DJ Screw - June 27

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The famous 35 minute freestyle session to celebrate Demo's birthday.

Captured ByKen
Justin Jackson
June 27, 2018 Who's bumping this shit today mane
Jose Cruz
Who actually jams to the whole track? Cuz I do💯 🎛️🔩🍇🍼
Jimmy Olan
Today is June 27th , 2018 in Houston Texas. R.i.p. Dj Screw , Pimp C , Fat Pat , H.A.W.K. , Big Moe , Mr. 3-2 , Big Mello , Wickett Da Crickett & all the rappers not named 🙏😔
I'm from San Antonio Texas and moved to British Columbia, Canada recently. I'll always represent Texas Hip Hop.
Raed hammad
Arab man jammin screwin in the middle East
June 27 , 2018 Who here ? 🍇
I'm in Brooklyn NY blasting this in the subway 😂 TX baby
chrissy wp
To be born and raised in Houston and a teenager during the 90s 😏🤘 some will never know
2017 Still bumping this, forever..Dead End Tx
Dawid Benderski
I'm bangin' Screw in Poland right now
Nique ABN
*Y'all know what today is..June 27th🤑*
Yesenia H
June 27, 2018 who's here??
Peaxut G
them 2k dislikes r those who pour milk befor they cereal
أبو الليل
Im from saudi arabia i smoke big blunt to this shyt mayne RIP Dj Screw
im at ihob eating some breakfast and some yams
Natasha Campos
JUNE 27TH TeXaS HoliDaY..... DJ Screw – real name, Robert Davis Jr. – was a key figure in Houston hip hop in the 1990s and was the creator of the still popular chopped and screwed DJ technique. Despite what your poser friend might try to tell you, the date doesn't commemorate DJ Screw's birthday (July 20) or the day the Houston hip hop legend died (Nov. 16, 2000), it is simply the name of the most famous freestyle in the city's history – yes, more than Z-Ro's Mo City Don Freestyle, although that should be memorized in full for you to become an official TeXaS representer. Still to this day I freestyle to that beat at my shows, every show," Houston rapper Lil Flip said. "When that beat comes on, like when I put it on, the crowd just goes crazy. I end every show freestyling to that beat, man. It's a soundtrack to the Houston streets." How ingrained is June 27 in Houston culture? Twenty Two years after it was recorded, you can hear a handful of high school bands play the tune during high school football games on Friday nights. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU BEEN SCREWED???
whos still here in 2018 ?
linguine lieutenant
this is the original vaporwave
Kris Garcia
Mexicans jamming to screw😎
I know you sippin karo wit dem fake ass trus
Rip to all the Houston legends
Cameron Rison
Happy June to all the fallen soldiers.
Rene Reyes
June 27 2018 still reppin hard RIP SCREW
Marcio J.M.P
RIP Screw Máximo respeito Brasil
HTown Happy Birthday today!!!
Frank Rivera
Y’all know what day it is!!! #June27 Represent!!
Barbas Hernandez
Who still bumbin this in 2020? 😂
im from Cali i was always fascinated by houston rap i even did a presentation on chopped and screwed in college nobody knew about it got an A tho lol
June 27, 2018 where y'all at
Jason Trejo
June 27th time for some ⛽️💨, and 🍇
James Shimer
Bless up king DJ screw, ,u still alive in us,rosecity Tyler east TX.,bless up king for keeping this screw alive bless up for posting this on u tube.
Bgd Fromtheblock
Happy birthday DeMo june27th 2018 SBC IE909
Bader Alajaji
To those saying if you ain't from TX you won't get it, I'm from Saudi, and I bumped this song every single day straight for a full year. I always think what a shame it is that Screw didn't live to see his impact. RIP Legend.
Madara Uchiha
RIP DJ Screw much love from Japan🇯🇵🏯
medina 04
June 27th 2018 R.I.P screw
Tamiko Daniels
DJ Screw and Big Moe rip missed
That time of year again folks!
Jason Avina
2018 still bumping
ugly devon
just woke up eating breakfast asking why..... thats a line that make u say damn.....
Christian R
RIP SCREW - Travis scott
JD for THR33
only Texas people fully understand this music...
