Look At Me Now - (Cover of a cover) By Emmalyn & DJ Hunt

MP3 DOWNLOAD: /> *Please read description first! Hey everyone! I'd always rap this song for my friends and they told me I should cover it so I finally did it! This was just for fun!! I am not a rapper, I love Karmin's version so I decided to cover their cover :) Original cover by Karmin: /> Emmalyn /> /> /> Booking/Contact: [email protected] DJ Hunt /> />

people please, read the description, she said " I am not a rapper, I love Karmin's version so I decided to cover their cover :) " so calm yo self
Tanita M
По мне так эта версия лучше👌
Catalina Desai
In the title she mentions that she is doing a cover of a cover so of course she is copying Karmin because its a COVER!
tek Türk benmi yim laan
это лучше чем Кармин
Her's voice it's even better and sweeter than Karmin's....
Adelyam Abdulaeva
Она хоть дышит???
She's really good but Karmin is just on a whole 'nother level!!!
ой мама ))) какое дыхание )))
Riyan Febriyan
Karmin cover , karmin style
Sarah Ilayda
I can't stop comparing with Karmin. She is the queeeeen!
jay arm
you guys try to make up every excuse in the book to try to make great talented people like her look bad its sad. If anything you should be congratulating her on how awsome that was. She is a great singer and she is probably one person i would like to see make it in the music industry.
Isuru Thilakarathe
awee she's got an amazing voice ;)
Иван Лазарев
0:49 любимый момент
this version trashes karmins version by a lot. Well done u 2 keep it up
better than karmin
Mehmet şengül
you're so sweet  <3 <3 <3 <3
Its alright but I prefer karmins cover
Eskendir Brisembaev
дыхалка пиздец бля RESPEKT
пародия хахах)он даже не играет хаха
fuuuuck the haters. i love this cover, i think she did great!
yuli zuli
"Look at me now" part ist much better as by Karmin, but Karmin is better in rap :D
ripped life
shez better thn karmin
this one is ok but karmin has more soul in what she sings
THAT DUDE IS CREEPY "Lady's Love ME!" I know that's a part of the song
vivi adrn
karmin cover. karmin style😁
bobby andika
Its cover chris brown or cover karmin?
I think we know who's is better. Who is the famous one now.
bu seni hiç alakadar etmez
Özentiğğğğ :D ldgkgöeşd
Austin 3:16
wtf she is amazingly talented or what ? 
OMG. YOU HAVE A really god voice and your re BEAUTIFUL
Appledawrk Pie
You made a cover of a covered song
Sarah x
well done, this is amazing!!! I love it!!
Vanessa Chas
OH MY GOSHH This is awesome!!
melanie melanie
you're even better than Karmin ;)
1:15 прям рванула
Kyma Braithwaite
I like this you did great just like Karmin its clear you both have different styles don't listen to the haters
Drunk Priest
Korey Wimberly
If anyone read the description shes covering Karmins cover so get over it
Blob Ho
karmin kinda feel same instrumental but yeah karmin better. 3million compared to 82million. emmalyn got the looks no doubt but karmin is sheer talent tahts why they much more successful and em had to join a group.
Ramaz Abdelgadir
Your good but karmin still better
Даниил Гейст
One of my favorite video) She's so cute face contorts :3 Wonderfully: 33
Prem Ananth
I Like both of your ""Presentation and Voice".... Superb.....
Bray Zap
She is so damn underrated. Her vocal cover to Drake's "Trust Issues" was nothing less than murdered. Her and Jhene Aiko 2 of the few artists that actually HAVE a voice and bring something unique. Probably the best looking girl too lol. Gotta give huge props to DJ Hunt also, he's so damn smooth , love instrumentals.Scary she's from Canada too...what a coincidence is it not? @Emmalyn Estrada  
Mauro FCS
Amazing, beautiful voice, great backing vocal, congratlations!!!!!!!!!!!!
bleached cigarettes
i feel like when she rapped she went slower than karmin
써니 Sunny
Karmin wins!!!!! <3
Александр Станиславович
красава !!!!
Vodans - Lucas Wittelsbach
beauty version and knows sing of nicki minaj
Imani Williams
She cant beat Karmin though
kOµ Kii
aMazing i lOve ..... Good job <3
Aylin İlhan
adamın sesi çok komik huuuuuuu diyo bee
Mustafa Erdo
that was not good. but you said that you are not a rapper.
оригинал полный атстой! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Boom Bom
you are better than karmin!!:)
سلام الكناني
I like to your good
Wylsacom kazakh
enjoy the music ..
Sam Galang
I want to cover this cover of Karmin's cover :)
Marshall Flike
Better then Karmin's cover
Periwinkle Sugar
Everyone who said she stole this from Karmin is either blind or stupid. She clearly put "read the description" saying that she loved Karmin's version so she decided to do a cover of their cover. What part of doing a cover don't you people get.
Vince Alfred
I'm not saying that any is better because they are both good so yeah 😄
Yasnikov Family
Gulsanem Koshkarbayeva
the best cover ever much more better than karmin
you are the best!!!
bomba olmuş ya başka sitede dinledim youtubeden indirmek için açtım :)
Abigail Abbiea
Wow XD
Екатерина Зелёнко
супер, вот это выдержка!!!!!
Wylsacom kazakh
dj Hunt молодец и Emmalyn
Debora Hassingboe
where is the originality? it's gone
Like miha miha
ябы ей вдул 
When she raps better than nicki minaj lol
Ruslan dddfaafga
а она норм
saahil ade
Awesome... better than the original. ..
Did anyone else notice she was messing up when she was rapping? and DJ Hunt isn't pressing the keys...
Salma Tarek
Karmin is the best ever
Amit Bhavsar
combination of beauty and queen of  rapers
Flora Zeng
U realize DJ hunt's not even pressing down any keys on the piano. Right?
Markus M
omg thats so good!!!! :o I LOVE YOU <3
Tiago Souza
their songs are very good. The Brazil loves you
Toxie Connor
Best version of them all, a hundred times better than the original. I especially like the well-acted facial expression of Emmalyn matching the lyrics. I'm a new fan!!!
Baha Sharipov
i love you i am from in kyrgztan
Mickhael Hutapea
2019?? Iam From indonesia😂😂💃
Shriya Chand
your AMAZING!!!!!
Radrick Shuhart
Absolutely amazing, thank you wery much!
Maria Shik-M
في حدا عربي اوكردي هون يحط لايك 😑😑
Prasad Lakmal
It's 2017, still she's a crush of mine, I love you Emmalyn <3
Daniel Babic
wow..... perfect
Katarina Vujic
This is so good. Replay ! they are the best for me
Kevin Anillo Alvarez
Preciosa mujer, preciosa voz, buen cover¡¡¡¡ (Y) :D
wesley s
cover of Xbrown in the style of karmin lol
Sašenka Roche
This is fuckind cool,you're soo beautiful to! <33
Dason Franc
that s very good work she did over there.. I like 1000* times
dont slate unless you can do better ..
Faissal Arhori
Hi! I love your voice! I think you should perform the song of John Legend - All of me I love this song and I'm sure you'll rock!
Mohammad Sqour
Wow amazing And you are so pretty Marry me ? 😁😁
ivona 032
Wow amazing :D better than original 3
Yahaira O.O
Loved it
jazz Levian
Live this girl