14 Strange Ways of Life the Ancient Egyptians Practiced

We often think that we are completely different from ancient people, but archaeology shows that we are quite wrong. Here is a list of 14 unbelievable facts about the life of ancient Egyptians. TIMESTAMPS The invented written language 0:49 They invented tables 1:19 They invented wigs 1:38 They extracted iron from meteorites 2:14 They invented toothpaste 2:51 They used breath mints 3:53 They used antibiotics in the treatment 4:26 They invented eye makeup 5:02 They formed the world’s first police 5:24 They invented the calendar 6:15 They were the first to produce beer 7:12 They used door locks 7:40 They played bowling 8:11 They treated eyes 8:48 SUMMARY - The Egyptians used pictograms, which simply depicted words. Later they added characters that looked a lot like modern alphabets, which helped them to write down some abstract ideas. - Before the Egyptians, there were no tables (as far as we know). So, they made this simple piece of furniture to keep the food off the ground and also for gaming purposes. - Because of really hot climate, most Egyptians (at least, men) shaved their heads. That’s why when you watch a movie about ancient Egypt, most men are bald. However, some people wanted to have some kind of hair on their heads. So, when they felt like it, they used wigs. - Archaeologists found metal beads in an ancient Egyptian tomb. In 1911 nine pretty small beads were found in the north of Egypt. But why were these beads so unique? The thing is, the Egyptians started to smelt iron only 2 thousand years later. - they invented one of the first versions of toothpaste. It consisted of ashes, burnt eggshells, and ox hooves. Archaeologists even managed to find some guides on how to mix these ingredients to make the right paste. - Scientists examined mummies and found severely worn out teeth even in young people. So, to do something about the unpleasant smells from the mouth, they invented the first mints. They used myrrh and cinnamon, they boiled them with honey and made some kind of pellets. - The Egyptians kind of invented antibiotics way before the 20th century, but it looks like they didn’t know it. They used moldy flatbread to cure festering wounds. They fermented something that looked like porridge that had very high levels of tetracycline which we know as an antibiotic. - Both men and women in Egypt wore makeup. And it was a symbol of nobility. The more makeup you had, the higher your social status was. - The world’s first police were formed during the Middle Kingdom period (years 2050-1800 BC). It included the most loyal warriors and foreign mercenaries. The Egyptian policemen didn’t have guns or cool badges, but they were armed with staffs and accompanied by dogs and trained monkeys. - If the missed that day, all the harvest was at risk, so the Egyptians designed a system to be able to know which season it was. They had three seasons in a year: inundation, growing, and harvest. Each season consisted of four months, and each month had 30 days. - You might have heard that the workers who built the pyramids were paid with 4-5 liter of beer a day. - The ancient Egyptians possessed accurate medical knowledge that could be compared to modern practices. Scientists who examined mummies found traces of some truly challenging operations: heart bypass surgery, organ transplantation, and even plastic surgeries. - Door locks were created in Egypt and China, probably because such devices were needed. The more neighbors you have, the more reasons to lock your door. The mechanisms of the locks were quite simple: there were special pins inside that didn’t let anyone open the door without the key. - In one ancient settlement near Cairo, archaeologists found a playroom going back to 3200 BC with carved lanes and balls of various sizes for fingers. The rules were a little bit different from the modern bowling we all are used to. - Eye infection was a common disease among the Egyptians. They used various methods of treatment: they used bactericidal paint and remedies made of… human brains. Subscribe to Bright Side : /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: />Instagram: /> SMART Youtube: /> 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: /> Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: /> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Jenny Klindt
About wigs he said :" the gross part - it was made from human hair!" isn't that exactly what higher priced wigs are from today?
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All these ideas were stolen from Egypt... and later said to be patterned in Europe and US🤔🤫🤭....
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Uhm... Egyptian mythology fans? Anyone? Just me?
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The Egyptians were really ahead of their time. ⌚👏👀
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How is it gross to have a wig made of human hair? Humans donate hair all the time for cancer patients to use...
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Their discovery is more truthful than Columbus discovering the Americas
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Today, we do not understand the mechanism of action of most drugs. But we still use them because they work. So.... yeah, if you discover moldy flat bread cures staph infections, you deserve some credit for that.
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Egyptians were way ahead of other peoples at the time. One other thing the Egyptians invented was toilet paper!
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3:19: The Egyptians made the first kind of toothpaste! They were made of ashes, burnt egg shells, and ox hooves. Me: how come we have so many ingredients for toothpaste today?
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It's quite widely proven and excepted the Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform writing predates ancient dynastic Egyptians by almost a couple thousand years.
