One Direction - Kiss You (Behind The Scenes)

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DanceMoms Forever
LOUIS 😍😍😍😍
Alexa Perez
2:46 Niall you just made me laugh so hard
Alexa Perez
Navpreet Sanghera
Zayn: whoever got the set together didn't really think that they would be working with 5 idiots 😂😂 oh the times 😔
Bernarda Coronel Paredes
Maheen Ahmad
y in the world does Louis always break the cars
Question:Where would 1D be without Liam Answer:The Jail
kook bye
Niall's Irish accent is hotter than the sun Harry's face is cuter than the world's cutest puppy Zayn's kiss might be sweeter than candy Liam's hair might be softer than sweaters Louis's solo is more beautiful than a nightingale By a directioner <3 
Esra Bieber
I'm turning into a Directioner, someone help me 😂 I'm already a huge Niall girl tho..
Shakyia Fountain
Liam:Were the best dancers around Me: *Dying of laughter* They are horrible dancers and idiots. But I love these Idiots:) ;)
shelbo baggins
Louis is so cute who agrees
sanjana seeperson mauritius
so cute when Zayn kissed Harry!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
socially awkward potato
it was cute when Niall and Louis were sleeping!
when Zayn kissed Harry my two favorite 1D boys😘❤ (Zayn will always be in the band to me😀 have a good day)
Melonie Zappa
It's weird not to see the butterfly tattoo on Harry
Simran Dey
Jungkook The Only Golden Maknae Bunny On BTS
At the end Zarry So Cute
Aida Nuñez
1:20 NIALL and lOUIS sleping!
Meg Ford
Niall looked so cute in the sailor thing
3:32 cutee Zarry
Hahahaha zayn "clearly whoever was in charge of putting the set together didn't plan that they were going to be dealing with five idiots"
long live hoseok's forehead
1:59 Liam Looks So cute like a little baby
RoadworkAheadUhYeah I SureHopeItDoes
1:21 That smile tho...
I never noticed Zayns expression after he kisses Harry till now like: yeh i what to kiss him so what? to the camera HELL YEAH gotta love a little zarry
Indigo Lily
I just love the end when Zayn kisses Harry. 3:35 😊
One direction marathon anyone with me. I just love these guys and miss them. 2017 anyone? NIALL!❤️❣
Hafsah Farooquı
Why is nobody commenting about ZAYN'S cute giggle at's soooooo cuteeeee
Zarah Malik
3:34 Zarry is real
donna sherman
at 3:21 Liam looks so small
Latrell Williams
when zayn kissed harry so aggressive I was like goals
Cute Girl
1:19sooooo cute sleeping like little babies😊 bcz they are😊😄😃
Thoi Mee
Atquia Ghori
A www Louis and Niall look so cute sleeping!!
When you go fangirl over harry..
Rebekah Guenther
When zayn kissed Harry , he felt like he liked it
shai manuel
Watching this in 2016. My fave parts are 1:56 1:39 1:21 3:31 2:41 . i💙Zayn
chloe chun
sorry Niall when you slapped you're eye with the mirror i died laughing 1:44
Lee Ann Lorayna
zayn kiss harry.. ooh 😍
idaly Gonzalez
Zayn: who ever built the set didn't know that they were going to be dealing with five idiots
Sarah Ferro
How good do Niall's eyes look in this video. How good does Niall look in this video. Basically how good do all the boys look in this video.
HOW DO YOU BREAK A CAR???? only louis would...
i miss 1D. all FIVE of them. hopefully they'll all come back together, maybe a 10 yr reunion? just need to keep those egos in check. its always the egos that ruin reunions :/
Avater Anng
Look how close Zayne and Harry are standing @ 2:20 #zarry
AWWWWWWW in minutes 1:56 Zayn is so cuteeeee😍💙
Emily Donahue
Omg the ending...Harry:Let me kiss you! Zayn: -Kisses Harry - 😂. And poor Nial he hit his eye and I laughed I feel so evil 😄😂👀👈
Ajax AmandaSnow
0:37 omg Zayn 😂😂
Shayla LoveLife203
Zayn u are as cool as Elvis ,maybe even cooler.I love u!!!!!!!!!
