GTA IV Epic Ragdolls Episode 1 - Directed by Swixtor

Here I present the original Epic Ragdolls for GTA IV. This was and is the first professionally made video for GTA IV Euphoria on YouTube. Enjoy.

Why do I find people jumping off buildings entertaining
Jimmy G
GTA V: Better Graphics GTA IV: Better Physics
Deadpan Coolman
5:21 when your mom says you having pancakes for *breakfast*
Arnold of Astora
3:16 when a parkour stunt video goes wrong
What's for breakfast? 5:21
Meister Ämon
9:35 He says LOOOOL
Nice..... NICE! Gta 4 in 2018!)
6:22 falls down and died... [guy in the car]- Hello?
Kylez :P PH
8:24 *Someone died infront of them* "Hi!"
Bruno dimitri Abe tchombe
0:23 lol someone just fall from nowhere and she just says...
RedKnight PLAYZ
3:16 spiderman 2 reference when he jumps and thinks his powers is back but....hahahha
Charles 8777
considering the age of GTA IV, the game is way ahead of its time
Muffins Mobile
Everything about GTA 4 is way better than GTA V
Joshua Atkinson
Wow that was cool swixtor I love when he landed. 6:01
Back when vehicles and guns weren't so expensive.
Pritam Ghosh
GTA 4 Is Best Till 2018... Those user Love to Play GTA 4 Like my Comment 🙂
Amin Shokri
This goat simulator 2 trailer is awesome!
Kid X 2Krazy
GTA 4 will 4 ever be the 🐐
Dr. Doge
Like a boss 0:58
0:26 That looked especially painful.
Dull boi
My first comment on your channel was about nicko bellic and now you are playing gta4 +respect lol
Donald gang
0:50, when you think your a superhero
0:02 *ting* AAAAAHHHHHHH
Demario 2
This was more satisfying than funny for me.
They should make this a game... only the ragdoll component...
Канал Гетьмана
Is he using an invincibility mod? I am pretty sure they would die
Jackie Bahena
Clip five is a trickshot
Gta 6 must have a physics like gta 4 and people will react when u die or fall in high place
ChocoCake 5
I think he s controlling him
I just found this channel today and it's... *AMAZING*
Wiffty _
3:15 to 3:18 so close
0:51 me
The Rockstar Gamer
People: GTA IV has realistic physics Me: 0:43
Dr. Deriquito
Ur stomach really has that feeling when u fall down a building watching this
Luis: you want me to keep doing this. get up and you you be Dead
Jackie Bahena
On a clip the girl landed the jump
Best ones I've ever seen by far. This fulfills my GTA crazy falls/ragdoll fetishes.
:D I remember this game :( Thank You.
Lucky Jazzy
GTA 4 Physics is way more realistic than GTA 5
Nathan Gurule
Me: *watches people fall for 10 minutes*
Josh Bennett
0:51 Friend: I’m outside Me: on my way fam
Bwoser Pwoser
This video is amazing
Nico fall from building NPC : *HELLO*
Daniel monkey Thomas
Tip: Do not go on the top of a building when your drunk
The Ninja
Girlfriend: im over u me: 9:42
Sharice Mosley
Swing of death AKA (real name) I DON WANNA GO TO SCHOOL
5:20 how the mission "...Out of The Closet" from gta IV should have ended
Carl Fredrik Ahl
Awesome! Plz do more GTA 4 ragdoll videos like this
Charly Romero
I have the game but how do you make him go ragdoll When jumping , i know thatin gta5 you can do it but i dint know that u can do it in thisgame
little turtle man 77
First xd
HELL YEAH GTA4 IN 2018 and nice video +1 like
Dr Donald Blake
Brilliant. *GTA 4* 2018👍👍👍👍👍 BTW the people look like they're half cut before they jump.......😂
MrDishSponge Spongebobsqaurepants
Ay This Is Actually Kinda Better Than GTA4
Blue RainKush
Gta 4 always had the most fun physics if my gta 4 disc still worked I'd be playing it right now
How did you make a ragdoll mod thats is v 104 compatible with EFLC?
Brendan Walsh
I love gta 4 and 5 but gta 4 had the best wacky physics
Blox Builder2016
2:22 when ur drunk on top of a building tryna base jump
Sir Quacc
0:59 **time stops** Yup, that’s me. You might wanna know how i got myself in this situation. Well it all began like this...
Марк Star
5:23 когда опоздал на ужин
YEETER69 _696969669
I love GTA IV ragdoll physics physics more than GTA V cuz they're more funny I like them all but you can put mods on GTA V to look like GTA 4 keep up the good work man I love you videos
h Chandra
ThiS is so satisfying 😂
Surprisingly u got more health on gta 4 than gta 5 :_
GTA iv - bouncy bouncy GTA V- moving on the ground
Am I the only person who liked gta IV physics a little bit more? And that was effing epic at 1:01
Irie Cyattie
Hell Dragon
GTA 4 physics are much better than gta 5 because all AI go crazy when you aim /punch something
Meister Ämon
0:51 Parcour video go's Wrong 😂
Kirill Litvinenko
gta 4 have the best ragdoll physics
Sugarhouse Fan
Johnny lands in the back of the truck lol
I’m a hacker
GTA 4 Is my favourite grand theft auto game
The gamer tv Gamer
At 2:50 he’s so much rag doll 🤪🤪🤪
White Wolfz
OK-Arda Oyunda 2
Im from Turkey. I dont watch foreigner channels but your channel very good. Make this vids more
Ur da best keep making more ragdoll vids they are very funny
The swing set never dies
malna {:723:}
Hi! In the game (on map) where is this playground? And how change your skin? This is a mod? How to unlock this ragdoll?Whats button?
crazy boy
Yes gta 4 ragdol compilation
Dominick Figueroa
6:27 when ur parkour goes right but then goes wrong
Gabriel Rodriguez
I just noticed you published this vid on my b day (:
Gta 4 nice optimization gta 5 nice
Elis Wesnog
With gta4 the ragdoll is already good and you just a mod to look around and have the cam last longer for it to be like the gta 5 ones👍👍👍👍👍🤐😀
Deadpool I LIKE GUNS
That one guy In the brown Jacket Missed a step When he jumped
Stealthy Assassin
Plz do some ragdolls with N.O.O.S.E
Jon Samuels
Yup! U just watched nearly a minutes of gta people jumping flailing and flopping all over the place! 🤣 a d u read the comments while doin it! 😂
Niranjan Reddy
Guys I wanted to ask a doubt! is that physics real? (Don't mind my English xD) this
Who else had the thought when the lady with the parachute jumped off "PULL IT! PULL IT! PULL IT!"
Sadar Hidayat
0:08 Girl come out from home see guy get hit karma happened
when you get 50 dollers from your birthday, then the next day its all gone 0:17
Jared Safren
luv the vids
Ultimate Super Sayian Gamer Z
0:58 right on the back of the car!! Damn
Danny Alaniz
The jump at 0:18 was so satisfying. He hits the edge every time
I wish my GTA4 would run...
Brick Bros
5:20 When my dad tells me he bought me assassins creed origins
you stupid twat
I wonder how many people, including kids, click on GTA 4 videos and get hella confused.
David Thangman
I will play gta iv with high and realistic graphic.
General Frog
They remind me of drunk Russian
Samu 8
I lake is parte 1
Storm Trooper
Omg yiss so satisfying!!! Good work!