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In ancient Egypt,i read they were really ahead of their time concerning medical care that royalty from all over the world would request physicians from Egypt.They were really smart
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These small things you mentioned compared to the monumental marvels they invented is astonishing. Great job, this channel is clueless 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤯
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Egyptians also invented an early form of Sunblock, it was made of a mix of inorganic clays, oil and mineral powders as well as various plant extracts that are still in use today. No idea how effective it was, as a few of their early to late age mummies showed skeletal malformations that are characteristic of Gorlin's Syndrome. Or to give it it's common name: Nevoid basal-cell carcinoma syndrome
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*Suddenly bowing down to the Ancient Egyptians*
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its really saddening how advanced ancient egypt was to middle ages :(
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When i was like 4 or 5 or 6 I always thought that there was one country that has five extra days when there's an new year btw I also thought April is the new year
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I am actally from egypt and they dont do these things anymore 🐪🇪🇬and that was the flag
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Yes, you can discover something without knowing. Christopher Columbus.
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Iron from the sky.. They knew this particulair rock came out of space.. How?
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I am literally OBSESSED with Ancient Egypt
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Sindhu ghaati from INDIA is better than Egypt when other people started to talk . in India they have made that much progress which no can even think in that time
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the true fathers of medicine are Egyptian's
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I'm from Egypt
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King tut was 9 years old when he became king of egypt
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Why would it be gross they made wigs from actual human hair? People wear hair extensions made from 100% real human hair all the time. I have a bunch of sets myself... Not very gross.
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They get the brain from the deceased people.
At 4:57 The clouds go behind the sun, No wonder It's so hot in Egypt.
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The Egyptian ppl were very smart
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the most surprising fact is they made a TOOTHPASTE👍👏
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"Is it really a discovery when you don't know what you discovered?" Idk ask Christopher Columbus.
I knew everything because i am from egypt
Until now I haven't found this comment in Arabic which says "like if you're from Egypt" Alhamdullah よかった ^^
I thought cuneiform writing was older and invented by Summerians.
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That eye drop recipe sounds frightening. Made of human brain.
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Missleading title. It is not the strange way of life of Egyptions, but reather what they did before us: invented table, care about teeth, use iron...
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Wasn't the calendar invented by the Aztecs?
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Walk like an Egyptian!!
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They're really smart to invent a lot of things
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The ancient egyptians actually took brain's out of the nose before mummification
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Why is human hair wigs gross, did it come with the scalp or something?
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All egyptians were bald because of hygiene reasons
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They invented everything. Back then others traveled to ancient Kemet (Egypt) to attend their university
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Before the Egyptians there were no tables, *Harappa and muhan Jo daro - table, dice, cart, pots, musical instruments and so many other things were made during that time period*
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I thought this was supposed to be "strange ways of life the Egyptians practiced" not "things the Egyptians supposedly invented"
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Is any of this true?
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Great video. Maybe change the title to Egyptian Discoveries? Not really seeing how anything here is "strange". Thank you so much. My students loved it. :)
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The Egyptians we're known for the "egg oven" - an incubator.
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2:04 - As far as I know, the very best wigs are still made of human hair to this day. 8:55 - I'll bet those eyeliners made of malachite and other weird stuff had a lot to do with the eye infections!
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Read wilber Smith to get a great view of Egypt. He does a great period stories. River God, warlock, ECT. Give him a try.
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I'm from Egypt give a like if you too
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Well ancient Egyptians invented everything we used today like makeup police tables wigs whatever else
They shaved their heads because of bugs
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Is it really a discovery when u don’t know what u discovered Ofcorse it is if I found a way on how to loose weight in 10 seconds and it worked perfectly I discovered it
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Wrong. Lice was the reason for Egyptians shaving their heads not because they were hot.
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I don't believe that they ate food with sand in it... these people were highly intelligent.
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"Is it really a discovery if you dont know what you discovered" Columbus thought he landed in Japan, or some other east asian island
The Egyptians removed the brain from all during the mummified process.
1:48 person:just watching a movie in egyptian times.......we also ivented movie projectors(sarcasm)
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6:21 John Doe is a Roblox hacker
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Actually BOTH genders, adults and children, shaved all their body hair to prevent lice and fleas. It didn't have much to do with the heat.
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I am Egyption and I have no idea that ancient Egypt was like thst
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I say yes they discovered it. They don’t have to have a scientific name to understand that it heals. 👀
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The Sumerians invented written language over a thousand years before Egyptians. You need to correct your information.
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As per me..while doing mummification they took out organs inside the human body and stuffed it with special kind of salt..thats from where the human brain came for those remedies
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