DJ Screw - June 27

The famous 35 minute freestyle session to celebrate Demo's birthday.

أبو الليل
Im from saudi arabia i smoke big blunt to this shyt mayne RIP Dj Screw
Barbas Hernandez
Who still bumbin this in 2020? 😂
Dawid Benderski
I'm bangin' Screw in Poland right now
Dom Ubias
I’m stationed out in California, no music compares to screwheads always reppin Texas out there
Big toe Baby
My mom Actually made a cake for him because she was a great cake artist he reached out to her and she went to Houston to make a cake for him I only remember a little bit because I was five but that was the first time seeing someone famous in my life.
If you not from Texas you just can't understand this shit, this is a national holiday here lol
Madara Uchiha
RIP DJ Screw much love from Japan🇯🇵🏯
Artur Yumaev
Much love to Screw from Russia
j rey
2019 still goin hard. rip screw
Kevin Hendrix
Hell yeah Texas county rap tunes....Texas has the best music
Captured ByKen
Jacob Morales
14:50 paul wall got his hook from sitting sideways.
Germaine Broussard
All verses went hard but Pokey killed it with Moe singing .
Natasha Campos
JUNE 27TH TeXaS HoliDaY..... DJ Screw – real name, Robert Davis Jr. – was a key figure in Houston hip hop in the 1990s and was the creator of the still popular chopped and screwed DJ technique. Despite what your poser friend might try to tell you, the date doesn't commemorate DJ Screw's birthday (July 20) or the day the Houston hip hop legend died (Nov. 16, 2000), it is simply the name of the most famous freestyle in the city's history – yes, more than Z-Ro's Mo City Don Freestyle, although that should be memorized in full for you to become an official TeXaS representer. Still to this day I freestyle to that beat at my shows, every show," Houston rapper Lil Flip said. "When that beat comes on, like when I put it on, the crowd just goes crazy. I end every show freestyling to that beat, man. It's a soundtrack to the Houston streets." How ingrained is June 27 in Houston culture? Twenty Two years after it was recorded, you can hear a handful of high school bands play the tune during high school football games on Friday nights. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU BEEN SCREWED???
Deranged Łøçø
*whenever i’m not feeling at home, i just play this and relax*
Jimmy Olan
Today is June 27th , 2018 in Houston Texas. R.i.p. Dj Screw , Pimp C , Fat Pat , H.A.W.K. , Big Moe , Mr. 3-2 , Big Mello , Wickett Da Crickett & all the rappers not named 🙏😔
Matthew Mitchell
Everyone from Htown plays this on june 27th every year
Yesi Love
June 27, 2018 who's here??
2tone 2real
Back when freestyle was actually off top 🤯
Jets Set 5.0
2023? Dallas to Houston. Texas represent !!!
Nancy Campos
This is all i jam to Screwhead all day ... southside of houston texas!!!.... Fuckk these new wanna be rappers
Frosty 406
6.5 million views. The king still reigns. Rip DJ Screw.
Marcio J.M.P
RIP Screw Máximo respeito Brasil
Isaac Pena
Corpus Christi in this, 2019* RIP all the south side legends already 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Vick Artiga
Shyt 2019 still bangin cuzzo ahhh already
Jose Segovia
Banging screw in my service van turning heads.... El Pa$o TXz
RageTube TV
H town stand tf up mane 🤘🍇
Working at my 9-5 office job bumping my head to this.
Mike Dean 100
Ya´ll Don't know bout that Texas
JD for THR33
only Texas people fully understand this music...
Cowboys 4life
Mane makes me ready to hit the Kappa Beach Party!!!! Memories
2019 and still reppin Texas screwed up till the day I die
Derek A. B.
2019 ! And still love this !
Jesse Joe Wilson
Big Moe Bird Demo Key-C Yungstar Big Pokey K-Love Haircut Joe Yungstar (Again) Key-C (Again) till the end but this not the all the way full version where Key-C finished the beat till end and wrapped it.
Justin Jackson
June 27, 2018 Who's bumping this shit today mane
Jeremy Johnson
2019 & still bangin' DJ Screw! #holdupmayneee
Jonathan Fuentes
Tamiko Daniels
DJ Screw and Big Moe rip missed
M latrubbey
Bumpin this in 2019, West Auckland, New Zealand... RIP DJ Srew
im from Cali i was always fascinated by houston rap i even did a presentation on chopped and screwed in college nobody knew about it got an A tho lol
Leon Rot
R.I.P. from germany :( R.I.P. aus Deutschland :(
Clash Peter Lord
2019!!!! Im lit AF!!!!
