OZORA Festival 2006-2007 (Official Video)

Enjoy! ;) TRACKLIST: 01. Kalumet - Synchron 02. Aes Dana - Purple 03. Talamasca - Overload 04. Laughing Buddha - Lightning Games 05. Deedrah - Fulguropoing 06. Colorstar - Alomadalom 07. Soul Surfer - Sunrise at Maui beach 08. Phony Orphants - Sex, Drugs... 09. Liquid Soul - Crazy People 10. Silicon Sound - Halt Production Rmx 11. Andromeda - Sensation 12. Solar Fields - Insum 13. Ott - Rogue Bagel 14. Shpongle - Levitation Nation 15. Absolum - Take Off 16. Cosmosis - RE Order 17. Man With No Name - Critical Mass 18. Tristan - Creation Myth Rmx 19. Kalumet - Stompin Killa Bro 20. Son Kite - On Air 21. Ticon - We`re shining 22. Space Cat - Virtual Reality 23. Transwave - Land Of Freedom 2007 24. Human Blue - Therpsichore 25. Hallucinogen - Alpha Centauri 26. Atmos - Transmission in Vain 27. Entheogenic - Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere Rmx)

George Lozos
beautifull people
Helga Horváth
2006 sunday : Colorstar, Son Kite - never forget.
Dzulietta Vilenski
Thank you for uploading this video. I was just watching Burning Man festival videos and accidentally come across this one. Never heard  of OZORA festival before. I guess there is a lot of such wonderful festivals at this time! Its a revelation to me!  I am glad that people gathering to share and give! Really want to be part of it! I checked the spiritual programs that are advertised for 2015 festival. I am really impressed with it!  Wish one day to be there with you! With love, Crystal Skull Spiritual Journey for Healing program.
Anze Robida
Comparing Ozora 2009 with Ozora 2012+ is nonsense! It will never be the same :(
Jenny manikon
trance is really alive its undiscryable I want to be there one day in my life
Foba forsberg
Some day i will  be there. 
Pe Ter Strm
40:30 :D best dude
Xristina Falkoni
ozora se agapo perasa poli orea....!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖
what da fak is dat shit ?!?!
Yepp, my first Open Air Event was in 1996. It was Nalanda. Music has Change, but not the Community. Everyone look each other, for example u are totally damaged, and everybody is trying to help .... Greetings..
Battlefield Veteran
De kibaszott jóóó vooolt!!!!!!!! :DDD
why is ace venture wearing that weird robot suit?
Benny Bizzle
"This is - 'WHY - 'we excist"
very nice vid. ^^
Nat Spir
Graf Zorba
This was cooler, not so crowded
never mind
mi ez a zene 32:00tól? what is this song?
what is it?
ça fait un peu centre de vacances pour trisos...
I miss Ticon & Phony Orphants from Ozora soooo much!!
Tesla 86
Tesla 86
SchwarzWeiß_Belgrad GA
Magic people, Belgrade, Serbia
thanks for upload this.... so good memories! 2006 feels like yesterday
Looks like it was worth the trip :)
the difference: 2006/07 and 2011.....fenomenal
Emi Rates
@Jasmin721 14. Absolum - Take Off I expect... if you watch at 32:17 the title appears
Emi Rates
Big PLUR to the makers and uploaders of this vid, the two years I could make it to Ozora!!! So many times since then I have fond memories of this time... so nice to find this video tonight, and relive it again! That's me at 48:52 and 49:10 btw :D One day I will make it back there... it is a long way from Australia, and this year we have Cairns solar eclipse so no going anywhere that far away til after then! ;)
Jasmin Becirovic
name of the track at 31:50???
fucking awersome ! ! ! everyone who was there like this com ;)
;) <3
sorry sorry.. found it! :)
is there a tracklst of this video? :) would be great!!! xxx
58:00 Atmos keeps the Spirit alive, cannot get eneogh to hear it and watch this Part...
Saca Gali
the title is this (From thje Colorstar) : Álomadalom it mean: My dream is my song
evelina riešutas
i just love it. i've watched the video lots of times and i have it in my minds now :) hope to be in ozora this year;] it's my mission (:
Martin Heiss
do anybody know the title of the song from colorstar at 10:50?
@Dayatos This Festival is in Hungary (Europe), next to the town called Ozora, the name comes from here. The next Festival will be from 2nd August till 7th August 2011. You can find infos on their website, just type: ozora festival to google.
giuseppe tabone
 i was there,love this place
Aenion elf
21:08-21:11 dancing DJane Gaby! ti na lemee !!!!
Sergio Cesari
A 9.10 Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Beck's W
what tunes, love "crazy people" an the one before that :) my kinda dancing wen ur winding down xx
Sir Satschnt
what´s the song at 0:10:06 ?
where can I find this song: Kalumet - Synchron. I can not find on youtube. is the first song.
Ryan Mcgrath
22min 26sec wot a breakdown very emotional
Ryan Mcgrath
Can any won tell me the name of the blond woman DJ @ 49MIN plz thank you 8)
Ryan Mcgrath
32min 6sec come on party time
олег бел
Не пропустите, мне нравится 00:57:30. Рад за народ.
Magnifico ego
Phoni orphants, Silicon Sound, Absolum, Son Kite, Cosmosis, Tristán, Hallucinogen, eran lo mejor en esos tiempos! 👽🚀🍺✌
" tojjjjad nekiii " :-)
19:47 what on earth is this dude wearing? :DD
Mikolaj Sowiński
I was there in 2006 :)
Dávid Géza Derventics
Tolna megye Loveparadeja:) Draga megyem:)
Filip Djordjevic
Is that Avalon with dreadlocks on 42:30 dancing to Tristan set? :D
alekor spirit
world class!!!!!!!HERE and NOW Greetings from COLOGNE/GERMANY
tabure tabureoglu
Rah Beats
42:10 song ?
HERZlichst D A N K E, lach!
Bunter Synapsenakrobat
2006 war ein geiler scheiß die party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 watermelonscrystalsandhappyness
say cheesy!