Queens of the Stone Age live @ Gonzo 2007 (Full HD 1080p)

Queens of the Stone Age - Live @ Gonzo 5th Birthday Party, Shepherds Bush Green, London, 12/06/2007. Full concert in 1080p HD. Set list: 00:00 Intro 00:20 Sick, Sick, Sick 03:40 Feel Good Hit of the Summer 07:37 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret 11:07 Misfit Love 17:26 In the Fade 21:24 Little Sister 24:28 Make It Wit Chu 29:15 3's & 7's 32:54 Go With the Flow 36:48 A Song for the Dead Josh Homme Troy Van Leeuwen Joey Castillo Michael Shuman Dean Fertita /> /> /> /> />

This producer and all the operators should have been given OSCARS for this show! It's hard to believe that some video material can be as good as QOTSA music!
This is the best filmed concert I've seen, wow what a job from the filming crew!  Also, BIG UPS FOR THE 1080p UPLOAD! 
7 years later and this is still one of their best performances ever!!
SMB 73
This is filmed and edited like it's a concert film. I'd pay theater prices to see and listen to this on a big screen (popcorn included).
Scruffy Basterd
How happy was the dude who yelled "in the fade" right before the keyboard intro? I don't think they play that often. That was the one Lanagan song of theirs I hadn't heard josh sing.
Deborah Bryant
Misfit Love rocks ... so f'n hard!!!  ty again! xo!
John Doe
I love that at 17:32 some guy in the crowd asks for "In the fade" (a song they rarely play live) and then a couple of seconds later, after the first notes of the song, you can immediately hear the guy screaming "yeaaaaaaaah". That must've felt amazing.
Jorge Mendes
Mikey is a goddamn animal
julian blanco-cerda
God I love this band.
Sound quality is amazing.
Tyler Morgan
The first good thing MTV has done with its self in the past 10 years.   Good work MTV.  Do it again.
Justin Raap
Why is the framerate so low?
Mike Callison
Misfit love for the win....they do it on the henry rollins show and they're freaking awesome unfortunately i cant find the real hd version,its so much better but the audio is good on all the copies out there
36:22 performance so good Obi Wan came down from galaxy far away.
Nerd juice
Queens challenges The mighty zeppelin for the throne of the rock!
Aleff Henrique
4:50 Cocaaaaaaaaaaine
Mauricio Salinas
There is a truly amazed fan at 42:15 ... WOW!
Best "Make it wit chu" live version from far !
John Cooper
I was here! Saw them at Bristol Academy on the era tour and some women with a clipboard outside asked me if I wanted to put my name down to enter a MTV2 competition. A month later got a phone call and there I was. They were supported by Gallows who were equally fantastic. Can't believe it's ten years ago!
Peteris R
I appreciate Troys jams in this one.
Dr. Chim Richels
wow the way this is shot is INTENSE. goddamn.....
Is there anywhere I can find an uncensored version?
Fco Freitas
muito show queens of the stone age sou muito fan de vcs unhas das melhores banda do mundo i love amo vcs mais sucesso
Craig Sanderson
Holy Mary Mother of God,
James Schultz
I could tell just from the thumbnail something was different (I'm a filmmaker). Whoever made this added a lil film grain (which I like) and "skipped frames", which essentially makes the movement more kinetic (not so sure about this, a lil much at times). But I've watched this concert a million times so it's easy for me to notice the difference. Still one of the greatest filmed documents of a concert ever, by one of the greatest bands ever
James Schultz
One of the great filmed concerts _ever!_ it's made life better since I saw it years ago
alex sanchez
Mil gracias a quien subio esto !! Los vere en Septiembre en el Pepsi Center !! :)
Mariano Mattos
One of the best video material.
Luiza Sampaio
I saw this video once on TV when I was maybe 12 or 14. Seeing it again was just amazing! Awesome video, awesome song! Literally crying hahaha
tijash b
i feel so inspired i might have to eat the fire
Free Information
Love the Misfit Love and In The Fade versions here ! J. Hommes slurred voice makes In The Fade something different. I so much hope the band soaks up all the highs and inspiring sections of their own performances. There are many uncut gems wrapped up inside their concerts, that could and should be aired and exercised.
Love this concert. Thanks for the upload.
Quihong Chao
Any chance to get the original file?
I miss that drummer.
O.o O R G A S M I C o.O
Carvalho Negro
PiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiblablaPiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MTV sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jub Jub
What did josh pick up after go with the flow? A bunch of panties? lol
Glen Tannehill
I can't believe MTV actually has a new music video.
Jonas Cabral
please come to argentinaaaAAAAA i can die happy after
pistol goo
My favourite qotsa set list // show of all time
Les Ruk
Uriel Zúñiga
Give this guy an Oscar!!
Strelok 1991
The best video on youtube.
Rodrigo Gonzales
great show
Misfit love
Jeronimo Ferrando
They were on a hurry! Speed up QotSA here
I really wish I was there
im totally in love with this
26:37 "thank you baby" such a gentleman!
Jora Lebedev
totally ace
Jefe Sang
I saw QOTSA live a couple years ago and I reacted like the guy in the crowd when they started In The Fade. I rarely hear that song played in the recorded performances I've seen.
Guaca Mole
I like how he adjusted for the real songs
Guaca Mole
this is the cut that I like with the big buzzz
Hasnizam Mohamed
This performance is sick! Sick! Sick!
Melissa Brown.
robert donaldson
Joey earned his money.
Gabriel Zago
42:15 is me at every concert I go
10 years passed, and the audio & video quality are still awesome!
complete rock stoner modern perdition at its best ( can't hear and see any best in fact then this in its category )
The way this is filmed is really cool. I'm watching this stoned and it has a comic-feel to it :D
Pat Formica
This is porn <3
Saulo Barbosa
This is really fucking good!!!🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Austin Walley
I want this on dvd
Hasnizam Mohamed
Wow! Wowwww!
Albert Curutchet
Min 36:22 - KOL's Caleb Followill wants more!!!
Veli Dervishaj
Sa fiks
Cs Nasty
John Fucking Gordita!!!!!!
Artem Gureev
This is the best shot concert I've ever seen.
Dustin Bustin
over produced like a mofo
Tom Gaffney
Song for the dead was fast as fuck!!!
Dylan Creech
I fucking love this show in particular. The energy is great.
jolly good show
i like you.
Anton Van Puyvelde
Very nice set! Loved it!
Carlo Von Sexron
Came again for my daily like and comment on the good ole QOTSAarchiveFull. Keep em' coming, and I'll keep liking.