Anchorman - Flute scene

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Being used for analysis for media studies students. Copyright infringement not intended.

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I do this in my dream
"let's take that baseline for a walk"
It's interesting to note that Aqualung is one of the few Jethro Tull songs that Ian Anderson does NOT actually play flute on!!
1:55 Black people like it so it must be good
BEST scene in the movie !!  Absolutely hilarious - he gets into it, knocks over the mic stand, stomps on table tops, slides under the men's room stall -- TOO MUCH !!!
kevs musicandstuff
love how shes turned on at 2:50
SV Amandolin
Yazz Flute
"I'm not prepared" as he pulls the flute out of his sleeve lol
Jessica Taylor
.....that's baby mak'n music, that's what that is ....
Jack Hickinbottom
"A little ham and eggs comin' at ya, hold on people, hope you've got your griddles" 😂😂😂
Alexander AKA EKO James
follow Jesus!
This is also exactly how Bill and Hillary Clinton met each other lol
Ribbely Bibbely
I love the “I’m not prepared” line and then he pulls the flute out
Ben Sitzer
I just realized this (after watching a bunch of Portlandia) that Tino is Fred Armissen! I'm so happy and relieved to discover such a fact.
Spare Aim
*Mask off memes intensify*
Sir Turtle
this is so powerful I'm holding back tears
Karsten Senden
James Mata
Yazz flute!
Aaron Jaben
Nicky James
Damn, you have 50,000 media studies students??? Definitely not copyright infringement!
It's Finnick Bitch!!
Shlomo Wasser
the song starts with this incredible riff & then ian Anderson takes you straight thru taab, even if you don't want to go there,...but only if you have a brain...maybe anchorman has a brain...hmmmmm
William Slook
George Price
Daniel J
“My best friend forever “ and later makes him eat cat shit 😂😂😂
Supernova Strike
Ron Burgundy is going to play some yazz flute!
Mirto Junior
Doug Stanhope - This Is Not Happening
Random Commenter
Here from Dolan Dark, lmao
There's no better way to enforce your masculinity than to utterly crush wine glasses with your manly stride
Onur Barış Tolga
dat jethro tull reference :D
ธนิศ โอภาสรังศรี
I'm not prepared
Poor wine glasses, they didn't deserve to get smashed :(
Lioness Ninja
sheet music anywhere?
Schmidt rock
I love scene
Cheezeburger Walrus
Little ham and eggs coming at ya
No Name Sanchez
The coyote of the desert always likes to eat the heart of the young as the blood drops down to the children for breakfast,lunch, and dinner.And only the ribs will be broken in two
One of the funniest scenes in a film ever. 😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Bott
Michael Bazzetta
"hey aqualung"
Young Bleu
At 1:35 does anyone know what song thats from ? It songs familiar i just dont know what it's from .
Who's here because of the Mask Off meme?
one of the great moments of movie history imho.. what a subversion!
kaarel papsejev
It's much better with mask off
Ed Fredo
Molly Percocet
Carson Grube
He got freaking friendzoned at first
Sergeant Potato
Mask Off...
I wanna be on you
my dad keeps me in his basement pls help
nipslip at 3:11
Doo, do, do, doo, doooo doo.... "AQUALUNG!" ROFLMFAO! : P
Christina Applegate. Zomg! "I wanna be on you."
The Absolute Biggest Boy
Yazz foot
Miss Lissa
Hands down my fave Will Ferrell scene ever!
SpiderLoco97 ECC
very flavorful, hip and funky blacc ppl would have to be in this scene.
Mark Smith
I wish I was that talented lol
Colts fan4 Life
Hey aqualung! haha
Jus Jay
Lol after all these years I realized Tino is a white guy lmfao
I laughed at the Aqualung part. I love laugh.
Jason Curtis
Anyone know the real bar location this was filmed at?
Harry Respini
My favourite scene in the entire movie
Farhan Hasan
That’s Mlep(clay)nos
Didn’t know Chad Smith was a multi instrumentalist.
Audi Farizka
Before knowing fred armisen, i hated this guy he’s playing. After i do, im loving this tino guy
Donnie Blanco
Donnie Brasco brought me here
Expert squiring
Supernova Strike
Ron Burgundy plays some good yazz flute
yeahhh aqualang!!!!
is this available on an MP3 anywhere? asking for a friend..
Tom Sillers
Yazz flute is for little fairy boys.
Maurice Davis
"i'll slide in with the metal on the low, Rob Burgundy with the flute.." Kyd Slade
e 8
2:50... what every man looks for in life
Simon Bremner
I wonder if guys like Hubert Laws or Herbie Mann have ever seen this?
Jude Wang
That’s Amy Schumer at 2:41?
Is it Di Angelo?
Fortunas biggest fan !
I love the glass stepping
Clorox Bleach
That's some nice fluting boy.
Lowell Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Farrell, Joe, would LOVE this, so might Joe Posada !!! LOL
The part with the glass of wine made me fall off my chair hahaha
Thor Snyder
Thanks Kat Buckingham
Big Hero Thicc
whats yas fruit?
Shaun Daskam
To be honest, I love me some yazz flu.
1:23 A Mask Off Moment
Oh, mi scusi, mi scusi.
rave grey
articulation on fleek
Let it burn forever
2:50 your welcome
he's so adequate!
Sanchez James London
so i'm just a social experiment.
Jo Momma
"Little ham and eggs coming atch ya, hold on people, I think I can get grittles."
1:52 lol 😂
Cookie Eater
I play flute in Jazz band, I need to do a solo and my dad showed me this...
rob blacklock
Hes no Moe Kaufman!
You can be as sexy as you want, but never as Ron Burgundy playing Jazz flute.
Is Tino the same dude that raped that dude on the train in Eurotrip?
Stuart Liles
Yo dumbass you don't know what a awesome movie is