Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (GBA) with download link

To celebrate Mortal Kombat's 25 anniversery, videos from now until the day after the anniversery will be only original MK videos! In this video, we have MK Deadly Alliance on the Gameboy Advance. Tournament Edition will be uploaded next and no, I won't be uploading Mortal Kombat Advance because that game is just straight shit. This game along side Tournament Edition is so fun to play despite it's age. In fact it's so fun that I played a lot of it before recording this as you can see from my unlocks. Gameplay is pretty much a simplied version of the original MKDA with the exception of the weapon stance which have been changed here to weapon special moves. Graphics is clearly dated but the sound is good. Overall for a GBA game? It's pretty good, especially compared to MK Advance! Emulator: /> Rom: />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➢ End Screen by Midway ➢ Throne Room Music by Netherrealm Studios OTHER LINKS ➢ FB: />➢ GOOGLE+: />➢ STEAM: /> MK MUGEN COMMUNITY GROUPS: ➢ FACEBOOK GROUP: />➢ FORUM /> OTHER INFO ➢ BUSINESS CONTACT: [email protected] ➢ EDITOR: Camtasia Studio ➢ RECORDER: Bandicam/Camtasia Recorder ➢ If you have a stage you want to request to be in the next end screen, comment the stage name and creator! Adding a download link to the stage will give you a higher chance to be chosen! This is a good chance to show off your own stage! ➢ If you wish for me to make a video on your project, I will happily do so. Comment that you wish for me to make a video on your project and then I'll personally YouTube message you about the details. On the same subject, if you have a old MKP game that I haven't uploaded yet. Feel free to send me the link and I'll upload a video on it with your credits for sending me the game. ➢ If the description or credits are wrong or you want for it to be removed. Please comment on the video that you have credit problems with and we can positively sort it out.

To celebrate Mortal Kombat's 25 anniversery, videos from now until the day after the anniversery will be only original MK videos! Next video is Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition.
FBG Keeon
I loved this mk bcus of the skins you can pic 🔥🔥
Tu Amigo Hyro
I have MK : Tournament Edition and Deadly Alliance
Could this be a leak for MKDA mugen? Lol
Karen Villacreses
me acabas de hacer feliz :'C busque este juego por mucho tiempo....ya lo puedo jugar :'D ahora si.....a destruir el teclado <3
Miguel Murcia
este mortal kombat deadly alliance GBA es bueno incluyendo el stage the swamp ya que este no esta en el GameCube solo concep art del stage...el gameplay es bueno...personaje favoritos kung lao y sub zero :)
Mortal Kombat
Thanks mka but the ultimate mortal kombat 3 HD didn't what to download the download link is broken
Karen Villacreses
tenga su like buen hombre......
Still remember how much this suckz.
I used to play this game, I can't remember clearly but wasn't there a money cheat for both game's, but I have to admit the fatality sucked, they were like bad versions of the ones in the original
DeathCold_ LongplaysUA
I remember that i was playing this game like crazy, when i find out about emulators and all that stuff. I was wanted to play MK DA so badly that i even starting to download PS2 version for PCSX2 emulator, but it was working in 5 - 15 FPS, so i just deleted it, and start to playing GBA version. Then i found out about Dolphin emulator, and that where it all begins. I downloaded MK DA, MK D and MKA, and i was so happy that FINALLY i had a chance to play normally in the games, which i was wanted to play from the first time that found out about them. And now i'm playing MK Armageddon only, because, why do you need MKDA and MKD when you have MKA with all characters in it and very good KAF mode, where you can create you own character?
Ronny 12301
why nobody makes a mugen of this?