Jerry Goldsmith - The Final Conflict Omen 3 - Soundtrack Music Suite 1981

soundtrack music suite of the movie The Final Conflict aka Omen 3 composed by Jerry Goldsmith 1981 starring Sam Neill (Possession, Dead Calm, In the Mouth of Madness,..)

Timothy E.
13:25 Only Goldsmith could produce something epic like that. Man, I miss the guy.
Retro Longplays 79
12:55 Nazarene... you have won... nothing...
ricky todd Botelho
One of the greatest soundtrack pieces of music of all time.
Frost12345 Frost12345
possibly my favourite goldsmith score, also the omen trilogy is my favourite trilogy, I don't include part 4
Ronald David
POWERFUL 9:20 loved it since 12yrs old
Jacob Taylor
This is great music from a great movie
PeyserConley X
A film unworthy of being the final chapter to the trilogy, couldn't live up to its potential. However, there are still scenes that I like and I love Sam Neill's performance, he was the perfect choice for adult Damien. And of course, the soundtrack. Jerry Goldsmith is a genius.
Chris Thorton
Wow, especially the closing.  Wow.
You can hear some of 'Poltergeist' in here. It's Fabulous!!!
Fabos gamer
jerry goldsmith maestreia
Gus Gilbert
Where is your god now priest?!
Rodrigo Fonseca Ojeda
perfect movie and score! amazing!
A great score and sometimes I hear the Enterprise. Will they find V'Ger? ;) It's so wonderful how he includes the style of those cheesy 50s Jesus movies. Ok, Omen III is cheesy too but I always liked it. 3:40 aaaah, what a theme. :D
vincent wilson
Give a listen to his for The Mephisto Waltz send shivers down your spine ideal for Halloween
Amazing Goldsmith score!
Wolf Eyes
Great movie, just did not like the ending, wanted Damien to live and rule!!!!!!!
Matthew Akisan
This is one of the best scores ever I.M.H.O.
Josh Barnett
I didn't hate the film, but it was nowhere on par with the first 2 (and leaps and bounds better than This soundtrack, however, is even better than the original. Absolutely amazing. There are parts that sound more like his score for Poltergeist than the first two Omen installments (which, considering how very much Poltergeist 2 sounds like The Omen, that's a little funny).
Jerry Goldsmith ha fatto di meglio
Dark Man
Jared Kushner?
I grew up with Goldsmith and now following James Newton Howard ever since, for many years, this suite says it all, amazing!
tommy Psu
Just smoke a joint
Celso Avila Esmeraldino
wonderful climatic score from the master golddsmith!!!
Dave Shields
Really love the last 2 minutes of this score, makes me feel cleansed with a moment of redemption .
Seas of Bronze
There's clips on Youtube of a Tenerife concert that was done for his 80th birthday celebration, the orchestra played a lot of his music including the main theme from "The Final Conflict."
How I would love to hear this live in concert! Wish there was an orchestra that would play his beautiful, stunning work!
can i tell u that even the greeks at the time of these tales refered them as mythologies...
it is only islam which can shed light on who is the forsaken one.
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boom punked
david ruiz
cool!! song!!
Astarova Jasmine
yeah but I dont understand what you meant by "how much was paid to the writer".
Astarova Jasmine
what are you talking about?
Ryan Neugebauer
last one is the best
la cachiporra
Best trilogy ever.
Ho Alexander
The climax is similarly to Brunkner, Mahler. Some passages are Sibelius symphony poetic integration. The musical structure is advancing than the original one Omen.
I love 7:13
Stuart Field
Z radio street gang this is almighty
Jeffrey Doe
So many fools to doubt the power of the Prince of the Air. Hear me all true believers of the fallen ones, our winged lords soon come.
All 3 movies superb in my opinion. How can you get such a perfect cast to play child, teenager and adult? Amazing scores also.
El Proscripto
We miss you Jerry!
roger rogers
6.15 -7.00
Pierre Cyr
Perfect music for the inauguration... :P lol
angel alfonso rojas quiroz
Así sera la pelea final de cada hombre, entre sus debilidades y su Luz, para poder seguir Progresando Infinitamente, y algún día en la eternidad, estar junto al Creador,observando como progresan los mundos.
Samurai Jack
5:35 this is were Thorn wakes up in bed knowing that 3 Stars have lined up and the Messiah is here.
Peruano cholo chino y feo
Gran peli.el único error fué haber contratado a sam neill como xq sea mal actor sino xq debió haber seguido la línes de las sagas anteriores.contrtar a un actor desconocido para darle credibilidad.
I hated the ending.
W Leon
The first two were brilliant. The third was a huge disappointment. The holy daggers had to be plunged into the antiChrist in a certain way (as was explained in Omen 2), in order to destroy the antiChrist. This did not happen in the 3rd film. The ending, also, could have been so much better. The 1st film had tons of atmosphere. The 2nd was more dramatic. The 3rd? Disappointing ending.
Terrible film, superb score.
Kittens' Cats'Angels'GOD'S
DEADrotting"soul" said superb "score" to moose and squirrel against melania
Jacob Taylor
God do people ever like to complain especially about sequels. This better then the first 2 Omen movie. And there nothing disappointing about this movie at all. Any one who says there is just like to hers themselves complain.
5.37min-5.57min i like this passage. i am looking for the music from 'The Omen 3' when the American Ambassador commits suicide. do you know where i can find that?
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Omen 2 funnier Better Damien his english accent uh I don't Know funny english accent , funny his hair looks like transitions from blonDish to black in videos
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IMDB states that the film was completed in 1979 and not released until 1981.  Does anyone know when Goldsmith composed the music (1979, 1980 or 1981 - release date was March 1981)?  If Goldsmith composed the score in 1979 then, considering 'Alien' and 'Star Trek: TMP' also in 1979...........would this constitute the single greatest year of any film composer (and if you include 1978 the greatest consecutive years' worth of scores?).  Does anyone know, or just have an opinion?
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