Davy Jones & Calypso Story

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*img 6 :: brutal. ctto [source:: />[ultimate source:: Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End Video Game] music/ track not mine [source:: />[ultimate source:: Davy Jones by Hans Zimmer]

After all Davy Jones did, I still don't see him as a bad person. Love can make a person do the nicest and cruelest things. Losing someone you loved can turn the greatest of men/women down a dark path.
slobodan stefanov
The reason I believe Calypso never showed up is because she purposefully wanted him trapped, forever sailing the sea. Calypso is the sea and he'd forever be bound with her, forever sailing in her essence. They would, matter of factly " be together always". The human mind, however does not understand the reasoning or actions of God's and Goddesses.
Vegeta Solo
Joyce Nicole
I love how the pictures all line up with the music perfectly. When the story came to the part where Davy is depressed and rips out his heart, the angry, raging music (the organ) begins to play. By the end, when he dies and Calypso accepts him again, it goes back to the soft, smooth melody.
let me spell it out for you guys. Calypso is a goddess yes? however she has human blood as well , a demigoddess her mother must have caught the affections of the god atlas and thus created calypso. Calypsos minions if you will were the mermaids. and we all know how hard it is to warm a mermaids heart so imagine the goddess of the sea. she fell in love with davy and was impressed he was capable of touching her heart so she rewarded him by giving him a purpose on the seas as the escort to the dead - she did this because 1 he wasnt a cruel person and calypso wanted a kind soul for the job of collecting the souls who perished in her seas. Gods and Goddesses have always been known to have selfish qualities or a higher state of mind which in calypsos case is valid because she has a purpose a very big purpose at that. overseeing the seas. and she's always had davy right by her side where she could feel him because she placed him as the usher( so imagine u have our lover where u can love and surveillance him at all times what's one little stand up going to do?). he never knew this he was only ever used to being loved by her in her human form (my guess is she could shapeshift before she was bound to tia dahlmas body) as he is only human and can only understand and see so little of the way gods work. Calypso has a purpose. and that purpose was stronger than her love for davy only because she is an actual embodiment of her purpose -the sea as she said is her nature. she thought davy understood this and most likely had a turn of event distract her from meeting her lover thus leading to davy being heartbroken and corrupting himself and HIS rewarded purpose which broke his bind to calypso. I think calypso was more heartbroken over the fact that davy didn't truly understand her and corrupted his kindness the very essence that made her love him. yes she was angry for being sold out and binded to human form but she had others to unleash that wrath upon ,not davy though. no she had no wrath for him. only heartache as he had for her.
Cpt. Jack Sparrow
Saddest thing is, that if Calypo would have stayed true to Davy, he would have been free from the curse after 10 years and could lead a normal/free life.
Samantha Friginal
The ending was beautiful. How a man could love so much... I just can't. And that music... damn those onion cutting ninjas
vlad the impaler
they need to make a spin off out of this.
Cause Fuckit
Ten years I dedicated to the task you charged me. TEN YEARS I looked after those who died at sea. And when the time came that we could finally be together again... you WEREN'T THERE
Vivian Mayer
Love story much better than Twilight!
"He fell in love. It was a woman as changing and harsh and untameable as the sea. Him never stopped loving her. But the pain it cause him was too much to live with. But not enough to cause him to die. So he cut out him heart, lock it away in a chest and hide the chest from the world"
Dylan Stump
Better than Romeo and Juliet
Cpt. Jack Sparrow
I see a lot of Calypso blaming swirling around and its east to understand why...but its honestly unneeded...and unfair IMO. Calypso is the personification of the sea...an all powerful, whimsical and eternal Goddess bound by her nature. She was never going to be Davy's housewife or stay true to one promise. She is bound to her nature and her sea like ways and this is what made Jones fall intensely in love with her. Her nature...Jones loved it but its the very reason people just seem to state moronically that she was some unloving bitch. She can't go against her nature..dark and *untameable* as the ocean waves. ~~~
This makes me feel so sorry for Davy Jones now. I hated him at first for stabbing Will Turner in 'At World's End', but he has a lighter side it seems. I loved it when he was playing the organ to the tune of his locket, and that tear that fell from his eyes just made it worse for me. It was a sorrowful moment to watch :/
This was so well made I cried. I still am.
I love this narration! I love how you went into such depths, even more so than the movies did, yes the movies went deep into your heart with the two characters, but you made it to the point your heart literally, and physically aches in your chest. A job well done!
