Mercedes-Benz V-class | First Drive Review | Autocar India

What happens when you combine the luxury of a Mercedes with the practicality of an MPV? You get the V-class. But just who is such a vehicle for and what's it all about? Gavin D'Souza drives it to find out. #Mercedes #Vclass #TeamAutocar SUBSCRIBE to Autocar India for hottest automotive news and the most comprehensive reviews ► /> Autocar India is your one stop source for test drive reviews & comparison test of every new car released in India. We also offer a great mix of other automotive content including podcasts, motor show reports, travelogues and other special features. Click this link for latest car reviews ► /> Click this link for comparison tests of latest cars & bikes ► /> Click this link for latest bike reviews ► /> Click this link for Autocar India exclusive features ► /> Visit for the latest news & happenings from the auto world. Facebook: />Instagram: />Twitter: />G+:

Parikshit Agarwal
Imagine seeing these carrying school children and not the usual force cars 😂😂
mohammad farhan kazi
A lot of 5 star hotels will buy this car.
Ranveer Kumar
Ameero ki marrazzo
karanraj maharajwala
Celebrity and rich people k baccho ko school le jane wali van.😅
Yash Gawas
It's used as taxi in other countries but in India even this car will be priced high 🙁
Old generation Engine, Old generation Infotainment system, Only Diesel Option, Seats are not Mercedes comfort standards.... Looks like they are here to clear their junk stocks.
Archit Kothari
82 lakhs? I'll buy a Volvo bus instead...
Saurabh Srivastava
Is this Innova of rich person?
Brendan D'brass
I only see 5 star hotels using them. Airport drops and pick ups that's it.
A t
Gavin you da man.
Nikhilesan S
Kia carnival will make better sense than this..
The international verion of the 2019 Honda Odyssey is so much better a MPV than this Merc. Honda has really packed a lot of features, much more than Merc.
Tulve Vijay
Who Here After Amitabh Bacchan !!!♥️
And people are complaining that Honda gave us an old engine on the civic 🤨🤨
Nachiket Bidwai
Next year V class 2019 should have launched instead of this outdated car... Mercedes bad move launching outdated cars
Just when i was thinking that the Innova is now a very expensive MPV, Merc goes on to release this.
Toyota Hiace , Toyota Alphard , Toyota Vellfire , Honda Odyssey , Kia Sedona , Chrysler Pacifica Etc..... Are Far More Better Than This .
Mr Filmmaker
This is Suzuki Echo on steroids
Srish Sutrave
the rare looks like a nissan evalia
Zen = Yen 🔴
in India this will definitely sell more than the number of Concorde aeroplanes being sold on planet earth in the year 2019. and that is what will make it a huge success sending Merc laughing all the way to the bank.
SAHNI 8055
Rather than spending 82 lacks on this I would save 20-25 lacks n get an e class instead
irshad muhammed
still DC Designed innova (interior) looks much expensive😆
Mr Wolf
I love muvs ❤️❤️
Amol Bhavsar
Buy a Force Traveller get it luxuriously modified total cost approx 25 lakh. Now do it 3 times and you reach the cost of a Mercedes van.
Abhishek Kumar
why am I watching it even though I don't afford it....thats interesting😂
Hariharasudhan sukumaran
Dog owners can buy this van. If you detach two seats ther will be a loot of space for our beloved pooch.
venkatesh ravindran
The rear is great But the position of automatic gearbox ,small front armrest aren't that great
Innova beats this. MPVs are not for class image.
Rakesh chintu BMW
First view first like
Naman Sinha
Innova can sit more people in at more than half the price of this MERC
Kanwar Sidhu
First to comment!Love your content..subscribers since day 1
Covert it to campervan!!!! 😊🤙 But, 82L is too much for a outdated car.
Priyanshu Charan
Gavin nailed it ....😂❤️❤️❤️
Shehin Muhammad
sharu kan will buy this
Shanu kalra
Cousin of tata 407
Sanyam Jain
Mercedes is going crazy....who wants to buy such an expensive Van
nikhil savant
Great car but it's expensive...
Taxi in Germany
Bikram Snehi
They should have brought the Vito to India instead. More practical.
Shanu kalra
Omni on steroids
ritwik n
Looks like a luxurious version of the sprinter
arun kumar
May be sold less in number. Looks appealing
even innova is more powerful than this
Jayakrishna Balaji
R-Class reintroduced with face-lift, let's wait for BMW and Audi to take their turn!.
Hmm. This van screams taxi despite the badge. I dont think it is suitable for private use and i dont think Mercedes designed it that way either.
