2018 Mercedes S560 4MATIC Review - So Luxurious, So Relaxing

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The fact that you guys were so relaxed driving in downtown Toronto speaks for itself
I feel like I need to pay to even view a video with this level of class.
ᙅYᙖᙓᖇ ᗪOᙅ™
The night time review was an awesome change guys! Too bad about the pillars and inability to rewind your Sat Radio. :-) Sweet ride. Keep up the entertaining reviews.
Slavy Todorov
You guys have pretty much become my favorite car reviewers. Keep up the great work!
Damn I could keep watching your outdoor shots all night, great review as always. The night time shooting made the car look 100% better❤️
Bunty Chea
You guys are my favorite Youtubers, regardless of content. Just damn enjoyable to watch. Creative, funny and f'n cool. Keep it up! And Yuri, i want your shirts.
Automatic peasant blockers! lol. I like the night review and the city lights, really cool.
The Straight Pipes videos... SO GOOD!
i would feel like a mob boss
Gabriel Wenceslao
Where is the “going for a drive” german accent?
13:13 ad worthy filmography
Phan Gia Hưng
You guys rock. Favorite ride and favorite hosts -> I liked the video even before watching. The content quality is amazing. Since you are already big now, please just keep up the good work, this channel is gonna be the next HUGE thing
Artikel 13 Bot
I still think that the S-Class is untouched. Sure the Audi and BMW have more technica gimmicks but if you arent 20 no one cares about gesture- controls. The interieur is modern, relaxing luxury packed- the Audi doesnt look comfortable to be in- it lacks the warmth and soul. Its more like a nice computer inside. The S-Class with beige/ champagner-color and light red interiour with light brown wood is like a yacht. Just my 2 cents
Mostafa Rashed
holy, the shots of this car are absolutely breathtaking. Reminds me of Rick Ross's music video "Devil in a New Dress", driving that big body in the downtown core. The production value is unbelievable! #NotificationGANG
Vehicle Virals
By far one of the best automotive channels out there. The duet style is genius and the script is spot on. The video quality even at night is mind blowing!
Literally the best car review channel on YouTube.
Skai R
It will always be the SKYDOME.
Ahmed farahat
omg I have been waiting so much for this video to go up I love your channel so much your are the best keep the great job
Can't wait to buy this 8 years later for $30K!
K Capone
Always feels good to see a new video from you guys when I get home from class. Awesome work, boys!
Truth is I'm not even remotely interested in 2/3rds of the cars reviewed here. Yet, yet, and yet the amiable Canadianosity of these presentations is so luxurious, so relaxing. So, so... viewable.
K Clark
Hey guys! Great review! No matter what anyone says, the S-class is the best car in that market . I haven't driven the new LEXUS LS, but I don't see how it can get there. If it costs less, it's going to have less. Not sure if you're aware, but the reversible center armrest has been in the S-class for a long time, even in the previous gen. Also one of the things I like that you touched on, is the "right side" control on the driver's door. If that is selected, not only can you adjust the seat position, but it will turn on the heated or cooled seats also. So that Tinder date can have a toasty or chilled seat all at the behest of the driver. Great job, again. You again point out much of what we talk about on delivery for MB.
Royalty T
You guys are great! You are entertaining and really know your stuff.
Bobby P
This is what Motor Trend with Chamisa and Liebermann used to be - take that as a compliment.
Saimoom Safayet Akash
Oh man! I love this style of reviewing cars - A breath of fresh air! :D
Roshan Rd
Thank you SO MUCH for saying Skydome! Man I miss those days! Lol... 😢
Only auto channel I watch every video that's uploaded, doesn't matter what car.
Nuhan Hidayat
This car is too expensive for me, I can't even afford to look at it 😣😣😣
Y Prabhat
You guys just levelled up with this review.
Cody James
The quality of work you guys put into these videos is some of the best in the automotive youtube world. As a person from southern Ontario I love noticing all the places you guys drive. Keep the amazing video's coming guys!
D Taylor
I was notified that you guys uploaded a new video while in traffic. Saw that it was the S Class and pulled over to watch it! That's how awesome your vids are
Now suits and an mp5 btw Mercedes never fails to impress
Ben Cen
dang you guys decided to drive on yonge street. brave
Shane Martin
Hey Yuri, go back to 2006 when we all still cared about satellite radio! JK, love the channel.
Miguel Angel Medina Rise
Them Jakub and Yuri boys at it again
You guys, literally are driving through Yonge St . . . My commuter route!!!
Jesse Papike
I love how happy the visor test makes you guys!! Good stuff, love your reviews.
Kevin Allen
How do you not have 10 times the amount of subscribers you currently have?!?!? SERIOUSLY
Animesh Sinha
I gave an exam and came straight on here to watch your video...cannot miss a StraightPipes upload.
Lucas Neto
Mercedes give them a AMG G Class
so proud of you guys, making so good vide0 in toronto.
Ravi Grewal
I love your videos. You guys are fun. Love how you both review a vehicle. It's combination of knowledge and entertainment. Keep up the good work. Hi from Vancouver BC - Ravi Grewal
Arthur Embleton
I'm impressed how quiet the S class is.
Nico Th.
