Megadeth - Angry Again (Extended Version)

fcking extended version - "Angry Again" is a 1993 thrash metal song by Megadeth, written by frontman Dave Mustaine. The song was written exclusively for inclusion in the 1993 satirical action film Last Action Hero, directed by John McTiernan which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, and appeared on the film's soundtrack. "Angry Again" never appeared on any of the band's official studio albums, but appeared first on their 1995 EP Hidden Treasures and several later compilations. The song was a financial success and charted well and was well received by critics. It was nominated for "Best Metal Performance" at the 1993 Grammy Awards, which was the band's fourth consecutive nomination in the category. The song became a fan favorite and continues to be played live at a semi-regular basis. Dave Mustaine wrote the song in one day, while half asleep listening to the melody of "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash, and "Angry Again" was initially recorded during the Countdown to Extinction tour but wasn't actually featured on the album. When Dave wrote the song, he was angry with his band, promoters, and a lot of different parts of the organization, and continued having some problems with drugs again. The culmination of his stress problems inspired him to write the song, which was appropriately titled "Angry Again". According to Dave Mustaine himself, he wrote the song during a spur of the moment; "I wrote 'Angry Again' right after I got out of a treatment center in Arizona. They had done one of those happy little 1990s interventions where everybody who's not loaded gets to point the finger at everyone who is. And the day I got out of rehab, they threw me into a studio in Phoenix where I wrote 'Angry Again' for the movie The Last Action Hero." The song was written for inclusion in the film Last Action Hero, which was expected to be a blockbuster. The film had followed the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger's previous film, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and was directed by John McTiernan, the film-maker behind popular films like Predator, Die Hard, and The Hunt for Red October, and had a $85 million production budget. The film, however, was viewed as a large financial disappointment in its theatrical release, earning only $137,298,489 worldwide and was considered a flop. Though panned several critics, the film became a cult classic several years later. Despite the financial failure of the film itself, its soundtrack was very popular, featuring popular hits like "Big Gun" by AC/DC, which was a number one on Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, "What the Hell Have I" by Alice in Chains, and songs by Anthrax, Aerosmith, Buckethead, Queensrÿche and Def Leppard. "Big Gun", by AC/DC was however nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song, but lost to "Whoomp! (There It Is)" from Addams Family Values. Megadeth's song "Angry Again" charted on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart as well, at number 18, and was the best received song on the album in terms of critical reception. The album for Last Action Hero received good reviews, and "Angry Again" received a nomination for "Best Metal Performance" at the 1993 Grammy Awards, the fourth consecutive nomination by the band, out of the eight nominations the band has received in total. It was nominated against Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark", Suicidal Tendencies's "Institutionalized" and White Zombie "Thunder Kiss '65", losing the award to Ozzy Osbourne's "I Don't Want to Change the World", which became Ozzy's first Grammy win. Megadeth continued to be nominated two more times in a row and was later nominated four more times in total, tying them as the most nominated band in the category, with Metallica. The song became a live staple for Megadeth in the '90s, and appeared on the 1995 EP Hidden Treasures which debuted at 90 on the Billboard 200 and featured two additional Grammy nominated songs by Megadeth. It developed a fan following within the Megadeth community and became a fan favorite, being featured on the 2005 album Greatest Hits: Back to the Start. Fans voted on the track listing on the album, and "Angry Again" came in at number five, beating out more well known songs like "Hangar 18" and "Symphony of Destruction". It also appeared on further compilations, such as That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires, Arsenal of Megadeth, Anthology: Set the World Afire and Warchest. It continues to be played live even today, and remains a semi-regular staple, praised for Mustaine's unique vocal performance. Line-up: Dave Mustaine - vocals, rhythm guitar Marty Friedman - lead guitar David Ellefson - bass Nick Menza - drums

2:15 Am i the only one who is in love with this guitar solo? I never see it mentioned when talking about best megadeth solos. But hell its top 5 material for me.
Jerimiah Smith
Dave Mustaine's voice is one of a kind
Heavy, but  cool and controlled. Thank you
Love the harmony in the choruses
Wrestling Shoot Channel
ONLY 2 million views? I'm getting angry.
Drew Mckenna
seen a stripper dance to this tune. 👌
jason x
This is basically Symphony of Destruction part 2.
This song is a great demonstration on why I can't get into metal bands newer than the year 2010, maybe even 2007: The music in this is so simple but it's so fucking hardcore. It doesn't need to force itself to be metal, it just simply is.
