Kiesza - Hideaway (Official Video)

Sound Of A Woman Available now (UK DEC 01) /> - - - Spotify: iTunes: (UK) Follow Teflon Sega - /> Follow Lokal Legend on social media! Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> "I'd like thank everyone in NYC who volunteered their time and hard work to make this video possible. Shout out to my brother Blayre for flying out to help me capture this moment. This was truly a team effort and I couldn't have done it without you all!" - Kiesza Produced by Lokal Legend Records Directed by Kiesza, Ljuba Castot and Rami Samir Afuni Editor/Colorist/Director of Photography: Blayre Ellestad Assistant camera: James Clarke Choreographer : Ljuba Castot Dancers (in order of appearance): Leandro Alegria Silva Janete Aide Silva Valerie MsVee Ho Marie Gumdrop Paldrup Martina Android Heimann Ebone Simone Johnson LaShonna Holloway Pierce Buttons Cady Penny Guy: Max Rhyser Skate-by: Josh Pillbox Additional Lockin choreography by Valerie MsVee Ho Makeup: Swain Special thanks: Liana Afuni Ruby Pajii James Rowell Manuel Tilca Chase Ellestad Dickson Adu iTunes: />

Con Jr
Huh. so Misty stopped training pokemon in order to start a career in music.
skinny roach
to find this i literally looked up "song where girl is dancing in street"
El 011
1:55 the girl running was like tf going on 😂
Ian McCulloch
such a relaxed deep house tune! I still listen it. Anymore good suggestions? i also recommend Sky parox-Time and Space, and Eauxby-93
I Viiva
0:35 hi your car trunk is open my guy :/
This is the type of music they play in the mall when you're buying clothes
Imagine being one of the guys in the back at 1:10 and the later discovering the random chick you're watching record something is blowing up on the internet, and you're in it
Cyclone! :3
Connie G
Anybody else notice that everyone in the main dancing were wearing either red or black shoes (with the exception of one person). No? Just Me? cool.
I’m cursed, I can’t stop starring at her knee pads... you’re cursed now! Like
Anybody else watching the people in the background?
CDTV's edgy cousin
Kind of sounds like Kermit the frog when she goes "aaaah"
Dilton Hoffman
2019 ?? Br ♫♪ @cabeludo_77
Itsallgonnabe Okay
0:35 why the heck is the boot open interesting
Fernando Borrego
Excellent camera work.
its that type of song u hear at H&M
Mello :3
this is like a k pop vid without special effects
Oof ahh ahh oof (is it a roblox?)
Great video...I wonder how many takes that took?? All one continuous shot!!
first name
*where are the 2019 homies?*
Cristian Simone
Alright regardless of if you like the song or not... You've got to respect that this entire video is one continuous shot.
Bérges Momba
2018 november? Edit: 109 like wtf
drhulk infinitygautlet
*Repeat she will arrive in the same taxi*
Kawii hampsters
I'm here from the future 2019
Ok this song has some cursed karma thing goin on - two times in a car crash when this song comes up on radio :/
So misty gave up her career as a Pokemon trainer and pursued her career in Singing
Trelax GD
eugene edwards
michael jackson is pettier ........ not be back please
Nour Lmh
Its already been 5 years 💔 I really started feeling old
haha i can see the camera guy in the taxi's window
Yaseen Baker
(Walks around town) Oooh... Aaaaah... Oooh... Aaaaah!
Yazeed Kloob
Every song comment ever 2018?
0:21 i literally thought he was gonna kidnap her
twisted sneeze
The only reason it's got millions of views is because of the oohhhhs and awwwws
Kids непоседа
Ставьте лайк пусть думают что я что-то прикольное написал)
She didn't pay the Taxi driver
This song will make a come back in 2019, it's super good .
what a beautiful performance. takes me bake to the ninetees house music parties 💥 ❤️
Claire Pickering
I Like this song
I like to eat cats
It’s a shame she never reached humongous peaks after this song.
In the background there's just some random guys watching them all dance
Joe Liu
0:36 the trunk of the car didn't close.
