Top 10 Muaythai Knockouts

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Terry Crews
holy shit, what is the purpose  of making them wear gloves, when their hitting someone  with something much harder then a fist
Crossedkiller H
I may have to rethink about signing in muay thai classes.
gogo cat
Ouch that elbow , muay thai is no joke man
lol looks dangerous but really effective for self defense i think
Elliott Neblett
the white guy is brutal with the elbows. he's on here about 3 or 4 times KOing people with the bows.
brogo ram
they stop attacking when the opponent are down.. thats a pure fighter! Not like those UFC idiots..
Thailand does not fuck around. I Learned that from watching Ong Bak.
Siri the Siamese Grey Wolf
I'm Thai and I would say that German fighter are remarkable and that spinning elbow are absolutely beautiful! I'm learning muay boran (traditional muay thai) I would say its deadlier than sport muay thai like this but I'm not mean to underestimate sport muay thai its okay but some arts of muay thai are lost and forgotten sadly because it's too dangerous,any martial arts in this world can be use and I think we should respect in their arts of fighting,if you want to tell some martial art are bad.Blame who practice it don't blame the arts.
Where is lee sin?
Changmo Kim
That white muay thai fighter has to be one of the most proficient at the elbow blows I've seen holy
Matt West
Love how respectful these blokes are towards one another rather than ufc where they knock their opponents out then jump on top of them
Wouldn't like to get caught with some of those elbow knockouts lol.
Cup One
I have seen a lot of people in comment saying that if you get close to a Muay thai fighter you can do anything, "their main weapon are the legs". This is completely wrong, Muay thai is the art of eight limb, and one of their deadliest weapon is rather the elbow. I am a thai guy and have trained in the arts since I was young. Seen others saying it's not effective in street fight as you use legs, eg. you can swings your leg like that in street fight. Again, in Thailand, fighters know that close distance is an elbow zone, thus you might see a lot of thai fighters measuring the opponent reach and plan their strategy out, skimming opponents with kicks, theep, or just hand push. Please dont forget about elbows and knees they are also the main weapons in Thai Arts. Muay boran, main emphasis on Look Mai, and Mae Mai (Minor and Major techniques) focus a lot of the use of elbows. Punching and Roundhouse kickings are really minor.
that elbow would break a normal person's neck : |
Is the guy from rank 2 still alive after this kick?
Mauro Alejandro
And buakaw destroy enriko
Zandar X
having done several Muay Thai fights in my younger years, theres nothing like an elbow to the treehouse. And it doesnt matter what this art does vs that art...its irrelevant.  Muay Thai is Muay Thai, karate is karate and MMA is MMA..its the respective skill training and experience of the fighters that make them work, based on the situation.
Dr. Fun
Dude at 4 and 1 really favors those turnaround elbows huh
These guys are brutal. So much power and precision. Enriko knocked those guys out pretty good. And then Buakaw comes in and takes Enriko like he's a beginner. God, Buakaw is on a whole other level.
3:43 spinning back kick to the head was brutal. The elbows seem brutal also. Maybe why that's why we have American Style Boxing. Sort of a cleaner, more refined version of brutality.
i take muay Thai 😀
Tera deco
Leg = Baseball bat Elbow = Sledgehammer So good luck if you're going to fight someone who know Muaythai.
That last one, the 180° Elbow was just wild. You can destroy somebody if you know Muay Thai.
John Close
Does anyone else think its funny that Enriko Kehl here has two fantastic KO's via spinning back elbows yet when fought against Buakaw & began to try them (as well as spinning back fists and some desperation attacks) Buakaw smiled that evil grin & elbowed more than I've ever seen him in any fight?  He also cut Kehl open to end the fight via elbow to a humiliated looking Kehl.
4:42 Wow... that guy's attempted punch after the kick is super scummy. I know it was probably heat of the moment, but he just delivered a super hard kick to the dude's head. No need to swing another punch, unless he wants to chance doing serious damage. Lack of restraint/discipline?