Satya The CarGuy
In Singapore and some more counties, the V Class is a common van taxi like the innova, here... it is something like a land yacht but actually supposed to be an innova
Seema Deo
No sunroof or what? although excellent MPV
Abraham Chelladurai
Well honestly the only people who buy this vehicle is .... The President's & The Prime Minister's Motorade Security Detail. Oh.... Yeah I forgot ...THEY ALREADY HAVE ONE.
vishnu mj
Mercedes Benz V class / Viano Got a facelift and a new engine, with host of other upgrades internationally Curious to know why India got the older engine and didn't get the updated van ?
VfourV VV
A different style of review for a diff segment of car 😊
Crysta seems to be better! Wth rear windows dont open🧐
Sanu Rawat
Innova makes much more sense instead of this if u want a car like this.... Hey people I am a Mercedes-Benz fan Boi..... But it doesn't mean i forget the right and wrong
Dhirender Kumar
only some embassy officials work not for you and me
Challa Manoj kumar
Mini Mercedes bus service MUMBAI TO PUNE daily service
rachit dwivedi
And you thought Innova was expensive. Lmao
pugazh ji
oh my god 82laks , in this price i can buy my own caravan its more luxury and comfort, u know one think caravan had toilet and small bed room
Goutham Adithya
Good try Merc ... This is looking amazing ... first attempt in INDIA that's Great ... :)
The car that tanked all across the globe is India's luxury MPV... Welcome the Mercedes Metris.. DUD
Rohit Andro
Practical luxury ❤️
dhureen karthik
Toyota alphard will be justifiable
sri harsha
This one can replace the share auto in OMR Road 😂
Abhishek Vp
Well, the only potential customers for the V Class in India might be 5 star hotels.
Mahi Rao
they should provide interior option for making it customised lounge limosuine interior
Jatin Bandhiwal
Waste of money, Innova has more power. 😐😐 I could have an Audi Q7 at that price. If that is not enough i could have two Endeavours.
Abhishek Upadhyay
I saw this on road Last week the same car👍🏼
Saravanan M
Looks and feels very utilitarian not keeping inline with Mercedes reputation.
it's not MPV It's Office Conference Vehicle (OCV)
g.lalit kumar
One of the best reviews !!
Myron Sequeira
It's a good MPV
lalit zoshi
Ertiga + Wegon R
arbaaz sayed
Imagine you are having your lunch in traffic.
sandeep sran
Please do endeavour vs fortuner vs alturas comprehensive review
W Class (Working Class) should have been the better suited name for this dull and ergonomically short boxy van...
rao shuaib
Price is tooooooo high. Instead I would purchase 2 modified Innova Crysta, combined for a much cheaper price.
swami boo
Vw multivan is much better not just with seating flexibility or lugguage space but it is a bit smaller overall and performs better. That it is cheaper is a Bonus! Thumbs down Mercedes for Not bringing in the newest diesel n gearbox n just proves India is a dumping grounds for 'surplus' old engines n tech still in stocks.
Kicha Sam
Best suited vehicle to conduct a meeting for people's who travel most.
Dheer Bhatia
This car will be used by 5 starts hotels and if some Hollywood actor comes then he will use this car a good tourist agent will provide this vans
Glenn Correa
Why would we ever need heated seats 🤣🤣🤣
rao shuaib
Seat Recliner is an essential miss
Yusuf Shah
Better to buy gl350 instead
Onkar Singh Maan
This my 5th mercedes but requsst you ,you should not buy this cars it is mnay elctronik faults too,
Unboxing Psycho
its Little bit luk like omni 😁
Riyas Nazeer
It's only useful for yellow board not for a personal use but very expensive😳😳
Awpa Hmar
Rear seat should be power adjustable... Anyway good review 👍
Godwin Fredy
Kia Carnival is the mpv van i can afford
Neil Billava
Well i think Mercedes have made a failure this time, 😔
Deepak G.R
I expected better seats, engine and some better basic features. Good long look though!! But Mercedes as brand, expected much better
i can buy a innova and a land rover velar
Sahil Lakhotiya
initially i thought it would cost 35 40 lacs but 82 lacs its gonna be a flop show
Luxury car makers should not try to enter in mpv or budget cars , they ruin it
wondering for what anyone would spend a decent amount of money on it , neither its luxury nor powerful. innova crysta a better choice
Its a CBU. Thanks to the 120% import duty and exorbitant GST.
Rohan Rao
What is the point of this vehicle
Vic Sandhu
Jack of all trades, Master of none.
manoj periasamy
There is no way u can work on a laptop or read on the move
Shiva Maithani
sleep with the fishes tomorrow 😂😂😂😂
I thought Mercedes is bringing MPV and it's going to be cheap, but Mercedes is Mercedes.
Amar Dalvi
Seats are not Good, Mercedes should have option of all front facing fixed seats with better cushioning, Third Row of seat should have 3 seats for better practicality
TheDark Knut
Im surprised that Honda hasn’t launched the Odyssey in India! It can give some really good fight to the Innova.
The Truth
Looks ready good for a minivan, very luxurious