Sabaton - Soldier Of 3 Armies

Sabaton - Soldier of 3 Armies I own nothing, absolutely nothing All Rights belong to Sabaton and Nuclear Blast Records Lyrics: Started out as a reserve Soon promoted when deserved And the legend has begun With a bounty on his head The red army wants him dead Soviet enemy number one Cross of Mannerheim Addicted to the war game Never-ending flame Victory reclaimed Oh, we remember, we remember, we remember Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game Keeps their echo from the past Rise from beyond your grave Son of Finland and the Green Beret May you rest in peace at last Lauri Allan Törni Across the water a new start War still beating in his heart A new legend has been born Started out as a reserve Soon promoted when deserved Changed his name to Larry Thorne Cross of Mannerheim Addicted to the war game Never-ending flame Victory reclaimed Oh, we remember, we remember, we remember Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game Keeps their echo from the past Rise from beyond your grave Son of Finland and the Green Beret May you rest in peace at last From the Finnish lakes Into Germany and USA All the wars he came across Cross of Mannerheim An iron cross, a bronze star, purple heart One distinguished flying cross Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game Keeps their echo from the past Rise from beyond your grave Son of Finland and the Green Beret May you rest in peace at last Lauri Allan Törni

"Man literally too angry to die."
>tfw you hate commies so much you become a Finnish lieutenant,a part of the Nazi Waffen-SS and a USA Green Beret just so you can fight them in 3 different wars
Dilly Dilly
This man opposed communism so much, he bled clear blood.
Lysmatic Studios
Born and fought for Finland, was annoyed the soviets won the winter war, joined Nazi Germany JUST to kill communists. Surrendered to Britain, escaped a British POW camp, was recaptured by America- escaped again. Went back to Finland, got arrested, but was let go by Finlands leader. Heard of Vietnam war- he moved to US JUST to fight pro communist in Vietnam- died in Vietnam. His life was literally just to kill Communist
Mlg Sty
sad that he didnt live to see the death of ussr... that would have been his life goal complete
Admiral Günther Lütjens
and i thought i hate communism
Inshrektor Gadget
Törni was so thorough that he followed his enemies into the afterlife to make sure they died
Alexandros Mograine
The biggest reason he hated the communists so much was that he lost his hometown of viipuri after the winter war
i guess he just really doesnt like communists. good.
Ancient Warrior
we had 2 legendary soldiers they both were farmers they are Lauri Törni and Simo Häyhä
Anu Aaltonen
As far as it is known, the only SS soldier buried in Arlington...
Commander Shepard
Am i the only one that listens to one of Sabaton's songs and IMMEDIATELY has to go to Google and learn more about the story?
Pasi Turunen
Törni, one of founding fathers of US Green Beret-troops. Served in FDF, Waffen-SS and US Army, got rank of captain in all of those and had huge bounty on his head by Sovjets. WE REMEMBER!
K. A.
Commie haters: 5.President Reagan 4.Senator McCarthy 3.Adolf Hitler 2.People of Poland and Croatia 1.Lauri Törni
Törni was a real finnish badass like Simo Häyhä. It's shame that he is not known worldwide like Häyhä is.
Void Imperial
Imagine hating communists so damn much you join three different armies just to keep killing them
And I thought I hated commies, seem like I have a lot of work to do.
Amorr Winterstorm
Independent Finland 100 years *Honor intensifies*
Teacher: So what's you're life goal ? This dude: I WANNA KILL LITTERALY EVERY COMMI EVER NO MATTER WHAT SIDE I HAVE TO BE ON Teacher: ......could we just talk to you're parents
Lauri Törni is currently being held at a CIA black site in cryogenic suspension. The instructions on his cryo-tube read: "In case of Russians, break glass and give weapon."
Who is here after the simple history video??
This guy should have his own movie.
Jean Leon
Never before or since has a man hated communists so much.
Lauri Törni
i'm proud of You!
the e
One of the most badass people in history. Waffen SS, US Green Beret, and a Captain in the Finnish Army.
Vela Edvardsson
As an American, I wish to formally extend my deepest gratitude to Finland for birthing such a beautiful human being, capable of kicking that much Communist ass. And I sincerely apologize that we were unable to return the man alive and well to you fine people in his retirement. If it's any consolation, I hope that whatever scumbag shot him down never got those 3,000,000 Marks. "Here's something to think about - The world today is afraid of the Soviet Union, yet the Soviet Union is afraid of Finland."
StoneMercury 257
His hatred for communism is like doomguy hatred against demons
Baby Squirrel
He joined the Nazis not to serve the Fuhrer. He joined to fight the Reds to protect his home. He is the legend that screams what a common enemy between two parties could bring up. Ass kicking legend.
Bylat, I can't help but respect a man who gave his entire life to destroy something he hated, Best Regards -that Russian guy
Legends speak of when a communist goes to hell, Törni is standing there, waiting.
Who would win? One finnish farmer shouting perkele at tanks and geurilla warriors? Or Entierty of the soviet union AND Viet Cong? Answer is in the song
32 communists disliked
A brave man who joined any army to destroy the virus known as Communism. Rest In Peace Lauri Torni
Joe Hudson
Death: it's time to go Lauri: was i a good commie killer? Death:no...i've been told your the best
One of the greatest heroes from all times.
I own nothing, absolutely nothing (Description of video) Poor man
There's enlisting in your country's army to fight communists, and then there's going to other countries to enlist in THEIR armies so that you can fight more communists.
A Wehrmacht Soldier
Soviet myth said that Stalin had night terrors about Torni coming for him.
