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and what is the bloody price then?
Tariq Garchomp
I've never wanted a van so bad.
Mercedes has somehow made a van desirable. Very desirable imo.
AMG version?
can you review a eurofighter typhoon, im very interested in buying one and im not sure about the interior quality and reliability many thanks
Doug DeMuro reviewed the shuttle version. Doug, This is a Mercedes Benz Minivan.
Ginny's enthusiasm really works well in this review!
Yazan Al Tawalbeh
lovely language lovely introducing lovely smiley face :)
Wow, Ginny's attractive.
Shreyas Patil
Now kidnap people with convenience.
Looks better than a Ford Transit or a VW transporter
Mercedes "tablet" screen looks like shit on all their models..just terrible...Waiting to see what Brabus can do with this
Today I had the chance to drive the new V-class and I loved it! Never thought driving a van could be this good... It rides so smoothly! It's so easy to drive and it's even quick. Ours is the 250d and even tho it's a big and heavy van, it feels great at 170kmh in the left lane on the Autobahn. It's also stable in corners. Our last van, an Iveco was terrible in corners. Leaning and bouncing all over the place. The interior of this thing is beautifly made with wood trim and the driver''s seat is extremely comfortable. The audio system is probably the best van system I've heard and it has electric sliding doors that make my inner 9-year old happy.. Now there are two vans that I like. The VW Multivan and the V-class.
amirul zamir
You brits aint seen toyota alphard/vellfire yet
doug demoron should watch this
Just wondering, can you still close the back if the van battery is dead? 03:40
liam shin
"The boot os twice as big at the galaxy"
And where's the Volkswagen Multivan T6???
Daniel J
Finally you post something!!😂
gorrila m
"History of making good vans" LOL Mercedes vans rust badly within five years of use.
Henry Rahardja
if you think the V-class is luxurious, you should go to Asia and try Japan's big size MPV like Toyota Alphard, Honda Elysion, and Nissan Elgrand. They're on pretty different level in term of equipment and feature
Fake Toyota Alphard?
James Johansson
Mahin Ahmed
Volvo is my pick here
Anyone interested in this thing should try googling "Toyota alphard". Seriously just import one from Japan instead of buying this thing.
Oscar Fitz
This is great for Taxis as I've seen a few of them in London, Dublin, Munich & Salsburg
Mario D. Zmaj
I drive a 1998 wv transporter, would this be an upgrade?
oh mat u still havent done that review for me;)
Adeel Nazir
Can you do a review of Volkswagen caddy maxi life 7 seater please
Sam R
I prefer the new bird, I think she is better, and of course more to my taste. :-)
Vinicius Sfredo
When is the AMG version coming out?
When you want to survive a zombie apocalypse in style 😂
Cameron S
what I love about this van is that you can get the same wheels on the Maybach s600 lmao
What, no Trade Mark Carbuyer big bottle test?
Ty Red
a 4x4 version ?
Mercedes V-an Class
I still prefer the vw caravelle... God I love that thing!
Richard Williams
She’s been in one or two vans over the years 🤭😂
Lisong Meng
waiting for the next truck review
Hozhun Vylox
Toyota Alphard / Vellfire much better
tok ling
help question please I need an answer what's the difference between XUV, AUV, MPV, SUV.....???
Patrick Chung
not available in North America? common Mercedes!
"Shake, rattle and roll" sounds like my collage bus, a 12 year old called Dennis.
Toyota Velfire and Alphard epitome of the glamorous van
Ruben FZ
You can buy this instead of a house basically
NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
not a mpv its a van ! compare it to caravelle not galaxy or sharan
Kevin Insan
rear design reminds me of peugeot partner ,lack of originality
Linda Kheswa
Isn;t the competition also the VW Touran?
Dylan Bandle
U do know a viano can do so much more and it's cheaper
Iced T
This is a good review ... nice!
Sebastian Lim
Ashwin Krishnan
Sport model in a van. Hehehehe...
Noah Thomas-Njanque
When is your next sports car review?