ANGRY AGAIN!!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
One of the best songs ever PERIOD
Ronnie Rountree
Getting booted from metalica was the best thing that could have happened to Dave. One of the all time kicks bands ever
So smooth and yet so rough on the riffs. This is one of Megadeth's best songs ever
Xa Agripha
Thus the idea of duke nukem was conceived.
friggin hardcore...Ive seen a stripper strip to this tune as well...hardcore and good as it gets.
Rachel Ronoldo
One thing we can always count on is dave’s impeccable vocabulary
Boster Dieciocho
Cada que me llaman por teléfono, traigo de tono Angry Again, imagínense! 🤟🏻
Rob A
I'm listening 3 times in a row this track is so good ..
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bass player needs a raise
The Exterminator
MEGADETH: Master of Trash Metal n Dave mustaine is inarguably the best n the most melodic trash metal riff composer in the world!! Love this band
Bazooka Joe
Mustaine is a metal genius.
edwardstarcock swinger
it kills. me how short this sing is
Steel Fury
*If anyone ever asked what 80's Metal was, the first thing I would play for them is Megadeth. Such a good song and beautiful too.*
Catherine Lee
Beavis and Butt-Head would like this.
Gustavo Barreras
Real snd unique Megadeth, Mustaine, Friedman, Menza and Ellefsonm
Hunter Parker
Great song
Julio Ocasio Albino
DAVE the genius MUSTAINE a legend
Mustaine is hands down the best metal musician of all time in my world!
Last Action Hero has the greatest Rock soundtrack IMO : AC/DC BIG GUN and this one, enough said.
Chaos inc.
[Lyrics for you folks <3] The more of you that I inspect The more of me I see reflect The more I try to read your lips The more the mask you're wearing rips But when I seek out your voice My ears are overcome with noise You show and tell with greatest ease Raving impossibilities Engaged in crime, I grasp my throat Enraged my mind, starts to smoke Enforce a mental overload Angry again, angry again, angry, ow And when the story takes a twist If folds like a contortionist Slight of hand and quick exchange The old tricks have been rearranged Engaged in crime, I grasp my throat Enraged my mind, starts to smoke Enforce a mental overload Angry again, angry again, angry The searing of the sinew, my body fights for air The ripping of the tissue, my lungs begin to tear Gravity's got my bones, it pulls my flesh away The steam finally dissipates and I make my sweaty face Association that I choose, game I inevitably lose Governed by laws, set up by me, fracture it's jaw to let me be A cut-out cardboard condo maze, filled with an insubordinate race Irrational youths stop to stare as music rubber hosed the air Engaged in crime, I grasp my throat Enraged my mind, starts to smoke Enforce a mental overload Angry again, angry again, angry again And again and again, again Engaged in crime, I grasp my throat Enraged my mind, starts to smoke Enforce a mental overload Angry again, angry again, angry, ow
Manuela Mendes
Masterpiece!! <3
Put this on x1.25 speed and enjoy . Thanks me later.
monicka lynn
This songs about my short fused assholio boyfriend.Think I'll make this his ringtone...
Rfael Dantas
a turminha do pagode e do funk que contribuíram com 1600 votos negativos no Brasil. Não tem como quebrar, somos feitos de METAL vocês vão ter que engolir cambada
K.O. Gaming
R.I.P. Nick Menza...
Top megadeth songs: 1: Good mourning/Black Friday 2:Wake up dead & Bad omen 3:Addicted to chaos 4:The skull beneath the skin 5: Peace sells. 6.Looking down the cross 7.Rattlehead 8.Hangar18 9.Tornado of souls 10.Angry again 11.Symphony of destruction 12.This day we fight 13.Holy wars 14.Washington is next 15.Take no prisoners
Brady cadwell
That bass line makes me hard
Jay Simons
This song sounds so good when blasted so loud the speakers are on the verge of exploding. 2600watt suround system...When I listen to metal, everybody listens to metal.
Paulo Couto
I wish Hollywood makes a class A action movie with only megadeth and metallica songs, that would be just freaking badass
The Buddha
This track even makes Buddha angry!......Grrr
Dawn Argall
One of the top 10 ones of Megadeth!! Awesome guitar solo, all around great song!!
Michelle Stiffler
Damn Son
It’s a beautiful day and we’re out killing drug dealers, are there any in da house?
This is a good metal song to relax to at the end of a real hard day
Terminator X
This song got me through a rough time in my life. Idk, I just feel free and empowered every time I listen to it... and it never gets old. Thank you Megadeth!!!
Dave Freedom
Really badass tune I love it....... Megadeth 4 life
Megadeth was such an awesome composition of song writing and talent. Dave mustaine is amazing but Marty is severely underrated. Maybe he was/wasn't as fast as Jason Becker but he knows how to play shit that sounds good with incredible finesse and speed!
