Spain Vs Tunisia 1-0 Match Analysis | Nicol Spain lacking spark to break teams down ESPN FC

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Spain endured a miserable campaign at the 2014 FIFA World Cup . They went to the Brazil tournament as the champions but ended up

hassen belaweyd
Tunisia ✌
Lamia Saeed
Ffs it's just a friendly
They didn’t mention Tunisia once
comp account
See these guys analysis once Spain starts winning.
Soleil Tounsi
i wish we not lost so bravo Spain for trying & Tunisia for game i wish Tunisia understand their errors
Pol Marín
Spain deserves win
John Log
😂isco, iniesta, lucas, asensio, iago, costa, silva, thiago, rodrigo all have the ability to score
Mohamed Ali Mabrouki
Good luck Tunisia :)
Spain didnt have a main attacker they will suffer this is their weak point