1x. Yoyo
Who's watching it in March 2016 and who remeburing the times zayn had with the lads
indigo marshmallow
1:21 zayn's face❤❤❤
cat eared edits
niall: [ hits himself in the face ] me: #ohnoniall
Nana Pendeja
of course lou is sleeping on his stomach and then nail is sleeping on his back
Sarah Stapley
zany's serious face at the end bahahaha
Tina Gaming
3:09 haha Harry is soo adorable
Estrella Gutierrez
😂😂😂Niall Niall: earlier I was lifting up the visor and I lifted it up too quickly and I slapped myself in the eye😂😂😂😂😂😂
Potato Stalik
Zayn..The Zebra ..hahahaha i cant😂😂😂👌
zayn's girl
i love you Zayn soo mutch 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Muskan Parveen
I love you zayn malik u r super hot and super cute.. Love you and your band..
Lps Sparkles
1:21 Aaaaaww😍 Zayn was so cute😛
Divya Agarwal
whoever find zayn cutie in 1:56......😍😍😍😍
Niall looks so hot here
Charlotte* *Caroline
everyone knows zayn can't swim...that was then😂😂😂 hw about nw😁😱
Deznia Da'shay
After zayn kissed Harry he backed away like a boss lmao
Sandra Ulloa
Zayn!!!! I love you!!!
Random person
poor Niall, he got hit in the eye but why i just keep laughing about it. 😂😂😂😂
Yoonmin Love
Who likes behind the scenes more than the actual video 😅😅😅
moonchild enthusiast
Finally they realised that they shouldn't trust Louis with driving
iqra hussain
0:24 harrys legs are skinnier than mine!!!
Helena S-D
Can Zayn actually not swim?
Sabrina Z
Aww zayn's adorable
I wish they are still as happy as they were in this video. Everything's quite changed now. :(
Monette Olayao
ZAYN kissed HARRY... 😍😍😍 miss yah ZAYN😘💋❤️
Pillowtalk is the ad😂
Ellie A
I'm not a directioner but Louis doesn't get enough credit and i think he's the hottest out of all of them.
Rima Wibowo
the ending 😂😂😂
Hanna Napitupulu
Louis and Niall sleeping!! Adorable!!❤
Anisha Khatun
Zayns the only one with armbands 😂😂😂 adorable lovee him soo much
subhash sharma
After zayn kissed Harry zayn walked away like a boss. Lol 😂
Lilian Figueroa
When Niall hit his eye with the mirror thing on the car, I was like,"YOU OKAY NIALL?!?!"
Shahida R
Niall and Lou looked SO cute sleeping! They were like little telitubbies!
Alice Hage
Watching all their old music videos
Fatemeh Mirhashemi
shafi. T
they are crazy. I love harry so much, his smile, laugh, eyes, personality too.
Jade Shinymist
Did anyone notice Zayn that changed his hair on the second day?
Hanna Chittum
Niall is a hot sailor!
Linessa Linssi
Why haven't I ever watched this??
olivia paul
Niall and Louis sleeping was so cute :)
Farhat Shaikh
love u lousi
Malia Livngston
oh Louis...this is why they stopped putting him in cars in videosXD
Trouble Blu Rose
Liam was going to be a fireman before One Direction, he even saved someone from a fire c:
look at nialler's eye that got hit , in 1:46 , awee my poor baby
Yaz Styles
0:36 momento larry
Matilde Bertani
0:37 Larry
Jiya H.
ZAYN do you remember those memories please come back
Sophia Kamin
zayn’s hair day 1: all dark day 2: blond and dark hmmmmmm
One_Direction _Zillas
Zayn wearing floaties... Aww... :3
honey boy
It's just me or Zayn got eyes pencil in his eyes?😂cutiee