Nigerian Accent

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The best part starts when Omid Djalili enters ;-)

Dank Dex
did this guy take screen shots every second then put them together?
Tunde Aguda
I'm Nigerian and found that quite hilarious, nice try but that wasn't exactly Nigerian accent though ............
As a Nigerian, born and raised. I was waiting to hear the "Nigerian accent" until the video ended. Please, where is it at? Or is there part 2 of this video?
Kenny Eroms
There is nothing like a Nigerian accent, for example a yoruba man's accent is different from that of an hausa man, when you hear an ibo man's accent you won't believe he is from same country with a Benin man, and whereas there are some people with very porch accent in Nigeria you can't even associate with any tribe unless they tell you where they are from, so in essence. Your accent in Nigeria depends on your tribe, city or even the kind of school you went to, so there is nothing like Nigerian accent and honestly I can't associate this man's accent with anyone from Nigeria, nice and hilarious joke by the way :)
Fart Ing
Nigerian accents starts at 7.01
adeshakin adeniyi
As a Nigerian....I thought that was the funniest thing eat I've heard this week. That accent was talent. If you are mad at this then don't make another joke about anyone else's accent, because it's obvious you can't take a joke. The part with the flowery shirts in the winter., had me rolling in laughter!!!
Holy molly what is funny about this. Oyinbo n their dry jokes
this is never a Nigerian accent......please for your life sake dont ever insult our accent...this is not the way we sound you sound horrible trying to copy the Nigerian accent...please ehn i take BaBa God beg you no try am again.
dabo usoekon
it's all jokes... let's chill abeg.... it has nothing to do with being correct... Na wa for una o 😂
Seni Joshua
This is not a Nigerian accent. This is a southern african...zimbabwean, or zambian not Nigerian.
Nanya Attah
Lol! Nigerian accent or not, the guy is funny! Lol! I am Nigerian... But I don't mind , kno why? He's made his point- to make people laugh...Hahahaha! Guess if he had said the accent is from one of the African countries, Nigerians wouldn't have been offended..."Ghanariah?"... Ha ha ha ha!....
Tom H
I feel like I'm watching a slide show
Ali Al-Mahdi
"My fellow amphibians" LOL
Maria Glover
I am Nigerian and i found this absolutely hilarious! He could actually be suffering from Ghanarroea actually, lol!
I'm proudly Nigerian. Nigeria doesn't have one accent. I appreciate the effort, but abeg... Nigeria accent doesn't sound aggressive. Was I the only one not laughing
rename that video to MAN OF MANY ACCENTS
Dela Afari
I did not see the Ghana-rhea part coming :D
Have all you Africans that keep saying his accent doesnt sound right ever stopped to think that THIS is how you sound to non africans? Its comedy, get over yourselves, the guy is a comic genius..
A million views with this frame rate is a huge achievement. Congratulations
padma salam
He is too funny! I laughed my pants off!!!-!!
Taiwo Aminu
many of us should have Know by now that,until you watch a clip From YouTube,you would be wrong to judge a clip from its headings or title.I have seen many headings or titles that does not tally with what i watched.
Teekay T
I laughed till the point he started the Nigerian accent. That was sooo annoying. And what I hate the more is how everyone just laughed. I'm Nigerian but he still sounded silly to me. NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT IN NIGERIA PLS.
Emmanuel Osei
lol Nigerians running away from their accents. Come on be truthful. At some points he sounded Nigerian, the trafgic warden part epecially. And to the Nigerians saying it sounded Ghanaian, are you kidding me? It's Nigerians that pronounce blood as blord, doctor as doct), Bus as Boss etc It's your accent, accept it in good faith. And it sounds great when your musicians sing with it. This is just comedy.
Okechukwu Onyilimba
Guy is so funny The Nigerian part was the funniest of all for me even though I'm Nigerian. It sort of shows how funny white people think Nigerians are in terms of how they speak their own English. I guess Nigerian accent is funny to white people.
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
Lmao ,strange that all the complaints are from the Afriacns angry because he made fun of their accent even though they know they had an accent .They forgot that he first started by making fun of his religion and his community .SO LEARN TO CHILL PPLES.
Ariyo love
I'm Nigerian and I just thought this was amazing and on point!!
alex g
6 fps WOW
ndukwulueze chukwuebuka
...not even close to any of d numerous Nigerian accents.
Enoch Bodza
He just had to bring Ghana into this mess
*Ghana rea* 😂😂😂
Oluwatomi Ajayi
Very funny... But that's not a Nigerian accent I'm afraid, something East African I'd wager, definitely not Nigerian... But funny all the same. Loved this guy from "The Mummy"
Sherry Kurah
That is not a Nigerian accent... He's quite funny tho.
Happiness, Etc
I am Nigerian, he sounds like a Nigerian, Do not take life too serious, It is a joke.
Afriacanotacountry Noit
all Nigerians don't speak the same depends on which tribe you came from that will determine how u spoke English or were you lived in nigeria
Moyo Ogunremi
Still waiting to hear the Nigerian accent????
Ariyibi Moses
Am a nigerian .but if u want to hear a 'Nigerian accent' listen to our comedian like AY BASKETMOUTH
Adeola A
That was the best Nigerian accent ever😕😕 Gold star 🌟🌟🌟😕😕
John Smith
Omid Djalili is awesome lol I couldn't stop laughing.