Anna Briley
I love Davy Jones! ♥
Gomez queen
There is something I don't understand. Okay so William is now the captain for 10 years, and what does happen after those years? In the movie I think it says that he sees Elizabeth one day and then he returns to the ocean and then 10 years later come back and etc etc (for the rest of his life). Is that right? I mean, that's so sad... Will is only going to be able to see Elizabeth 4/5 times in his whole life??!
Anakin Skywalker
my thoughts are what did Jack Sparrow do in his Youth days to make everyone know him or hate him
Ryan Mulherin
I think that Calypso/ Tia Dalma was the real villain , if she met with Davy he would still be mortal and would not have severed his heart .
Love is certainly a strong power to be reckoned with and now calypso and davy jones are together for eternity
Poor Davy Jones...
i'm glad you included The Kraken
Is this Davy Jones, or my own story that I see every time I look in the Mirror?
Bernay Hanson, the Phantom's Student
At least, they were together, and that was good for Davy Jones because I've seen him all alone on his ship, the Flying Dutchman.
Greatest love story EVER
Alex Carbajal
Who is watching the new pirates of the Caribbean? In theaters
Bad Little Wolf
i didnt fully understand the story in pirates of the carabian but know i do thatnks
very sad... I love this,,,!!! sorry, I am japanese. I don't talk Englisch well.
Alexis Hood
Love is the strongest emotion of light, but when it is corrupted and grows black it becomes a hatred so deep that nothing can stop it. That is why betrayal of love is seen as so cruel. <3
Sage Vodka
Emotional AF! Dammit.
Jason Parmar
Damn women. They all are the same.
Daniel Vanualailai
if they had included this in the worlds end or dead mans chest it would have made the story more clear
Grason Michael
"But one of the Brethren did not wait for agreement." Barbossa I'm guessing.
Özgür Açıkyıldız
my heart will be always your..
Christina Zepeda
Thank God! No Twilight comments. Oh wait.....CRAP!
Adamasutojr AJR
that story is good enough for Disney to make a movie about it(we know it did happen) but I wanted it to be a separated pirates movie
Crusader Knight
why is this story so relatable to me......
Latimer Fam
It's so touching :-)
Dragon warrior artists
this is beautifully done. as much as the the deep blue seas. and as much as the story no, tragedy of burdened lover and the godess of the sea.
Elijah Johnston
Truly, this is a symphony of love and hate.
Ai Shinamori
I love the music
Going to cry.
after listening to the song and reading the story, I sort of see the love story of Calypso and Davy Jones as a tragic romance
The SunChaser
Wait, so how exactly does a man cut out his heart and be able to put it in a chest, bury it with plenty of sand, then become a tentacle person?
AStarheart Rose57
I wish they had their own movie. Their love is deep and full of sorrow.
Ragna Ragnar
Not bad bro i like it
The transitions from the sweet, calm music box to the aggressive orchestra is freaking perfectly timed with the progression of this story. Very well edited.
Shoederp Toederp
davey jones misunderstood her. instead of going ashore and let a new captain to be found he should have let himself be sacrificed to her she is the godess of the sea he wont find her ashore he must dwell into her domain to face her love
Kelly Ann FC
why wasn't she there is what i want to know
Helena Koerner
Awesome story but did the kraken attack the black pearl and did the east India trading company order Davy Jones to kill it? Other than that this story is pretty accurate to the movie.
junaid koya
Can barely read
Super Maou
Love that story <3
Dean Fonseca
Its way too fast to read all of it
Ok now I understand
Sophia Wilson
Question did Davy Jones told the court of pirates how to tie Calypso human form before she didn't meet him after 10 years of carry souls who die at sea or after?.
The Shadow Philospher
You told the story better than the movie
kitty cute
I really love this cuz it showin how much love means for both of them
I know that feel bro..
Lucy Lumine
But, I didn't understand yet: were Calypso already imprisoned in human form before she "betrayed" Davy Jones? If not, why would Davy Jones even step in land if Calypso was always there with him? And if yes, she was, so...? How could he say the way to imprison her if she was already a human? PLZ SOMEONE HELP ME, I NEED TO KNOW IT! (And sorry my English if it's wrong)
I am the sea !
Lockdown The bounty hunter
Can i ask Why davy Jones shows up in the post credit in the new Pirates of the caribbean, he is not dead
Miss Emma Jay
Davy Jones is my favourite character from The Pirates of The Caribbean and very likely always will be. I felt extremely sorry for him in the scenes where they showed his pain, that he was still hurting. When I first started watching World's End for the first time, I knew that Davy was going to die at some point. And I kept hoping that he would have a happy ending. I hope he is happy. It wasn't fair on him and no one in the movie understood his pain which made me angry....Did I go over the top? 
matthew mann
This music and the story you put together are well put from Davy Jones being lighter at first and then becoming darker later.  I cant say I blame him though Calypso did say she would be there when he got there and she was nowhere in sight so yeah.  Also Davy Jones is not incorruptable pureness or pure evil so these circumstances naturally lead him on a much darker path.  Had she been there things may have been different.