Andy Tan
You probably never heard of the Toyota Vellfire, this V class isn't even close
Gisellekalenga Nkongolo
Mercedes Benz Is Black
love all your vids
A lot of road noise
Jacqueline Muema
guys have you ever noticed that she never shows when she is gettin in to the back
Tim Young
That table looks flimsy
Matthew Keleman
In the usa it is the metris
Darragh Byrne
Chris hepburn
She is gorgeous,wow
Jayesh Ramnarainsing
Hey carbuyer :) ive watched all your videos:) can you please review the mercedes e cabriolet and the mercedes cls please?:) that would be great :) thank you in advance.
Theodore Vasilopoulos
so it's nice, quite and upmarket when it's standing still??? :)
David Hayes
The biggest thorn in the V class side is the VW transporter/caravelle. It holds its value better too.
Yinuo W
inb4 v63 amg
Taranpreet Dhillon
K Uddin
Will anyone other than chauffeurs and minicab drivers buy this? Doubt it
Toyota Alphard is still King
ThatGuyNamedScott. C
Don't think she understands there's two interiors... The ones builders will use have a different dash you won't care about wrecking
Vitárius László
4:54 :)
Jim H
What is the fuel consumption
P Cat
Same test area as carwow
Dennis Berkhout
@Carbuyer Can those middle seats be put in the forward direction or is it fixed this way from the factory?
Gisellekalenga Nkongolo
Mercedes Benz Is Black
no sunroof?
S class mpv.
Norman Cheh
i still think the germans cant compete with the Japanese makes in this category. The Toyota Vellfire have been able to do all those things the Mercedes claims to be state of the art innovation for people carrier and most important of all the japanese makes looks so much better than the mercedes.
Alex Donciu
Ce tare
Mo B
Uncle Ben
Give me the girl haha!
Art Key
Real motoring expertise.... Right. What about realistic options, like the new Carnival, the Espace or something American.
Calvin Chann
Sweeping lines?
gary savage
I didn't think £50000k was dear? Tell me if I'm wrong
Mark O
I hired one of these via budget car rental in Barcelona. I couldn't have imagined that the Germans would make such a large car with such poor parking sensors. Ok the one I had wasn't a sport or executive model, but I still expect a constant beeping and a visual dashboard visual notification as I'm getting closer to the object behind me. All I got was about 2 seconds of beeping just before the thud of contact. I actually returned the first one back to the base as I was convinced there was a major fault. The replacement cars sensors were only marginally better. Funnily enough all the ones the budget had in their Barcelona airport fleet were showing signs of rear scrapes. I wonder why. I'm guessing Mercedes are trying to make people spend extra on a rear camera. Space wise, the van is excellent. But as a previous commenter pointed out, the seats are not the most flexible. For example the rear 3 don't fold flat to the floor. That would be really useful. Straight line speed is very good, so I can't complain about the performance of the vehicle on the Spanish motorways. Given its size I wouldn't push it on the twisty turny roads. I'll be given another one by Budget this summer 2019. At least I know what to failings of the are.
The Lucky dog Vlogs
When it gotta be available in America
Schwifty Nifty
annouce lemar
Herry Kaler
Where do you get one of those?!
Abu Amin
This is not for the faint hearted
When I’m older I might get that car
Luke Parsons
The one thing I disliked about this MPV is the seats facing backwards. It looks good on paper and in a situation where you are stopped for a picnic (and it's raining), it's great.. but so many people get car sickness from travelling backwards.. enough that it would make that row of seats useless to a lot of people.
I am Allergic to Ford's, sorry. dad had a first gen Galaxy and it was... a Nightmare to say the least. no seriously it was. on the E4 all of the sudden it just quit and we got almost run over my an 18 wheeler from behind.
Luis C.M.
Dougscore 10000
shes been inside one or two vans!
"They've got a long history of building excellent vans", really? My last van was a vito worst van I've ever had, noisy, uncomfortable, slow, horrible to drive crap on fuel and don't get me started on the foot operated hand brake. Not to mention they rust like crazy and aren't reliable, mine blew up at 50k miles. I then inherited a 90k mile be transporter, miles better
Jack Coe
This doesn't have something a Kia has - rear heated seats!
Bring this to indonesia please, it can compete with toyota alphard, nissan elgrand, and vw caravelle....
Cameron Williams
Tank investor latter declare sake finding destroy popularity gaze.