Red Dead Redemption
The Doctor
Thing is, a lot of features simply wouldn't have worked as good. GTA V is basically just the online part. And devs would be accused of coping last years game
Alberto Murguia
I hope rockstar is watching this
gta iv is the best gta ever
KillerMob XD
GTA V only has better graphics
GTA V is the most boring GTA of all time
Jesco Mookstra
I think that GTA IV is waaaayy better than GTA V
This made me install GTA 4 again.
Guns N' Games
If only GTA V had these physics...
Cory G
GTA 4 is hands down the winner and no got dam flying vehicle blowing you up every dam second playing online
II Kylie
gta 4 was ahead of it's time
Kuba Czmok
Guys type *GTA V is better than gta iv* then look at comments... There is so much hate to gta iv. But both games are awasome. Ps. It got 39 k dislikes and and 41 k likes. 🤔🤔🤔
Verchiel Arellano
*Gta 5 has left the server.*
Taoye Zhang
Yes, I also think so, GTA 4 have lots of actions and expressions and more than GTA 5. And it's more truth feeling such as Helicopter, the wind direction, the true feel of the propeller, and so many of them, all are better than GTA 5.
its different! not better. I love both games! But its true that Gta IV is just too good for 2008 : O
Advance Intelligence
GtaV- No bowling GtaIV- Bowling Its obvious what the superior game is here.
Igo Dreamer
Nunca soube que a diferença era tanta, GTA IV em matéria de física dá de dez a zero no GTA V. Impressionante!
Chemiegamer PieFox
10:53 In gta 4 the water under the helicopter isnt realistic!!
Rockstar Florida 2k6
GTA IV has the best physics.
Bintang Ekananda
Gta v with those physic : Minimum requirements : Intel quad core Ram 4gb Hdd 65 gb GTA v with same gta 4 physic : - intel core i5 - 8gb ram - hdd 100 gb
Gta iv: Put the gun down! This is your last chance to get out of this alive... Gta 5: youre already dead
Tulio de Souza
GTA 4 tem uma ótima história e física, mas não é tão divertido igual GTA V
Abd Alkader
Gta iv it bessssst
14:57 @ this Point is gta v more relistic than gta iv! if you shoot a big hole like this (with a 9mm) in a wheel leaves the air instantly! its a lot impression in it. but this is the only one i can find. gta iv is better than v for sure.
The_Redstone_Minigun M3
Grand theft auto 4 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
The Doctor
wauw.. I need to play GTA4 again
Акакий Епифантович
Гта4 ванлав)))
Chris Johnson
Damn, you really drove the point home at the end there. Wtf Rockstar?!?
5:00 cops do pull you over like shown in gta 4 that way but you need to be in a bigger vehicle (truck) for them to perform that.
You actually made me miss gta 4.. damn some good memories right there...
Dilettante_Elite _
I knew something just didn't feel right about GTA5. The rampaging and exploring just didn't feel satisfying, but I couldn't really sum up why. I knew there were some fun features missing (when compared to GTA4), but wondered if I was just bored with the series in general. Fortunately, that's not the case. I was simply playing in a dead world and was unknowingly yearning for the glory of GTA4. This video really showcases just how wide the gulf is between the two titles.
Sernando stole your video and put voice in it He also faked about he have gta6
Say My Name.
Gta v. > corrupt cops. Gta IV > Good Cops.
I have played both games. I must say i just love the story in gta iv. The physics are much better too.
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