Facundo Lescano
Finally found it, Thank you very very much for uploading it
Lux aeterna
R.I.P. Mauno Koivisto. Törnin joukoissa ollut.
Sir Boomsalot
Such an underrated song
Zéro Lelouch
Long live for Lauri Allan Törni
Philius Rex V. Nord
This guy could definitely take care of such a hideous plague known as AntiFa.
You have to admire this man. Larry Thorn. He fought and he fought hard. He just got the short stick of life it seems. Served in 3 different militaries, and all honored his service. I saw he did serve on the SS, but only to protect his native Finland from Communist Russian (took over his home town and barracks). The fact he regretted trading the oath and did not participate in the atrocities the other SS did..........I can forgive him for that. I hope he is RIP. His name is on the Vietnam Wall memorial and when his remains were recovered (after 30 years from a helicopter crash), his remains were buried with full honors in the USA. That says something. He may of had a ton of shit thrown in his direction from life.... But he lead a truly full life.
knight of equestria sir dashy
Larry thorn isnt dead. Hes cryogenically frozen in case of an invasion by russia
I think that's how I'll get the communist party of my backward I'll just fill it with he's pictures
Sir Boomsalot
I looks this guy up, I'm amazed. Fought for Finland in the Winter and Continuation wars, the Waffen SS during WWII, and the Green Berets in Vietnam where he was killed
Kiitos veteraaneille!
Big E
Commie ass Kicker!!!
Lucas de Almeida
Overcharged Editor
You can say that he was a thorn for the USSR army 😂
Thanks for the upload, searched for this every now and then on YT, only gotten nightcore shit and live with bad quality until now.
Michael Lambo
I honestly hope you don't get a copyright strike or anything from Nuclear Blast records.
i think they give somekind of Lauri Törni award in green berets. Dont they?
rato dalton
Commies: *exist* Lauri Törni: *_HEAVY BREATHING_*
never won a war, but he keeps trying
Andrew Beach
He was a Communist fighting Machine.
R.I.P Lauri Törni
Phoenia's Productions
I shouted Lauri Torni, and I woke up my entire family....
It's Finland's independent day tomorrow. Onnea, isänmaa.
There is line between democary and soviets, that is called Finnish border. If you dont understand what im talking about. Get yourself killed by Finnish soldier. Russians try that even with your help USA, Canadians, GBR etc... They didn't get job done :) Why don't you leave us alone. If not, we got bullet for you.
Kick butoxy
Introduce Antifa to this fine gentleman
Dimas Studio Channel
His a real Hero in Real life than Chuck Norris and Rambo
Supreme Wolf MT
The Finns always manage to amaze me... :)
Simo: I kill Soviet soldiers because they invaded my homeland. Lauri: I KILL COMMIES JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO
Jack the Gestapo
Oh, we remember, we remember, we remember Shout, Lauri Törni's name A soldier of three armies knows the game
the thing that really bothers me is that he fought literally whole of his life against commies and didn't even see the soviet Russia falling down 😭😭😭
If there was a DOOM SLAYER Of course there is a COMMUNIST SLAYER!
He spent his life improving communists...
badoo-kun the fucking weeb
*Be completely epic, and fight the Soviets as they invade Finland.* *Join 2 more armies to beat up commies because the Soviets stole your home city and they offer a HUGE bounty for you.* *die in a helicopter crash* *die in a helicopter crash?* *HAVE A SABATON SONG ABOUT YOU*
Ebin Ecks Dee
The ultimate perkele
Plague Europe
Africans or Middle-eastern don't belong up north! They are so primitive with .... EVERYTHING! While they got drums, we got NOKIA.
I came here from Simple History, anyone else?
A true man and hero. We need more like him today!
Ari Ipatti
Finland might be a small country and but the people are very strong and tough. 🙂
I have a playlist of every ww2 song by sabaton in historical order
80% of the comments are arguments 18% are people liking the song for how it sounds The rest is assorted anti-commie jokes. Have a good day
Congratulations on your 100th birthday!
Finnland surely produces fierce warriors.
Henri Hirn
törni oli sotilas henkeen ja vereen. rakasti isänmaataan, mikä ikävä kyllä mielisteli ja mielistelee vieläkin ryssiä . RIP Lauri Törni
Lauri Törni *exists* Communists: Why do I hear boss music?
Svenne Karlsson
From the video description: "I own nothing, absolutely nothing" Greetings my proletarian comrade!
The greatest communist killer of modern history.
Ian Guzman
When you think yoy are a badass think of this crazy S.O.B
1.JK kärki määrää!
Good History Lesson :)
the Iron wolverine
Bernie Sanders: *sweats nearveously*
A. Jappinen
71 vihasta ryssää dislikettäny XD
British Waiter
Man so angry at communism he won't die
This day, May 28th, one hundread years ago, Lauri was born in the city of Viipuri. We remember!
Dr. M Hyde
Had Lauri and Simo trained a platoon, there would be a whole division called “The Commie Crushers.”
Tyler Moore
Lauri Törni: exists Communists: chuckles, I'm in danger.
Dylan Yamagata
To hate communism so much as to fight alongside Nazi Germany... Damn. Talk about keeping to his ideals.
Julius Kresnik
Local Man too Angry to Give Up War
May you rest in peace at last Lauri Allan Törni
Canberk Özaydın
What a great hero! Rest in peace soldier!
Seppo Savinainen
I love and respect this man! Thnx for good music Sabaton!
Sfp 532
R.I.P Mauno Koivisto and Lauri Törni