VICTORIA (The ITV Drama) - Official Titles Music by Martin Phipps

From the ITV drama, 'Victoria', this is the official Titles Music written by Martin Phipps, featuring vocals by Mediaeval Baebes. For more information about Martin Phipps please use the following link: /> Martin Phipps - Biography Coming from a musical background (he is Benjamin Britten’s godson), Martin read drama at Manchester University. Fortunately for the acting profession, he decided to concentrate his energies on writing music. Since scoring his first TV drama, Eureka Street, in 2002, he has gone on to write music for many of the most interesting series of recent years, winning 2 BAFTAs & 3 Ivor Novello Awards. The most recent of his TV projects is the BBC and Weinstein Company’s 2016 six-part adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace, starring Lily James and Paul Dano. Martin recently moved into film, scoring Weinstein Company’s much anticipated Woman In Gold with Hans Zimmer, starring Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren, and previous to that Harry Brown and Brighton Rock. In 2014 Martin had 2 feature film scores premiering at the Toronto Film Festival; Daniel Barber’s US indie The Keeping Room, and Morgan Matthew’s X Plus Y. Last year Martin set up Mearl, a project to facilitate collaborating with other artists & composers, as well as a platform for developing his own material. Peaky Blinders was the first soundtrack written under this name, scored with a band of musicians from Radiohead’s new Laundry Studios in London Fields. Both his recent feature films were also written under this title.

Victoria ITV Drama Jenna Coleman Music Soundtrack Martin Phipps Mediaeval Baebes Official