นายเอ นามไม่สมมุติ
ไอ้ตัวอันดับหนี่งที่มันโดน บัวขาว ศอกน็อคไปหนิคับ .. 
Peach Peach
This should be Top 10 elbow in muay thai.
joe Yaz
i have the most respect for muaythai fighters but i feel like a lot of the people who are more experienced in the sport are showing signs of brain damage. just saying if you disagree with me post a comment
Anyone got the music?
#2 should've been number 1
Alexis Beltrán
This martial art is the best
Sergio Corral
God damn Enriko sure is a beast. 
ฝรั้งเก่งๆเพราะครูมวยเก่งๆ ไปสอนให้หมด ลูกแก้ลูกกัน ความแข็งแรงก็เหนือกว่า ติดแค่ประสบการณ์ ฝรั่งทุกคนคิดเหมือนกันหมด อยากมาชกที่ไทย ถ้าแพ้ก็เอาตรงนั้นไปเรียนรู้ ถ้าชนะโปรไฟล์หรูเลยล่ะ สว่นมวยเรา แม่ง ต่อยตามเงินพนัน ฝีมือเก่งๆเลยไม่ค่อยได้เอามาใช้ เชื่อเถอะ นักมวยไทย ทุกคนฝีมือ ไม่ด้อยกว่าฝรั่ง เก่งๆ เพียงแต่ยุคนี้มันต่อยตามเงิน
Alek kitler
elbow back and knee is dangerues for Muaythai.
rhy buccahan
This need a remake and so that you can add Buakaw vs Enriko Kehl's fight. Buakaw dodge and countered Kehl's Elbows and backfist and even K.O'd him.
Fethi Gaming
I finally figured out why they call it "Muay Thai": because the victim ends up screaming, "My thigh, my thigh!"
4:10 I swear just looking at that made one of my teeth fly out.
this is why i'm glad i'm thai
Srdjan Glusac
johnny cage style
Frong Yoskorn
เดี่ยวนี้ฝรั่งเก่งวะ เยี่ยมเลย :D
ถาวร บุญพิทักษ์
นักมวยไทยเวลาไปชกต่างประเทศ หรือชกกับนักมวยต่างชาติมักไม่กล้าออกอาวุธเหมือนเวลาชกตามปกติ ผิดกับนักมวยต่างชาติจะขยันออกอาวุธ ทั้งๆที่ออกมาไม่ถูกต้องตามแบบมวยไทยดูเก้ๆกังๆเขาก็พยามออก ถ้านักมวยตางชาติออกได้ถูกต้องจะดูหน้ากลัวมาก เพราะความใจถึงกล้าออกอาวุธ นักมวยไทยถ้ากล้าออกอวุธก็จะเหมือนบัวขาวหรือไม่ก็น้องๆบัวขาวเลยละ ฝากด้วยนะนักมวยไทย
Ray M
That last one was a sweet ass combination.
Ben Rothermel
Anyone wondering what the song is called, it is Full Tilt - Coup De Grace
they wear huge padded gloves but still use their elbows? i dont get it
Harry Houghton
I liked it when buakaw split enrikos head open tho...
fi fa
That elbow can kill normal person.
Pablo Andres Gorricho
4:14 That guy just cracked open that other guy's brow with his elbow
Dimitry Kingship
what is the music used in the background of this video?
Ironically, Buakaw wrecked #1 with elbows
John RoastPotato
if i stopped training in muay thai and never went back would i become a lot weaker? like would i get slower and less powerful, would my abs and bones such as shins stay conditioned or get weaker? pls answer
1:52 did that referee just tried to steal teeth protection?
It's no wonder Buakaw took this guy apart (Kehl), his spinning elbows take most guys by surprise, but Buakaw had his own bag of tricks and whipped his ass.
กฤษกร บุญญรัตนโต
ฝรั่งเค้าพัฒนาจนแข็งแกร่งจริงๆ อยากให้ไทยไฟว์ เอาฝรั่งเก่งๆไปต่อยหน่อยไม่ใช่เอาหมูไปให้นักมวยไทยเชือดอย่างเดียว กากมาก Thai fight
Morgan Dale
Going to start my first muay thai training session soon. Is it a sport I should get into? How dangerous is it?
