EVANESCENCE - Making Of 'Call Me When You're Sober'

© All rights reserved to Evanescence - Sony Japan 2007 EVANESCENCE - Making Of 'Call Me When You're Sober'

rylie :D
Her voice sounds SO DIFFERENT than I thought it would sound like..
Luka 033
Perfect... 2018 :3
Maddye Hawerland
muy buen vídeo i love you amy,john,rocky and terry
Constanza Manque
gracias por el video :') hace años que no lo veía :o
Chuck Raymond
Thank you, Helen Keller Institute for the most professional audio blending and editing for this video [coff coff] Look, gang, if all you can do is a ham hock production, don't even bother putting it up. It only serves to degrade the artist's craft and cheapen the whole experience for the fans out there.
Folasko Music
This is one of her best videos. Along with good enough. Sweet sacrifice music video was probably the worst.
Fire and Blood
Oliver 😍😍😍
Maddye Hawerland
son increíbles evanescence
was there any audio track behind all of this? there are bits of music sometimes but it's not really audible till 1:30
Perfect Imperfection
Muy lindo, los invito que pasen por mi canal, tengo algunas entrevistas subtituladas y a medida que puedo voy subiendo mas ;-)