Fortnite Fortbyte #14 Location - Found within an RV Park

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The word I was looking for is 'barn', clearly, no idea how I forgot that one LOL
Rowan Purfeerst
Got killed by a sweaty soccer skin while collecting it...😭
Banned_ _legend
I was literally about to search this up lol
Thanks sooooo much, how did we get so lucky to have you?
Jennyfer Hein
I like how at the end he said number 41 fortbyte
john wick from fortnite
you are one of the very rare youtubers that doesnt stretch the videos to 10 minutes and is actually helpful
What does he say in his intro pls translate
Attack titan
1:21 oh ok so I’m not crazy it just didn’t show up for me
Christopher ,Guevara
I’m behind but these videos help soo much
Nick Swek
Tinashe Is Now
Thanks for taking the time out of your break to do this
LoL TuBe
0 views 13 likes Damnnn
I like your accent
Hayder Game plays
Thank you so much dude I did it
I was playing the horde rush, and the small circle led there and I saw it and I was like “well okay!”
Volitant Sumo The Destroyer
you da best
Frist keep it up
Savagelandon Nba
I subbed and turned notifications on so I see when you upload
when i tried to collect it was in the circle
fluffy X
Your videos are so helpful
oh yeah yeah yeah ALPHA
I found this in horde rush on mistake 🤣🤣🤣
Megan Riley
Did you mean fortnite 14 not 41
Darren 0
Thank you so much Martin
Todd Earwood
At 1:18 he 41 🤣🤣
Gerardo Enriquez
thanks this is rely helpful
I have stratus's glider now thanks
Awand Sherwan
Thank you for the forbeyt
1 view 66 likes nice YouTube.
Marisa Moreno
You said 41
GrimElements Studios
did you just say number 41 1:18
iCyToxic YT
@InTheLittleWood thanks for helping me with the Fortbyte videos
MyStiC_Josh_- A
Thanks I have the banana cape now
Amandip singh Pannu
Littlewood can u please do an travel to Malaysia Kuala Lumper cause there where I live
FalconBoy Surname
I already found this but I’m glad u keep posting these so thank u for the helpful videos. I have watched a ton of ur vids and they helped me so much.
Black Light_312
Helloou Everibodiiii 🤪🤪🤪
Infinite Death claw
1 view 100 likes wtf
sean Coughlan
Thank u for these vids
Mike Woltmann
1:23 is where the fortbyte is found between all the RVs in the RV park by Lonely Lodge... 60 out of 90 and you get the Tailwind Twister Glider for the Stratus skin, 5 more days and we get The Backtracker his backbling!
hyojin Kim
You had hair cut it looks nice lol
Dj Lee
Dude said y’all there’s 41
Decay Desolation
Why does he have 60 FPS
Plz keep doing this love yor videos
Thank you you are the best
I Venecutek I
1:18 number 41?
You said fortbyte 41
Conrad Mudibo
Your quick on the updates👏🏽👏🏽😌 Thanks a lot!
William Hammond
You said number 41 its 14
Its_ Gavin
I’ve used you for every fortbyte
GamerExtreme Poop
Love your videos pls reply
Arif Alam
There's wraps for grappler?
Im Supreme_
Thanks again!
Thx once again
Angie Martinez
Thanks man :]
Audio 🔉 this time
Do a room tour👌
Thank you so much for uploading so quickly
Monstrous Gaming
Anyone notice that he said 41 instead of 14
Imran Saeed
you said 41?
Hhhvv Fcfcggh
41!!Haha i died
Donald trumps mum Boi
Hi love your help 💖
Ok weird thing. I was playing a game of horde rush with my friend (Not_Vhirtue) then the small circle was in the RV park suddenly my friend found the fortbyte
Jack Bennett
You said 41 instead of 14
Enjoy your Holiday Martin
Arch Moo
Thanks bro
Legend, subscribed!
Sawyer’s Bass Lessons
A good backbling with elf is the clover from the lucky rider
Gabriello Zaccaria
Thank you buddy
Spencer Riley
Not 41 it’s 14
LBPfanatic Fortnite rare gamer bro BK fan VGCP
What’s up intheLittlewood I subscribed to your channel I am a new subscriber
Zombie Kings
How is it the same exact ad each time lmao
mY bRiKz
Thank you so much! May you know your work is appreciated!
Funtime Cherry blossom
Thank u <3
What gliding contrail is that??
Epic Plush Bros.
lol you said 41
Connor Pelletier
Only on x-box
Nevaeh x
I like to watch these in the morning then complete it 10 hours later when I sign on lmao
max alvarado
Did any body see the llama he missed
Denis ThePro13
Hey um 14 not 41 xD Lol
Dukeri Yt
You help me every time tysm
Thank u, but quick question 😂 what is your sensitivity.😂
mrpineapple 010
Whered u go on holiday
U n K n O w N
What is that contrail omg i want it
First GamerMMT
You look handsome
Mr. Unspeakable
It 14 not 41
Thank you so much! I looked at the race track 🤦‍♂️
Gacha Funnie
1:19 number 14*
Thank you for fortbyte
Ur the best helper
14 not 41
Rolando RM
subes una informacion bien chida x entontrar los forbites saludos desde MEXICO
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I heart you
Timothy Chapman
There's 41
wilf langman
You know what? Screw the nether
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Your videos are very useful, I watch it everyday
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You’re the best
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Hello everybody! I'm saying "Hello everybody! I'm InTheLittleWood" 24/7! Bye everybody!😹
U got so many subs and likes from these fortbytes congrats