Dark Room Productions
I love the riffs on this track. Beautiful and raw metal. \w/
J Stone
For me this is the best Megadeth song. It's fucking epic in all departments. Good lyrics  Every instrument does a proper job  Hard bad-ass vibes. 10/10 in my books.
One of the greatest vocals in the music history!
True Mendicant
The one good thing that came out of Last Action Hero.
This was a sick track back in the day when it was hard to find.
Charles Lüke Jean
"They wouldn't pay as a Poor Farmer". Bill Clinton.
Possibly my favorite Megadeth song. That seething feel throughout the song is just so badass.
Art D
Best riff ever !! Say no more
ramm mer
this song, kinda reminds me of the feeling of load and reload albums with the touch of Megadeth, wich is fucking great lml
hungry again, hungry again
Jehu Valloso
JACKSLATER Can't lose.. Never has, Never will!!! Guitar riffs -Last Action Hero
Marty G
The song that got me into Megadeth, after hearing it on Last Action Hero :)
roy vandal
In a town of Nuark theres is a house of acid thats perfect for frying your balls off. And Mega Death inspired it all.
Kenny Smiley
me Kenny again going back a few yrs to megawatt which I think should have jumped over metallic they stayed to their hard metal roots my kind of bands
Jesse Duke
This song rocks
Melissa Heil
Heavy Metal that makes sense..That You can truly understand..I LOVE this Band, and all of their Awesome..Takes me back to my high school days..good memories ;)
Amit Kumar
Why is the last action hero flop .but OST is greatest ever .
Wayne Henson
Come on in fuzzy Neanderthal ol painless is waiting 😊
Carla Dyle
one of my favorite daves songs megadeth rules
Michael Williams
I have to say, the song is really good on its own but the description you including was fantastic. Keep up the good work.
Scott Smith
Such a badass riff!!!!
ta bien chingona la rola
Mr. Roman
The audio quality is superb. Thanks for uploading this awesome song
Peaceful Hooligan
Man. I used to hate Megadeth as a kid, but was into rock and metal etc. The older I get, the more Megadeth makes mountainous sense.
Thunder Storms
Jordan Thomas
RIP Mr. Menza
fear of the dark
Megadeth,iron maiden,metallica,slayer
Chris Gill
You killed my 2nd cousin Frank...he was my favorite 2nd cousin....Big Mistake...
Pedro Rebeca
since I was a kid that I just love the beat and bass \m/
randall scott burress
"The more of you that I inspect, The more of me I see reflect." What happened to these kind of lines, Dave? We need 'em back!
xluna the wolfx
This song is sick I love it
Mohian The Man
At first I thought they were death metal, because the name is MegaDETH.
Barış Akpınar
This song is the soundtrack of shocker movie
Junior Kelser
30 days there will be. We will take gladly times till dopes to Infinity!
Robert Head Rock & Roll
Hell Yea love the Rock. Am a Rocker from way back I play in a band in Texas all my life it bring me back to the good old days. Rock on baby
‡ Føx Sên ‡
I find myself listening to this everytime I'm angry. #truestory
Alexis Silva
Best riff!!
Andres Morales
Jack slater!
Rômulo DarkElf
Tha GOD of Thrash Metal Riffs!!!!
Jack Curran
this is how it was in the 80s!
Kenny Smiley
megadeath has been going hard not soft like the all time metallic ex says I look like Dave Muscatine I got his long hair been true to metal 4ever
117 dislikes = metallica-gaga fans.
Curtis Schatt
BEAUTIFUL Christian group
Olivia Everett
Ah, those drums. Wonderful.
VevO AcCouNtS
Thrash -(Metallica megadeth slayer Iron Maiden)=0
Thomas Waffle
Story of my life.
Brad Surgener
One of the best metal songs ever!!!!
Lorenzo Michael
Angry Again Has to be one of the best metal songs ever to be on a movie soundtrack.
Jack Slater can't Loose! Never have, never will!
Somebody needs to use this song in a Spartacus bloody fight montage. \m/
Rick Manring
marty friedman GREATIST SOLO EVER
Brian McGuire
I was barely tall enough to see over the glass encased counter that locked away all the cassette tapes from would be shoplifters, that I would soon become. I was ten years old & knew nothing about music, but the grim artwork of Megadeth's, 'Peace Sells...' Album had me hooked in mouth, so to say. I played that tape till all the ink rubbed off. It is still one of my top 10 favorite albums. It was the best $8.99 I ever spent. I bought it at K-Mart.
Kader Kartal