Onyx & Biohazard - Slam

The long sought after video featuring the crossover hardcore group Biohazard with Onyx performing "SLAM"

Hardcore Rap

I found out about this song from Beavis and Butt-Head.
Shitty Tits
Ebony and Ivory never sounded so good!
Byron Motley
My ONLY regret about this video...I could NOT turn the volume LOUDER!
lol that moshpit looked turnt
Marty Mar
I always said that music would play a huge roll in finally having racial harmony. Take this video for example.
Melissa Miller
i loved this song when it first came out in 94 (i was 20 years old) still lovein it in 2016. SLAM!
sam hamdan
Jeremiah Pinkard
Love this shit. Have Ya'll checked out the new Onyx, Against All Authorities? It's the shite.
DeeAnna Lyn
Ahh this song reminds me of High School. Thanks
Biohazard rule.....ah shit...I'm old.
phil saintdemon
Jason carper
now that's what I call music
Willians Alves
Hardcore + Rap = pesado ao extremo
Tim Petty
my favorite album of all time. The judgement night soundtrack. I think it set a precedence, wish there was more like it.
When hip hop and hardcore began to mesh it was a beautiful thing..for music and American 'culture'....and then the industry got a sniff of it and made Rage Against the Machine  ....but they were still a lil' too dangerous & influential on impressionable minds so they made Limp Bizkit and popularized P.O.D. thus making a mockery of rap/rock & deeming it a joke among popular opinion.......& then began dividing races all over again....so think again if you don't believe the american govt. doesn't have control of what they allow you to hear on the radio
Troy IsAroundMyWay
The original is way better. Still dope tho
da duh duh
Hardcore started in DC actually(Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Teen Idles etc.) But yes, South Bronx is definitely the birthplace of hip-hop (Kool Herc).
Jakub Śledziewski
better then original SLAM by ONYX
A. Bunoski
Noduloj M
Heard this for like a minute on a hockey game on tv and it surprisingly meshed well :P
The true rap/rock mesh. Off the hook and then some
joseph surant
wow that was complete shit, the music during the verse if you call it that
Mark Jacobs
Our Country was Great and we all got along until Barrack came into Our Lives and Divided Everyone !
When worlds collide, the best of both worlds are prominently displayed. In short, this kicks ass.
Too bad these guys never got together to do a whole project.
Jeff w
ya ya..SLAM
Sean James
Biohazard & Onyx: Killer team!!!
Mya The Bee
Seph Angelo
The best of pre-1996 music.
Hipster Black Metal
honestly this was biohazard's weakest riffs. I would like to cover this shit but add some slam death metal elements. Crunchy downtuned groovy slams, some double bass, a bass drop. chop and screw it all.
thethcman 2
このVer.に映像があったなんて! 大好きだったんだよこのVer.!!
good lord! no wonder people think blacks are terrifying
Matt Osnap
This was a great time
Hip Hop and Metal Guitars are like .... Putin making love to Trump ! x D
l j
This is equality
craig strachan
finally got a copy of this on cd. they did an Icon cd of ONYX with this track on it. finally can bump this shit and mosh to it like it should be done.
TITAN-UP Productions, LLC
Mason' Andrus
SLAM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brad Price
you will LOVE eminem's new song survival.
:D me too!
None of that "young money" bullshit! SLAM!
1990's When music was raw! R.I.P
One of my favorite calabos!
This shoud've been the Moesha theme song
It's even more amazing that he is jewish... when you think about a hardcore musician playing a biker in one of the most violent tv series ever, and on the top of that married to a porn star, you dont think: 'Probably jewish' right away. Funny and interesting dude.
Classic latent homosexual redirection.
Not what you're momma said when I "Slammed" my cock down her throat junior. Dada Dadadaaa
So, uh, you're gay right? That's why you have all the pent up anger I think.