Charlie Mendoza
Rip to u big homie
Mike Smyth
Rest In Peace on this June 27th. Listening to the entire 30 minute flow, lighting up and sipping in your memory
Issa W
Jammin screw from NJ to WV, TX and VA. Only a few people truly appreciate this music.
When I was 11 my sister drove us 4 hours to Houston just to get an Autograph from Screw lol R.I.P
Mic Luna
Legendary $crewed Up Click 🤘 bangin this from now til infinity🔩
Sterling Witherspoon
2018 original 5th Ward 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Happy June 27th, 2018 everyone!
DeadSpot Kee
Who's here jammin on this June 27th?
Str8Souf Soundz
Mike Dean 100
Ya´ll Don't know bout that Texas
comanche raider
Miss you Screw #2018 LEAN IN PEACE #SCREWSTON
guy smith
Rip to the legendary dj screw rip to big moe big hawk and fat pat
Christopher Pickering
June 27th 2018 who jamming to him today?
Samantha West
Heyyyyyy.....Arlington to Houston love ya fam
Brian Robinson
Checking in June 27 2018
Aaron Connolly
Listening from Republic of Ireland.
Jayden Wicab
June 27th 2018
Deranged Łøçø
*whenever i’m not feeling at home, i just play this and relax*
Frosty 406
6.5 million views. The king still reigns. Rip DJ Screw.
I bet this whole chat chill asf
Svn Okklt
Hope all the Houston heads are alright after Hurricane Harvey. Coming back to this video weekly, always got this on rotation. Peace to everyone out there, we all got Houston on our minds. Be safe.
Natasha Campos
June 27th 2018. Gone but never 4gotten. 🍼🍇🎹🎤💿🍼🍇🎹🎤💿
Sir Gomez
1 Time for the 2018. On this day, SCREW Grew.
Juan Peña
June 27, 2018 Nothing but that Texas love
Mlg Quickscoper
Dj screw still lives through his music
im a huge metalhead from texas.   i listen to the most obnoxious guitar driven screaming music but man do i love this stuff!!!  i can do this freestyle word for word.  seriously.   i love me my dj screw.  in fact i cant listen to 2pacs high til i die regular because i only really know the dj screw version!!
Kevin Hendrix
Hell yeah Texas county rap tunes....Texas has the best music
Vinvin Mccalpine
its june 27th and tomorrow is my bday so yall know how i feel about this song
I rUn 4 FuN
Legendary 🔥🔥
Jude Lacroix
Not just Texas I'm in the dirty south
Mark Arizmendez
they counted us out back than, now our culture is the most stolen
Tex mex
One time for your mind..
Happy birthday d-moe June 27th 🔥🔥🔥
Germaine Broussard
All verses went hard but Pokey killed it with Moe singing .
Mark NealJr
Still jamming screw 6/27/18 RIP screw, moe, hawk and more.
Amanda R
This will never get old...Tx is where im from 💯🙌🙌🙌
B Elite Weight Management
Long Live Screw!
Working at my 9-5 office job bumping my head to this.
Happy birthday DJ Screw!
marco castillo
SpaceX Roadster should have chose this song not David Bowie space oddity smh
Ram Martin
June 27th is my birthday wanted to know if DJ screw died in November, what is the meaning of June 27th then
geemo 24
June 27 TG for life
2018 still jamming to you dj screw
I remember bumpin dj screw and swisha house in Florida after moving there in like early 2000 from San Antonio Texas they was like ur battery's on ur cd player is dieing hahaha I was like nah nikka that's how it is love that screwed up shit
Ricky Williams
Southside baby!!! better nun otha
Joel Villarreal
Sip codeine "big moe"
Julius Burchett
Ric Righteous
Shout out Screwston!
jack dugger
Play back speed 1.25 trust
Diana Silva
june 27 2018
Joe Dean
June 27, 2018
Donnie Brasco
big pokey had the hardest verse hands down!!!
Drippy Glo
June 27 , 2018
Future’s retarded cousin
*Thank you Travis Scott for dedicating a song to him. Without you I wouldn’t have discovered this legendary shit🔥*