Nekromantik 2 Original Trailer (Jörg Buttgereit, 1991)

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Order your copy now: THE RETURN OF THE LOVING DEAD Monika isn’t like other young women. She shares her small flat with Rob, a recently disinterred corpse which serves as the object of her affections. But then she meets good-natured Mark, and soon finds herself torn between the prospect of a ‘normal’ life with a living, breathing partner and her overwhelming desire for her rotting bed-fellow. Once prosecuted in its native Germany for “glorifying violence”, Jörg Buttgereit’s follow-up to his ground-breaking Nekromantik is just as shocking as its reputation would suggest. But it’s also a profoundly moving (if decidedly twisted) love story, and a thought provoking meditation on the nature of life and death. Follow us on Twitter: />Like us on Facebook: Follows us on Instagram:

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