Hell Baby TRAILER 1 (2013) - Horror Comedy Movie HD

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Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Like us on FACEBOOK: />Hell Baby TRAILER 1 (2013) - Horror Comedy Movie HD An expectant couple who moves into the most haunted house in New Orleans call upon the services of the Vatican's elite exorcism team to save them from a demonic baby. Cast: Rob Corddry: /> Director: Robert Ben Garant: />Thomas Lennon Producer: Paul Young Jeff Culotta Ted Hamm: />Peter Principato: />Sean McKittrick: />Lucy Huang Jeremy Guzowski David Lincoln Ken Lipman John Lynch Writer: Robert Ben Garant: />Thomas Lennon: /> Editor: Kevin Oeser Cinematographer: Charles Papert Composer: Michael Farrell

N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s
Best dark comedy/horror movie i have seen in years. Even better when high.
That1 Rand0m6uy
So if a baby is possessed does the Exorcist say "The Power of Baby Jesus compells you"?
Rio Candra
"They ignored the legend. They missed the signs." this movie should be called White People
The cop when he said "could be the devil or it could be a ex girlfriend on PCP
XXIV Herut
This movie is hilarious.. especially the part when the old lady/corpse wants to hug him! XD hahahaha 😂😂😂
Anghelinalikesbirds KAKA
Is this a movie about a crazy lady with a demon baby or a movie about my mom before she had me...?
Screw Loose
I woud see it just to make fun of how bad it is
Andy 1231
first half of the trailer looked funny second half shit
DontShipMaxvid XD
My baby is due in a week I see this I'm like LET CHRIST HOLD MY BABY BOYS SOUL!!!!!!
Immortal Law
looks like it would kill my braincells
Stacey Vermilyea
So it's a parody of The Omen and Rosemary's Baby...?
Kacy Black
I seen this it is hilarious you should watch it tho it does like dumb at the start it is rlly good
Anthony Hernandez
Lol its more of a comedy
cat yot
i was questioning it when i saw the trailer but its actually funny af all the way through so stop bein a dumb ho and watch it, bye
{Doge} :3
Bonnie Msp
anyone see scary movie its like this
Mitchell Bewick
What is this and why was it recommended for me?
Princess_ Jayda05
I saw this movie it was funny😂😂
Thibenraj Raj
I guess its the prequel to "Hell Boy"
yeet yeet
I saw this movie but I didn't know it was a comedy so I was like what the hell is going on the whole time
Zion Blakely
Could be a demon could be an ex girlfriend on pcp 🤷‍♂️
jeb2005 AJ
LOL JUST WHAT I WAS THINKING like who in the right mind would move into a house like dat dumb
when ever i just watched or are watching a scary movie comedy helps alot. So when the genre of a movie says horror and comedy, just forget the horror, its all comedy '
· Perimast ·
I wish this wasn't a real movie
This whole time I thought it was a horror comedy called HELLO BABY 😹
Chloe Chivers
That man at the window is my daddy
Is this meant to be serious? Even the title sounds like shite!
glasses Island
I'm in it for the catholic priests
Rebecca Allen
Lol my first horror movie when I was younger. I thought this was SOOO scary but I look back and it's funny😂😂😂
Ejay Reyes
this must be a parody for The Omen.. hahahaha
Indian women athome
For poeple who are here to check out the trailer before downloading this movie... DON"T DOWNLOAD!!!! IT's horrible.... my brain started leaking.. I even increased the speed of the video to 3 times... And I still couldn't watch it!!!!
WAR golden argus
dinu mihai
love the prists in this movie :)
Mighty Smiths
Oh sure when God does it it's all okay and we worship him but when the devil does it they try to kill it
Lucy Diamond
I love Reno 911 but this movie looks... questionable...
Silent Mantis
It just looks like a stretched skit..
Ree Tard
this trailer is so terribly made
Workout Obsession
For a millisecond I thought it was a real horror. LMAO! Must see!
im excited to see a new film from the makers of reno 911
King Kappa
Is this the place where girls... *FLASH A DA BOOBIES?*
Francesco Ramicani
When the genre of a movie says horror and comedy, just forget the horror, its all comedy... Nice comedy, watched on boxxy software with german subtitles.