It's kind of amazing to think that the guy who used to hang out (and work security sometimes if memory serves) at L'amour in Brooklyn in the 80's went on to lead a pretty successful metal band, play a regular role on a controversial t.v. show (Oz) and marry the most successful porn star at the time (Tera Patrick).
You mean the guy who's so G he spent years getting bitched out by fat Vic Mackey on tv?
i just got a japanese ad....not sure if i should be amazed or angry
your welcome
Chris Stf
thanx :)
I believe it was 1993
austin buttels
sunset park
who the fuck care,its just awsome and takes me back to the days when we used to SLAMMMMM!!!!
man you seriously need to get real. why would anybody want to cut anybody up? get real hombre.
im from south bx 168th n prospect bands like billy club sandwhich, & irate also straight out the bx as well
Biohazard is from Brooklyn, Onyx is from an all black neighborhood in Jamaica. NY, yes, not "same hoods". Onyx will slice and dice these temporary wiggers. Good for Biohazard, nothing happened.
hardcore and hip hop both born from the streets of NY. from the same hoods so whats ya beef?
Chris Stf
thanx :)
Back in the dayz we used to ..SLAM!
Sticky Fingaz too sick.
A Chaps
Hudduduhh, Hudduduh! This video has MAD energy!
turntable c
1992 maybe i remember this was on the other side of the cassette single from the orininal slam
james dryb
You my youtube friend are wut us boyz call Ignant.
Nate Ciccotelli
I wanna do that all the time anyway...this song just makes it harder not to
Chris Stf
Year ???? 1990? 1991 ?
This makes me want to drive too fast and punch parking enforcement officers.
El Go
yeeeah and at 0:14 there's some sound going along with the guitar that i thought was butthead laughing when i watched the shorts on B&B...apparently it's in the video O.o
Jacek Pietrzycki
biedrona hardcor biedrona
Oscar Vestdijk
tatada tatada
I wonder if the guys in Biohazard were intimidated by Onyx? Fingaz and the rest would cut those white boys' throats in a whim. Glad nothing went down.
Lynton Tabb
ME 2!
Immortal Technique fuckin rules. Jedi MInd Tricks and Ill Bill/Necro too
noah pumphrey
this shit goes hard. fuck anybody who doesnt think so. and anyone who trys to get smart with this post, dont, ill fuck your day up.
Anthony Thornton
this song is fucking awesome man.. Damn there has to be more music liek this.. everyone comes together this shit goes hard!
Way ahead of its time, this video. The music, the style, the tattoos, piercings, attitudes, lyrics -- 20 years ahead of its time. That's how fucking incredibly talented Biohazard & Onyx were.
Colquitt Brett
Glassjaw is shit. You should be ashamed. Immortal Technique is dope as fuck though.
Colquitt Brett
There was a hard rock band named Onyx on MTV a couple years before this show where they filmed the live parts. Standing there outside the show, 4 bald headed black guys hop out of the van with Onyx vests. And they were great. Wish I had seen them again.
Tommi Henriksen
remember when I could wear a BACDAFUCUP hoody and Urban Discipline shorts in the pit... ah youth.
Same here, I'd heard the album version earlier, but first heard this 'Bionix' on Beavis & Buthead also. It's much better than the album version.
Demonic Refusal
Dominick DelliPaoli
Butt SLAM!!! DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH Let the boys be girls!
Great video :) Personally I would like to see something real different like Immortal Technique + Glassjaw
You can go there and punch someone in the fucking face and it would be normal and OK. I really miss the 90s.
Bring back 1993 I love the 4 rifts I wish there was more rap and metal mixing these days as rap music is now just mainstream shit also ONYX and BioHazrad should have done morre songs as this and judgement night kiss ass
Jay Kenny
trash talk and odd future are the new onyx and biohazard
Anyone else think Evan from Biohazard looks like Lemmy in this Video? lol
michael wright
fuckin fuck oh fuck wow i think I just came in my Pajamas
Watching this is always weird seeing Evan with long hair.
As awesome as I remember this being, it still doesn't hold a candle to the original.
Did I see Jason Narvy in this video?