Mad Pyer
I'm glad it had a happy ending after all
Matthew Gross
When I heard about how Davy Jones was never able to find Calypso whenever he went ashore, I felt sorry for him. The Goddess had promised him that they would be together during that short time that he was allowed to walk on land. But she failed to keep her promise. Davy must've felt so betrayed.
The Dank Lord Of The Sith
The question is why DUTCHman? And why Flying? I’m confuddled much a lot
Fridrick The IV
Ten years, I devoted to the duty you charged me. Ten years, I looked after those who died at sea, and finally, when we could be together again, you weren't there. Why weren't you there?
No matter how many love stories i hear THIS is the best.. always tear me up the malody and that he waited 10 years just for 1 day with her! Its just wow.. Love it!!!! 💔😢
Shae Stroup
To have such love, that you forgive the loved one of a betrayal against you. I admire that. It shows a loyalty that is seen little in the modern day.
So was it Calypso's original responsibility to ferry souls who died at sea and she made Davy Jones do it? Why did he agree to do that?
JayGaming YT
Can someone tell me why does davy jones have a tentacle beard and lots of sea stuff on him?
Kirstel Giusti
It makes me sad how many people hate Davy Jones when he's one of the best characters in the movies. He looks like the bad guy when in reality it was just love that drove him to be like that
Dark and great story. Calypso's name in Pirates of the Caribbean is Tia Dalma
Absholom Daque
So this explains a lot about Pirates of the Caribbean Seq. 5. I really hope the franchise will still produce sequel 6. IMO, the story of Davy Jones and Calypso were far more interesting than Captain Blackbeard and Captain Salazar's experiences.
Flying Dutchman
Dutchman must have a captain.. in this way he should back potc6.
Nerius Mehta
how is this not a movie? it would be a story both guys and girls would wanna see
Poor Davy 😮😢.
magic myth2
woow this story is actually sooo sad.... did anyone else also felt a bit sorry for Davy if this story his true it isn't entirely his fault how it all when but a problem that got bigger and bigger. :(
Psijic Master Of Arcane
And now he's back
CAN-AM Airsoft
When ever I think of the story of Davy Jones, it makes me think of the submariners of the worlds navies who perished in their submarines. The US navy and I also Believe the Royal Navy marks on the memorials of lost submariners "lost but not forgotten on eternal patrol", that saying I find is kind of like the men lost at see, fro ever serving Davy Jones and Calypso......Never to return trapped deep beneath the waves in the darkest abyss....on eternal patrol.
And all was as it was meant to be... -[Until] *"Dead Men Tell No Tales"* 💀
silver star productions
A story that few relise is that dutchman was no more a villian than as a victim
Tony Tati
"And all was as it meant to be... 'til Dead Men Tell No Tales
"love is a dangerous thing. It's giving your heart to someone while knowing they could crush it at any moment."
Lord Gobshite
So Pirates of the Caribbean 3 was based off a story from Greek mythology or something like that? INTERESTING TO THE MAX!
My heart will always belong to you, for I have none and you have two.
amine alger
قصة هذين الشخصين حزينة جدا ولكنها رائعة في نفس الوقت.ا
Michael Tran
That is quite a story about Calypso and Davy Jones.
Greninja Dude
Sam Kresil
1:43 I thought the kraken would be a part of Jones` backstory.
Lego Stop motion
If cylipso didn’t betray davey Jones than he wouldn’t have been cruel and died
Shalom Merced Montes
The song makes me wanna cry i love it and i feel bad for poor ol Davy Jones, this kind of story helps most people treasure that special person whos there devoted to us.
Jo c
hope I don't turn out like this guy
THE ANONYMOUS YOUTUBER the anonymous youtuber
Davy jones is not dead.
So is it just in the movies or did Jones always have the tentacle beard
Sr Il Yvesini
Well since the release of the last movie we are told he isn't dead, the Dutchman always needs a captain and since Turner was freed from the curse, Davy Jones came back to lead his old ship
I feel like I can relate... I met my LDR boyfriend only once, for one day...and now got to wait years to see him again. But when you found your true love, it's worth it.
WTH !!! it was hard to read some of it b/c it was blury and small.