Obama's anger translator has seem to find better things to do since trump became president
m skut
Wow. Looks absolutely terrible.
I didn't know they documented my birth.
Veemo Bean
Why was this in my recommended
Oh yeah yeah
JEWEL Zabala
Poor raven😭😭😭😭😭💀💀😷🤕
U world
Best comedy/horror movie everrr
brandon kylin
Oh hell no I ant watching this
JaySean Delos Santos
its rob corddy? right?the man in Warm bodies.
Md Farooq
😂 Hilllllllllllllarious
Irish Calam
lol can somebody give me some water i nned water because of my laugh
can we reach 10,000 sub without any videos
I think it's a comedy 😂😂😂😂😂😂
HOKAGE The will of fire
when I saw the title I thought it was movie for origins of hellboy
Lauren Pinkie Pie
ur pregnant and ur gonna paint it in one day
Angam Konyak
photocopying a dead bird. aaaaaaaaaahahahaha!
BILLY666 101
It wasn't so scary BC the jokes and the moms pregnant
Rossete Gacha
Am I the only one who laughed😂😂😂
Sikander Hassan
Actually gonna watch this movie.
Keep the TOBACCO DRUG out of the movies!
Spider-Man 2099
Is this really a movie
TooTrill Tina
that mom would have went through a hell of a birth
georgia sokolay
The seemingly long scenes with the priests and their fake accent make me hesitant to watch it, clearly its one of those movies you have to watch to see if its good or bad because you can't trust the trailer or the reviews due to how many people think things are hilarious when a lot of people don't get out of bed for that type of funny scene.
nikos S
Ummm...OK its good bro!!!
Justin DoesRandomVids
now my gf is scared of getting a baby
Doraemon Desu
Obama's anger translator 😂
Ritseeniyah Georges - Haughton
I am who are you
Cloudy Drawsfurs
"SPOILER ALERT" the baby turns out to be little nikki
Mitzi the evil ferret
The highlight for me was when the Priests/exorsists entered the house as police would during a drug raid.
Grumpy Flytrap
When he pulled out a cross instead of a gun Why...
N337av G#o5h
darko entertainment?!
How is this in my recommendation?!?!
Quintavius Gilmore
Hot Dog Storm
Looks like a rip off of the It's Alive series
madd tea
She's probley on her period
Olivia Flamingo
The most f'd up trailer I have ever seen!!?
Gaming DauG
they got key in this, that more than enough reason for me to watch xD
This seems like something that would've been on abc3 years ago.
Heather Larrabee
my real parents are the devil and devilina,..mom hung a guy by his shoelace out the car door once and drove around for disrespecting me..then dad cut him loose during the drive. we are the kindest creatures anyone will ever meet, until they mess with us. one of out symbol animals is the black bull. we love fury animals just like people. And and we have more heart than some regular theiven/hateful people humans.
Matt Demo
How did I not see this back in 2013
I thought it was about Donald Trump
Sisters Life
my mom and dad watch this moive its so scary 👫😱 and a litle bit foony wen those gays tolk 😥 but stil is not foony its so scary 😱😣
Serious Gaming
Tom Farland
Misleading title, saw no baby
Is this a parody from the movie devil's due?
Amirul Hakim
Hollywood isn't trying anymore
Don t watch it, it really sucks
ClickBait LORD
Is this what our generation movies are coming to?
poom !
Fetus deletus
Tina 19
Esta pelicula es tan graciosa 😂
Bches be tripping XD
S Baso Mtimkulu
I feel like this has been done before...
*NZ Maori*
When you fast forward through the movie you knows it's shit
Amanda Lopez
dubbed movies
Quem não viu o filme dublado ainda daqui uma hr vai ta no meu canal Who has not seen the film yet here dubbed an hr will ta on my channel
Sofia Alves
Thony Jason