Sad Cat Misses His Owner (Hidden Camera)

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Subscribe here for more great videos: /> Bobo will make these kind of meows when I will left him alone for few minutes or many hours. There's a second cat Nikita, but both are separated when nobody is at home for a long time (because of their fight for territory - one room). Bobo was not hungry, there was no tricks to force him to this behaviour, cats are not in a heat etc. He's just being himself and he's always close to me. That's why he misses me every time. But I need to leave my apartment sometimes... ;) Now I can open my door much faster! ;) More about Bobo and Nikita here: Facebook: />Twitter: />Google+: /> チャンネル登録: />подписываться:

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Krzysztof Smejlis
Much more sad meows (I never heard that until I lrecord it):
It should be noted only meow as a means of communicating with humans. In other words theres no doubt it's looking for it's master.
That meow he's doing is pretty much "hello??"
Mary Friedling
Awww, so sad...but hilarious. He loves his daddy very much.
My cats are reacting to the sad meows. Had to stop the video.
Lao??? Laoooo? Laaaaaoooo?
Dont put a camera to see what your pets do when you're away. 9/10 times they are just waiting for you to return and its depressing af
this video made my cat come to investigate if there was a new cat in the house lol
Awww poor Bobo he misses u
Chelsea Griffin
I honestly just think he's saying " bored" "booooored" until his human comes back
Aww this makes me sad. My old cat would sometimes forget where people were in the house and would do this until we called for her, and then she'd come running. Such a lonely, heartbreaking sound.
"Where did my feeder go?"
Hidden camera? Your cat's aware of there function?
Awww, poor Bobo. But I laughed anyway, love his meows. Is it recent video? Do Bobo and Nikita are getting along well finally?
Ahhhh, How cute is that??...😻😻💕💕😻😻
Mr. BunnyWabbit
Cats don't love, huh?
jelo the mouse
I love his meowing.
He's not lonely- he purposefully waits until you leave to activate his secret transmitter to call out to other cats and plan for their day of conquest over the humans.
Keith Foester
these sad meows summoned my cats!
Mystic_ _z
Guys this makes me sad dont forget: for them it's their whole life for you its a part of your life
Andrea Pyne
Awwww that’s so sweet he misses him
Pisces Rain
I just watched a 3 min ad about Bigfoot and a mattress cover. Buy that cat some treats on me. Lol
Afifa Kherroubi
mcup of love
it made me cry because it sound like my cat when it die
KittenLaila LPS
He's so sad 😭
Pamela Pugh
Sad video and made me cry. Pugsy I had for 12 years and he was a tabby mix with calico. He died in 2007 of cancer and that almost killed me. Great video and thanks for the post here.
AsH Wright
Liam Barrett
Leave a radio on for the cat? Good idea or pointless?
Wolfy Wlf
meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meowww? meow meow meow
Jacob Richardson
That's sad man 😢
Arianator Grande
Every time I left the house And I tried this and my cat was like "Finally! That Bish is gone! I can finally pee on the carpet :D "
I haven't seen your videos in a while. Did Bobo lose weight or is it just the camera angle?
Still lonely with another cat?
Sometimes I wonder: do our cats have a heart and actually miss us or are they demanding for our appearance? Because I heard somewhere that cats think we are its slaves and our house it's their house. Regardless of everything, cute video. My cat is just like that with my mother.
Kathryn Blair
You should get another cat to keep him company
Horst König
sie möchte zu ihr Herrchen
Cat knows there's a camera there watching him!
He misses his owner so much that his heart is in pain, therefore he say owwww owwww ow
Try this on ur cat so funny my cat Went crazy
Ngrauw ngraw ngrrauww
It is pure torture for cats to be constrained inside the way your cat is.
Mea....... W
my cat does the same at night. I feel sorry for my cat but I gotta sleep lol
sheryl aguirre
Rupayan Munshi
cat owners know this is the sound of a sad cat
fred heuvel
Cats can be VERY emotional creatures, especially when you give them a lot of love. It's reciprocal.
Bryan Conlin
My cat does this when I'm away and it breaks my heart. T_T
Aww poor kitty
Nini N.