Iqra Ahmad
I'm obsessed with Victoria and In love with this track
this piece is so beautiful and magical but so mysterious and that why it brilliant well done !
The Duchess of Kent and Sir John Conroy disliked this.
may johnson
Lovely. May I add that Jenna is doing a brilliant job as Victoria. Always been a fan and I'm glad she's able to showcase her talent. So proud!
Anthony Taylor
I am a 50 year old man with tears in my eyes listening to such beautiful music
Katie Clark
it's amazing how music can make so much difference ti an atmosphere of a film or series, it sets a mood for it to keep you interested subconsciously
Ian McLellan
My funeral song
The second I heard this I knew it must be The Mediaeval Baebes. So glad someone is using their work in tv and film again, they did such great work on The Virgin Queen soundtrack. An amazingly distinctive sound
Phil Burnham
I love this song it makes my hairs stand up on the back of my neck every time I here it
this is so beautiful, i have been looking for this since thé first episode
George Bishop
Who else got goose bumps and realised the amazing history of Great Britain
Jemma Louise Coleman looks stunning. She was awesome in titanic 2012 and was brilliant in doctor who. she'll do good in this.
My girlfriend and I have been looking for this since the first episode last night, thanks for uploading
Beautiful, Love this music and the Series so far!
Péter Molnár
Beautiful song, popular actress (from Doctor Who), amazing series. I like it!
Emma Brindley
Love this so much. Can't get it out of my head
RandomGamer 77
Jenna Coleman is stunning in Victoria
I wish this was longer! It's so beautiful!
Amazing song for an intro.
Teresa J. A.
This music makes my eyes weep
Jennifer Schmid
Chilling, haunting, beautiful... music raises humans toward the sky...
where am i
0:35-0:45 goosebumps every time
Special Kay
I’ve just started watching this series, and I’m absolutely hooked! I haven’t been able to get this theme song out of my head! It’s so beautiful😭🇬🇧👑
Fantastic and I am glad for once that they are playing the story of the real Queen Victoria of how she was.. Jenna has played the part really well and done it justice.. Well done.
Lucy Hitchcock
Thank you!! Love this song, is there a longer version?? :)
liz laws
Stunning piece of music! 🎶
I love this soundtrack! not heard of them before. will definitely find out more about them.
João Paulo Targaryen Lodbrok
Who is waiting for the serie of Netflix about Queen Elizabeth II?
eLisa p
I like this drama so much and I like music too!
WOW ! Thanks for posting ! xxx
Usman Bello
Again Martin Clever Phipps, in collaboration with the Mediaeval Babes, have done it again This is a beautiful piece, its deep, its regal, most befitting for for a wonderful Queen. Check out the Soundtrack for The Virgin Queen . Brilliant, I love it
Monica McSherry
Beautiful track, hope they release it xx
Wasn't a fan of hers in Doctor who, actually I was quite satisfied to hear she would leaving, but I'm Am a fan of historical dramas and this is a good tv show.
lightfury clara
Jenna Coleman is so good at playing queen Victoria
Shenaz M
i love this!! i look forward to it at the start of episode! this full version is amazing! it literally gives me chills.
Olivia Fazekas
Jersey Pooh
Love this. So beautiful.
Something about this just gives me chills! I love it!
Samuel Alexander
Beautiful piece! Stunning! Well done Cool Music Ltd!
pierangelo fabbrocini
I love this music
Joanne Monck
I love the theme music to Victoria. thanks for sharing. Jenna Coleman is a superb actress. Can't wait for next series.
Caitlin Brown
WOW! couldn't find this song anywere. thanks for posting!
Rio Wellard
I can't wait for the next series 😊😊😊😊
Jackie Darling
i love this music
Lew14 Boom Beach & Clash Royale
the bass in this sounds alot stronger than in the TV show!
Siân Tame
Such a beautiful piece of music!
Karen Lester
This music gives me chills especially while watching the scenes where it is used. So haunting. Stays in you head for hours. Can't wait until a CD of the complete sound track is available. Hope it won't be long!
lou nana
amazin show....THANKS JENA your brillant and fine job as Victoria.... perfect...
Instantly felt in love with that song
Can you please do the wedding soundtrack?
looking everywhere for this song 😀
wnet intranaut
How sweet ! How nice ! How pleasing is Jenna Colemen as the Queen Victoria.
i suppose England peoples can't into word "Tzesarevisch" (but it's just small form of "Caesar") His Imperial Highness, Sovereign, Successor, Tsesarevich and Grand Duke
I love this music. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy this theme music from please.
Kevin Swinney
If you like this then try the music for " The Virgin Queen". Also written by Martin Phipps and recorded by Mediaeval Baebes.
Burberry London
One of my top five new shows. I saw a movie...Young Victoria with Emily Blunt as Victoria. The only thing wrong with these movies they sugar coat and skip facts. However this seems more truthful. I'm not familiar with the actors, who really bring to life and make me feel like I'm getting to know the real Victoria, Albert, and one of my fave characters Lord M. I recognized Liza, the jr dresser from Outlander. Finally besides the jewelry and gowns, the title music and it's variations are just lovely. I'm glad I found the title and coronation versions. They're the best I've come across.⛥⛥⛥
denis birch
Brilliant tune love it
Carolyn Argabright
I'm glad she turned her sites on roles like this, instead of science fiction, and schlocky soap operas.
claire_ automne
I just love it. The music and the voices are really powerfull.
Mary Mccoubrey
just fills my heart and tears flow...I love it.
Drew's Corner - Drew C. Ryan
So haunting.
Imaan Mahmood
Beautiful tune
Nicolas Vernola
I can't wait for the third season anymore. I love Victoria and Jenna!
Beautiful, thanks for putting this up
Beautiful music and show. ♡
Amanda Johnson
Hey, it's the same composer who did the wonderful soundtrack for that Elizabeth I mini-series "The Virgin Queen" a few years back. It also featured The Mediaeval Baebes and was amazing as well.
david alexander
wonderful , I could listen to it for ever
Pip AJ
Marta Valero
I can't describe the feeling that makes me feel this song. Loving the series
Guilio McEwan's Space
A very powerfull and magic sound track. Really captures the show the time the era.
ecco injcku
Looking forward to season 2!
Marie Clappsy
I just love this music and the show is fabulous. Well done. I'm proud to be English.
This haunting theme sounds very like "West Across The Ocean Sea" by Vangelis from the 1990 Reprise Album.
Rori Tudor
Loved their collaboration for the Virgin Queen, and now they've come together to score the story of another British Monarch. Breathtakingly beautiful!
what an imperial 2016, first Versailles, now Victoria...
Drew's Corner - Drew C. Ryan
This is going to play someday when my dreams come true and I'm walking to the stage to accept my LONG deserved accolades.
I love rap music im a street boy how the hell did i get too love classical music love the tune im going to mix it with a rap song init.
I am such a fan of Victoria. They did season two in winter 2016 because I was an extra. It will be broadcasted in late summer 2017. Don't bother asking me what is happening in it because I don't know the full plot.
Michelle Genestal
I'm obsessed with this song. Jenna is gorgeus!!
Truly fantastic music. Thank u for uploading with the music details I love this song. It's so soothing. I would like to buy it and will do now if it's available 👍
Johanna Diaz
j'adore ce générique. .. cette musique existe en plus long ??
Anthony D
A far superior show than the disastrous "The Crown"
George Bishop
40-46 💚
Hans Winkel
Prachtige filmmuziek op het thema Halleluja past zo mooi bij de serie "Victoria"
Chris Mullan
wonderful music.
Best series of 2016.
Jordan Scott
A melodic orgasm!
Christa Randa
love the music, but i can find in spotify. please help me
Harry Goodman
Does anyone know how i can play this on piano? Like what chords?
Stunning. Transports you into a whole of its own.
Jack Hyman
Great music, but the show itself is a little drab!!
Valentina Chorney
Bella è brava....
Gosh this reminds me of so many afternoons full of tea and blankets and rain
Bad Lets Player
This is a rather beautiful piece.
Marie Sophie Vogel
Immer wenn ich bei meinem Vater bin und ich diese Serie mit meiner Oma und meinem Vater schaue ,singen mein Vater und ich dieses Lied ,meine Oma hält sich dann immer die Ohren zu undeint wir sollen nicht Singen
Cindy Ting
God save the Queen
Angel Smith
Does anyone know what the name of that pattern is in the background?
England has had 3 queens. Each ruled for a long time, was competent, and not corrupt. 2 of the 3 had plenty of children. The second and third set records for longevity of rule. This TV series does a good job of explaining the first 15 years of Victoria's reign.
Upson Pratt
Emilia Fart