Ella Mae
0:24 I thought the guy behind her was just a random stranger 😂😂 and I thought he just randomly picked her up
Dilan Moya
Sarsenbek Nazibekov
саған алғашқы болып коментарий жазып отырған бұл мен жалғыз қазақпын Қазақстаннан Америкаға сәлем
LilyGaby CriZ
YOU ALL NEED TO STOP EXPECTING PEOPLE TO BE PERFECT. I see comments like "no boobs" "she's ugly" (and who are u to say who is ugly who is not? ) NOBODY IS PERFECT. You all need to stop expecting and START ACCEPTING, LIVING, LOVING! and by the way I love the song and dance ❤️👌
deadass searched up “girl singing oo ah oo ah” fml 😂
Lyrics: U A
I remember this being the anthem of the summer back in 2014. Good times...
Kookie V
The people in the background are just standing confused and lost!💜
i found this song by searching "white girl dancing on street music video"
nonya biz
I love how the dudes in the back left are like "ahhhh shit... i think weez in a music video brah..."
Essa música ainda vira meme, vai pôr mim skksksksks❤️😍
Streets of Rage in my day was 2D. Where are the upper cuts and boom boxes? Gotta keep it real with that 90s beat!
Anyone listening to this song in 2187?
Sarah Sans's Wife
Dude thus was my childhood. I uses to listen to this until I memorized the lyrics. I used to practice the dance moves until I had the whole routine down. Such nostalgia.
The Depressed Ballerina
She reminds me of Michael Jackson in the thumbnail.
Parodie Italianizzate
0:27 per chi é Italiano, in questo momento dice "io aggiusto hardware, io aggiusto fili" ahhaha xD. Stessa cosa in questo punto 3:03
Johny Leventis
Very good timing of flow between choreography and music
Alexander Manso
tried to find this by searching ooh ahh ahh ooh. 100% success.
Roxana Stamatoiu
xxxtentacion lloll
Me: **searches OOOH AAAH** -actually comes up- Me: omg wtf?
Baby Girl
Haha Emrahs song😂😂
I love house music that has got that 90's sound!
Stephen F.
OMG! 😨 She left her blouse in the taxi !!
I like the concept but the execution was disappointing
PARSA paul
2020 ?
Sumika Playzz
Every old song is on TikTok even this song😂
Dz Mimo
I smell the 90s here! do you agree with me?!
ΔΞLTΛ esports bluey
cringe 100
Her belly so perfect... I really enjoyed it.
soon as i first heard this immediately thought of late great frankie knuckles and the old skool house sound love this tune
Menina DoMato
That's a fun kind of hood.
Michelle KIM
The people behind them are like "wtf are they doing"
Letisha Scott-Stevens
Those dudes in the back are like what are they doing
Crispy Crisps
This song will never stop being in my recommondations
I'm getting a Living Color vibe.
hi hi hi and welcome hi
Pixie Burger
Lmao was i the only one looking at the people in the background staring at her? Lmao their probably like "wtf is she doing " lol
Kamiya Simmons
Omg I remeber this from so long ago 😭
David Jackson
Got a slight Cathy Dennis Vibe!
Ethan Stamey
She’s cute. Just saying.
I'm still amazed by this video She got a beautyfull voice
Just imagine that in the end she couldn't open the door of the car
Jonathas Mesquita
top , coreografia perfeita amei
up donghyuck’ ass
god this is so legendary
Imagine not knowing who she is and casually just minding you own buisness then seeing like 7 or more people dancing on the sidewalk with a man (or woman) with a BIG camera recording them. 😂😂
KTM Perera
This also must watch video . A Star is Born Soundtrack Explicit Lyrics. @t
Javy Low
Williamsburg Brooklyn
Amanda Burger
Background dancers make this vid!!!
Mars mars
мерс ахуенный
What's My Name
1:37 that bg sound reminds me of a Crystal Castle song
Nahuel Facundo
excellent choreography!
Loco Coco
Вышли обезьяны поплясали
Tik-Tok anyone?
Monica Villada
Still so awesome
Yura Franko
Omg, in trend 2019....👏
Holy crap, this was really amazing! One solid shot!
to find this song i searched for „uu ah ah uu“
Bess Kinde
I've watched this a hundred times and just noticed she has knee pads on