Night time shots look so amazing, especially with such a nice car😍😍😍
Daniel Kvasnička
Love your pathos-free fresh reviews :) Where do you (your families) guys come from? Judging from the names I'm thinking Central / Eastern Europe? maybe Czech Republic, Jakub? :)
Mish View
OMG !!! The class of classes ..with the best car channel ever ;) ...amazing work guys ...funny, smart, and interesting !!!!
Dale Jensen
I could watch Yuri all day. He has the best smile with that mustache.
KJ Mok
the dynamic duo with a merc flagship!
Sean Mangubat
Too bad non-enthusiasts will confuse it for a $40K C-classe. Interior is fantastic tho!
This channel is so freaking refreshing compared to all the other automotive journalist on YouTube!! Amazing videography and natural commentary! Keep it up guys!!
Clearance isle
I can't afford this not by a long shot(bc I'm 14 ) but I just watch cuz I enjoy the straight pipes vids, btw can y'all do a sound system test? I wanna hear how crisp the speakers are
Th quality of this video is S-Class!! As always TheStraightPipes does an awesome job!!
Finally Straight Pipes went full-bougie
DeeJay Adverb
Dope review boys...Yuri seems gassed lol. Past the bed time perhaps ;)
Zahran_ 96
the quality of this review is magnificent
Billy Hughes
I agree with Yuri -- e400 > s560,...or just cooler? "Peasant Blockers" -- how droll.
Eric Shen
C~E~S! what is the next MB on this channel
Maulana Chaerul
I think you can get it with "first class" mode (great review anyway as always)
William Saba
You guys give some of the best car reviews ever. Why don't you have 1 million subscribers already!?
Interior disco lights are gaudy.
Matt Res
It will always be The Skydome. Great review guys! Keep up the good work!!
The video quality is unbelievable
talha butt
Love from Pakistan brothers
Mr R
Have missed a couple of months of your vids due to ill health, so watched this one as my first, after my break, and I knew I was missing your videos, but after watching this, I now realise that it was you guys I missed, and not the cars! Yes, your cars are fantastic and your content is the best, but I missed my two friends more than anything else........ it's great to be back lads, and have got some catching up to do! Take care my friends from here in the UK 😉
carl basbas
The S-class has been my dream car since I was like 6. One day.
Can I be honest with you?? I guess... Damn, honesty is such a drag LOL
Wilson Wu
I've got 0 lines on my headlights.
These reviews are ridiculous like, RIDICULOUS! Keep it up!
k a m u e l a
love this ! honestly , the S class is like the main mercedes because that’s basically what started mercedes ... i honestly LOVE the S class ! 😎 great review !
3:20 Damn... that isn't just a visor. It's a SUPER visor. <_< :D
Eventus Vantos
Hell yes! Downtown Toronto and Mercedes S class! What a combo!
You guys are so damn good at what you do!
Ruemon Bhattacharyya
There are only 2 car youtubers who make the highest quality car vids... Doug demuro and you guys. Keep the good work up!
BMW = maskulin MB = feminin. Witch would the girls choose ?
first last
One of your best videos yet. The city night shots with the car looked amzing
Stas Como estas
Looks fantastic, I like this video, Thank you for sharing👍👍👍
Mumtaz Aleem
Mercedes Benz ....The best or nothing !
Marvin Dujardin
I do not get why the animattion is so Windows7-y. BMW as well...
How can you be relaxed while driving a car that costs over 100K?😜
Robb Romano
Touché Yuri! you pronounced Maybach correctly. I think this is when Jakub realized he blew the name earlier, or maybe this is when he thinks Yuri just blew the name.
Affalterbach Brackley 1967
I knew how many LED running light strips it would have before watching. The glow from the dash illuminates you guys so well.
Michael Tong
Mercedes-AMG A45 review . please . that would be SO GOOD !
Anon Kent
How do you not have over a million subs?
Love Straight Pipes reviews - my fav car channel. Jakub: "...peasant blocker on side windows and rear - no more peasants." Yuri: "You know we're peasants, right." Jakub: "Yeah..." Hilarious!
Hamza Khan
Keep up the good work guys!!
David Harrison
"I think it looks best at night." The other guy..."Even though it's black." ........DUH!!!! That's why it looks better at night!! 0:46
Michal Nowak
Great idea doing it at night. Never seen you two so relaxed before :)
Doing this at night was just pleasure! All those Toronto lights running thru that smooth S-class. You made it again guys! In Japan they say "matzuda"
Amit Nag
“New top gear episode is out”
Lars Sfeihc
Another hit, fellas.
DesiEn Amreeka
I can't wait to see this at the machenic shop 😅 Good review👌
Mr. Starks
at 15:56 good representation of Toronto roads. Great video, very calming indeed.
DeCarlos Williams
You guys have truly arrived. The Straight Pipes ( Pimp Edition ). Awesome review.🚘
U guys always have some of the best thumbnails
Shaggy rogers
Ur reviews might be more classy than the car
António Regadas
I like the fact that you are in a ~160k MB and you still pay attention to the open of the center arm rest and the sun blockers, priceless xD
Jassima Nasima
You guys are gifted. This is coming from a person who has wasted his life watching every single car video on youtube. I don’t know how i missed your channel.
Please guys say the price also in USD.
Parag D
I still wonder why E-class has tail lamps on the trunk, but S-class has it like the C-class.
Oskar Golynski
You guys are amazing. The best car review channel tbh. Looking forward to every new video and I am looking forward to buy a straightpipes hoodie.