Forge - version for Horn of the Abyss (by Mod Design Team)

►Author: Mod Design Team and Morglin ►Download: />►Installation: 0. It was tested only on English HotA 1. Unpack "Forge" in your HotA directory 2. Run h3forge.exe

Możecie wyjaśnić jak to działa? Do głównego HoTA to weszło czy jak?
David Dufourq
So awesome! Amazing work, thank you!
Gall Anonim
If it only didn't remove Stronghold, I would install it without thinkin
Well, it's time to open that Homm folder again. Thanks for everyone who worked on this mod
Replace 🤐
Peter Stec
It was a bit sad to see that mod replaces town - unlike VCMI that adds. Also there is no questmap - which replaced with blackscreen and words "non implemented yet" (and yes there also MDT alien pixelised picture on those screen). Also get crash when hero wisits mage guild with replaced spell. But this is nice mod to mod, let`s hope it evolve further.
Lý Tuyết Nhi
How do you play this with the HD mod ? I tried this on the HD client but when the hero moves the game crashes. But this doesn't happen to the normal client.
I've actually warmed up to this version of the town over the last weeks. But still, the stats on that Dreadnought bother me, they should be way higher:(
o ile Cove jeszcze pasowało do klimatu H3 tak ten zamek to juz w ogole odlot. Jak dla mnie psuje klimat H3. Może jeszcze Zamek z czołgami i samolotami ?
Seen that Forge mod already. Not a big fan of either the lineup, or the creatures' stats. Originally, the Forge creatures were supposed to be the strongest in the entire game, balanced by low growth. This is well-made for sure, but I suppose I'll wait for the HotA team's official Forge (in fact, I've been waiting for it with bated breath for a long time now :P)
Robots rly?(((
Phan Tomas
Szkoda, że nie wprowadzą tego do Hoty .
Jakub Wojciechowski
This new part of Star Wars looks great!