Chidi Nwosu
I have never heard a Nigerian talk like that. And I'm a Nigerian
zaia blue
did you film this with your shoe?
feggy Mola
I came here for the Nigerian accent
Jian-Min Zhèng
Hey Africans.. Why are u all pissed off about this guy not getting the Nigerian accent right? Of course he won't sound exactly the same cos he's not a Nigerian. Why you guys doesn't know what humour is?
Giorgi Ostatishvili
Oh nice 3,5 FPS ...
You can't judge an accent when you are part of the people who use it.
Clint Aribs
That is Ghanaian accent not Nigerian
Joshua Ade
Nigeria has houndreds of languages, and that means different English accents. He doesn't even sound like any Nigeria accent have heard as a Nigerian myself. Nice joke anyway.
Addy Flower
There is no single 'Nigerian' accent. There are more than 200 languages and dialects spoken in Nigeria so there's a plethora of accents to be heard from Nigerians. I certainly do not speak that way and I was born and raised in Nigeria. Nice try though. Funny!
Oswald Omole
King Yahshua
Sounds Ethiopian to me lol
Sadik Meah
That is a poor Nigerian accent. Shocking tbh
jeremie kalimba
The president of Kenya was Mwai Kibaki not "Wacky Backy"
He tried y'all, he tried...
Now you know why they used to call movies, "Moving Pictures".
Mária Kamara
That's not Nigerian accent, no offence.
Dog Heart
LOL  That's not Nigerian accent... hahahaha
Vee B
Doesn't sound like a Nigerian accent to me!
Anna Mugambi
Sigh. MWAI KIBAKI. The Kenyan president's name was MWAI KIBAKI not whatever you just said.
Halimah mamidu
Not even a Nigeria accent
Sonachi Hansson
His Nigerian accent was very inaccurate he should stick to his own Iranian one
Debbie A
lol I won't lie, he got some parts
Fufu Things
ghana"ria" lol Nigeria and Ghana seem like foes but we honestly love one another to death 😂😂😂
Kay Dufu
Those people who are saying that Ghanaians talk like that, you're wrong. It is possibly even closer to the Nigerian accent than Ghanaian.
Martin Basler
Shite....Nigerians don't sound like this.
Moyinoluwa Fasanmi
boo.... that is not Nigerian accent
Lazarus Masoga
there aint any nigerian accent in this video
Jamayla louise
Friggen racist,so know all Nigerians shout when they talk ⁉️
from what event is this clip? coz the video is really bad
Tito Ebeniro
this is so not Nigerian.....sounds east African tbh....
Kingsley Tokan
lol this does not and never sounded like any Nigerian accent, and for crying out loud!! Nigeria don't have one accent please. This sound like Ghana and Ivory coast. Please change the subject head, its never a Nigerian accent, not even for a comedian that has never even stepped his foot on Nigerian soil before, how much more. He used same accent on the movie "THE MUMMY" (aaaaah kpaaafandaa). so its definitely his own accent lol.
you sound more Kenyan actually not Nigerian... good try though.. hehehehe
Not near Nigerian accent. People think that all African accents are Nigerian.
Thomas Ray
6:50 if that helps;)
Mickey Leigh
thats the same dude in the mummy movie?
Chinedu Omalu
Uncle. This is not a Nigerian accent at all. It's not even close!!!
Nav Hus
Trust me that sounds Nigerian
Ipaye Olawale Wareez
Good attempt but this is nothing like a Nigerian accent.... If you must know Nigeria is made up of multi ethnic groups.... so accents vary from Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa tribes
Hamza Danlami Yusuf
Nowhere near a Nigerian accent. More Ghanaian tho.
Victor Love
shut the hell up this is not Nigerian accent.. but funny sha
Atul T
fucking hilarious!!
Okey Ekechi
That was not a Nigerian accent at all, Zimbabwe, Zambia certainly not Nigeria.. Do your research Bro,
I am Nigeria i will give him 5 out of 10 he gave it a try
Ike Chukwu
Mr lecturer kenny eroms when you are in nigeria and a nigerian you can talk about hausa and yoruba accent but to a different national what they see is your country not your its nigeria accent and he does sound abit nigerian and was very funny
Princess chenge
He tried 😂😂's hilarious but that's not close to any one of the many Nigerian accents
That guy is being sarcastic...that aint Naija accent abeg.. you sounded so constipated..
John Okoh
It could easily pass for a South African accent, definitely not a Nigerian accent. Nice Job though.
Benson Mark Akinkugbe
hehehehehe.. he's funny .. oh yeah
Edwin Wanjohi
Hah!! Shots to us Kenyans. We do love our weed though.
Michael Anyim
well if they want to make jokes about accent, I hope they can take a joke too because Nigerian comedian are very good at this. as a matter of fact this. is their area of specializations. am sure they cant. lol..
Marcia Lilly
This guy made my day. He sounded like those Nigerians found in Hillbrow, South Africa. They talk in that fashion. Lol
i thought my pc had a virus..damn the framerate
It's Mwai Kibaki (Kenyan President)...not Waki Baki!
So doge wow
bruh its lagging
Omg lagger noob uninstall game
Israel Lukan
that is not a nigerian accent it sounds more ghanaian.
Peace Longe
Ghana+Nigeria would make more sense. Side note: the recording / video....... whatever is terrible
jimmy ofremu
this is not Nigerian accent
Funmilayo Abodunrin
ghanaria (Ghana + Nigeria) makes perfect