Omar S
From 92 to 19 first blunt and today my first packwoods 45..maann!!!
2019 mane hold up!!!
Raed hammad
Arab man jammin screwin in the middle East
Samantha West
Heyyyyyy.....Arlington to Houston love ya fam
Long Live Screw!
Ivan Velazquez
Mr. Castillo
Still Playing this in 2019 like it’s the first day long live screw
Charlie Mendoza
Rip to u big homie
Matthew Dean
June 27th 2018 straight out the 409 RIP DJ Screw
Jude Lacroix
Not just Texas I'm in the dirty south
Grant Boyer
bruh this my birthday
When I was 11 my sister drove us 4 hours to Houston just to get an Autograph from Screw lol R.I.P
Happy June 27th 🔩💜
Email Account
bumping this forever RIP Screw
Ray Symon3
I done came threw after every boyz fllooow 30:57 ‼️😂🤣😂
No fkn way i neva knew drake was sampling this. Rip screw
I'm from San Antonio Texas and moved to British Columbia, Canada recently. I'll always represent Texas Hip Hop.
no u
December -10- 2018 -4:53pm 4 32oz beers
Mark NealJr
Still jamming screw 6/27/18 RIP screw, moe, hawk and more.
Rene Reyes
June 27 2018 still reppin hard RIP SCREW
2019 ??
ugly devon
just woke up eating breakfast asking why..... thats a line that make u say damn.....
guy smith
Rip to the legendary dj screw rip to big moe big hawk and fat pat
Leonard Coleman
My Son born on #june27 I'mma forever bump this!! Feb 9th 2018 10:21pm
Mark Arizmendez
they counted us out back than, now our culture is the most stolen
Venson Davis
DJ Screw Reign Supreme! The Legend Continues!
medina 04
June 27th 2018 R.I.P screw
Cameron Rison
Happy June to all the fallen soldiers.
Mike Smyth
Rest In Peace on this June 27th. Listening to the entire 30 minute flow, lighting up and sipping in your memory
Jose Cruz
Who actually jams to the whole track? Cuz I do💯 🎛️🔩🍇🍼
HTown Happy Birthday today!!!
Aaron Franklin
RIP DJ Screw from Oakland, CA. Love you mane.
Samuel Harrison
I love the freestyle
Drippy Glo
June 27 , 2018
Yawning Squirtle
That time of year again folks!
Gbc 111
June 27th!! Who here in 2018?? 🇫🇷🙌😜 TX inna house. I'm in Dallas rn.
Frank Rivera
Y’all know what day it is!!! #June27 Represent!!
Adrianna Gonzalez
June 27, 2018 a day to never forget
Mlg Quickscoper
Dj screw still lives through his music
Derrick Curry
Robert Davis is da king of the South!
Lenora Spencer
I'm 40 years old from Houston born on June 27th 1979 In March 2019
Svn Okklt
Hope all the Houston heads are alright after Hurricane Harvey. Coming back to this video weekly, always got this on rotation. Peace to everyone out there, we all got Houston on our minds. Be safe.
2019 still bangin' ! happy 420 all my hiphop-brothers! one love from Norway!
kasey parks
I’m from H-Town and my birthday is June 27th 🤘
Joe Dean
June 27, 2018
Joe Dean
R.i.p screw n moe yo
Bader Alajaji
To those saying if you ain't from TX you won't get it, I'm from Saudi, and I bumped this song every single day straight for a full year. I always think what a shame it is that Screw didn't live to see his impact. RIP Legend.
Michael Davis
Diana Silva
june 27 2018
Dolphin Boi
June 27th, 2018
Big Gun
14:50 Sitting Sidewayz!!! poe yo. Come on 7mil 2019
I'm in Brooklyn NY blasting this in the subway 😂 TX baby
Joziah Reyes
Niggas in Houston know what go down on June 27 its a holiday for all the hood ppl
Sterling Witherspoon
2018 original 5th Ward 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Natasha Campos
June 27th 2018. Gone but never 4gotten. 🍼🍇🎹🎤💿🍼🍇🎹🎤💿
shout out to Portia
comanche raider
Miss you Screw #2018 LEAN IN PEACE #SCREWSTON