One of my cats does this. He'll stop if he sees me
No wonder he is upset! You are his entertainment. He would turn on the television, but he has no thumbs... so both cats rely on you to keep them interested in life! They are healthy and otherwise happy, so you and your wife do a great job at caring for them.
h ungee
My cat does this when he is downstairs and can't find me
At least he had a cat-shaped friend for company, less lonely.
Emma Quartaroli
and pepole say cats dont love there pepole
No to ja podwyższam statystykę polskich oglądaczy:)))Kiedyś wyjechaliąmy na 1 m-c do Niemiec ...długo musiałam koty przepraszać!!
Adicqua ellis
u can hear the distress in his meows, it's so sad 😢
猫と暮らす - とら猫JOY の もふもふ日記
Crying appealing sounds!
Its Just Brit
The first meow my heart sank. I was literally like "Oh my god how could you go into another room in the house and leave that poor kitty in there alone!" 😂😂
1 like=1 loved kitten
Entropic Lizards
Never leave your house. EVER
My friend's cat cried like this when she left the house. So, she asked me to take care of her cat for 10 minutes... After playing with her cat, I stayed there for 2 hours and didn't notice it. It's too hard to leave when you cry like that. :'(
Joy ce
It's funny, I knew it'd be a deep-voice meow. I'm certain that really is the "I miss my human" meow M
Randy Douglas
The cat thinks he a dog! MK Ultra doggy mind control to subdue the feline nation and thwart their independence. Those damn evil dogs!
Leslie Mann
as soon as I started the video my cat came running over to search for your cat 0_o. she seemed a bit distressed that she could not find (and comfort?) the sad cat
That sound is also "why he go out and i cant" and also "i miss him/her"
Alicia Green
Awww sweetness loves his person <3 poor baby. My Lilly Kitty does the same thing when she's home alone <3
Bradley Atchley
I like the part when he meows *m* *e* *o* *w* *.*
Mr Noralhafis
aww what a sad cat 😢😢 🐈
Flavia Toranzo
Jeremy Thomas
Awe sounds like my cat whenever he thinks I am leaving. 🙁
Cr bulet
Pour guy
william hammel
Wow the poor cat misses you when ur gone!
Royalites MSP
aww! cute
Ammi Razion
They just get bored. If you let them outside they wont cry like this.
Lorena _books
i love this channel 😂❤️
william hammel
Poor cat loves you so much that he never wants u to leave him!
Amrita Kanda
One of my cats makes that sound too, except he does it right after hopping down from my lap and walks away. And I'm just like ?? If you wanted attention, why'd you leave?
milk trucc
Lol my cat makes this noise whenever she's about to puke
Gymnastics Journey
My cat does that when I step out. Every damn time. And he's loud as hell too.
aww that is cute, but im sure at some point it will get annoying with constant meowing.
separation anxiety
i love this cat
Magpie Syndrome
My cats are sisters and get along, so they've never been alone.
Ella Hughes
Awww 😥
silly kitty
Mo Mo
Does anyone else notice how the cat is looking if it is tracking something moving that we cannot a spirit or something.
YosXrTDmZU7 Yo66777666
bobo is my favourite.
jp durand
Poor thing
Mason Predmore
Did you see two cats?
棚屋また 煮やな! 😿
Witaj! Oglądam Cię od jakiegoś czasu. Czasami zadaje sobie pytanie dlaczego często ludzie mówią, że tylko pies tęskni za człowiekiem oraz potrafi być użyteczny. Pozdrawiam :)
Sharon Bell
l hate male cats anyway! they are too noisy!
Cats are as emotionally intelligent as dogs but they're more judgmental, you get treated in the same way.
La Flame
he looks like my cat and acts like him too. everytime time I come from school he's always waiting for me at the door :)
Sophie Filo
Sounds like an infant crying out for their parent... :3
It's sad that your cat is missing you. I mean, it's not your fault. You have two cats but they don't like each other that much. But I imagine Bobo being like this for the time when you're at work? Normally cats are okay with being alone. Same with dogs, I feel very sorry for them. Seems very stressful. The neighbors' cat was also very close to me. My mother said, when I was at school, she came to my room and made these noises - she said it sounds like she was calling me. She died 2012 and I've never met such a cat like her again.
Afifa Kherroubi
bobo is SO Close tout you il have 2 cat black and blocheate blocheate is White and Grey black is black Thérè so cute thèy always falloir me blocheate is SO sleepy😋 black and blocheate are sleeping now