Ardashes Najarian
#2 just looked so damn painful. Muay Thai is ridiculous
hhikennedi _YT
Proud to be thai😬
Sudhanshu Tripathi
i think the no. 2 should be at no.1 it was a splendid back kick
Lela Labartkava
I don't see point of saying MMA,is idiotic compared to this when MMA has this in the arsenal
ณฐาภพ กลิ่นชาติ
not real muaythai
elbows make this so brutal sport
buakaw whooped him, with elbow
enriko tried that spinning elbow againts buakaw and he got knot out
Sunny Armstrong
where is buakaw ???
Those elbows though.
Marcin Więckowski
second is the best :D
Raven Pearl
does anyone know the name of song in background?please
Korn Kgb
Enriko ต่อยฉลาดมาก ศอกแรกเป็นการหลอกไม่หวังผล ในขณะที่คู่ต่อสู้กำลัง งวยงง ศอกกลับตามมาติดๆ หลับสนิท หากินไม้นี้มาหลายไฟต์แล้ว  
Shi No Shi
The female titan brought me here. I want to see someone get decapitated. #7 xD
Three elbow ko´s by the Kehl brothers!!!
OMG 3:33 brutal kick man :O
Beas alone master
Next  time   .............   Buakaw Banchamek vs Enriko Kehl 
Ludwig Johansson
song name pls?
Trevoir Kraubs
Wasn't that a Kyokushin kick at 3.35? Enrico Kehl is very good with elbows though
Brandon Holsather
I have to say if train enough using elbows no are no problem to use at all in a fight. And if you train you will remember to set up elbow with punch. And to say someone would forget how to use those moves that trained is wrong. I can say for sure someone with 8 months or more of training would at least have skills to use it on untrained fighter easily. And an untrained fighter won't knockout trained fighter in one punch there form is so bad it won't land. And even if it did it would lack power because improper form and be ineffective
Grégoire Greg
Les coups de coude retourné... Ouch.
Looks like Herr Kehl is quite handy with his elbows! (Forgive the pun;)
Bolat Andrei
Song in the background is Full Tilt - Coup de Grace.
knockout 4 and 1...elbow power!!!
pantheon sparta
lee sin is proud , 750/750 tears fully stacked  :"(
Something Different
That one dude is deadly with his spinning elbow. It's both fully defensive and offensive when he executes it. The back roundhouse kick was cool, but probably rarely contact. More of a Tae Kwon Do move then Muay.
Lance King
Simple things done right, win fights! 
Frost Bite
Enriko Kehl may be on this list twice and has the number one spot, nastiest elbow knockout. But those elbows did not work on Buakaw. Kehl got beat.
Bamford Steele
Holy shit that is some effective and brutal fighting.
Jozef Oberuč
name of song: Groove Addicts -Full Tilt Black 2 [Coup De Grace]
Jacob Harrison
Awesome vid dude well done bruv
2 bangaz4lifeyz 416
2.07 that hook is beautiful,right on the sweet spot
Justin Colon
Just so we're clear the gloves aren't meant to protect the person getting hit.
Dave McKay
I wish knockouts were safer.
Oh heck that elbow
Irao Maiden
nota 10
Mikael Laitinen
Joe Jarrell
Taekwondo is a lot better than Muay Thai 😐
I think I've found my sport. I've got the hardest, sharpest bulkiest elbows that already cause damage just swinging around innocently lol. Imagine learning these techniques
i dont understand that, how can they let the fighters on the floor, they could die with that knockouts.
Elbows should be illegal. It seems that's all the elbow guy knows.
spiros alakaleele
2:27 winner's name plz?
nr 1 i call him elbow boy:)
#1 lost to buawkao , did he ?
Warg, the 1st
Elbows are so cheap in competitive fighting... Effective and painful, indeed, but cheap. If elbows are allowed, why cover fists with gloves? There's no reason to allow elbows while simultaneously having rules to fight gloved.
Manhas no Android