Mercedes-Benz V 250 d Night Edition Combi Van (2019) Exterior and Interior

2019 Mercedes-Benz V 250 d Night Edition Combi Van seen from outside and inside. The vehicle has OM 651 4-cylinder diesel engine, 2143 ccm, 140 kW (190 hp), 440 Nm torque. Length 5140 mm. Wheelbase 3200 mm. Gross Vehicle Weight 3200 kg. Transmission is automatic 7G-Tronic Plus. Euro 6c (GR.II). Tires are 245/45 R19. Color is Rhinestone White. Prices start from 29403.36 EUR. Shown vehicle price starts from 51890 EUR. Special equipment 8809 EUR. Shown vehicle price is 60699 EUR. The truck was presented at 2018 IAA commercial vehicles, Hannover, Germany - Thursday, 20 September - Thursday, 27 September 2018.

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Pule Refilwe Malema
Haters will complain and criticize because they’ve never driven in this car. The Car is a CREAM. Great Air conditioning, Smooth Ride, Awesome Sound System, Awesome cock-pit, Comfortable seating All round, great power…. Its worth every Dollar, Pound or Rand… Its incomparable to its competitors like the VW Caravel 4 motion…. This 1 right here is in a Class of its own ALL DAY LONG
Mohammad Nadeem Asif Mohammad Nadeem Asif
This car front side extension so bad if he change the design like a Toyota hiace without highroof is best design so Mercedes change all this type vehicle design please.
H1gh. AndsykNr1
Mercedes ja man
God's Forces on Earth
capitán_ camote_picante
plastics are noisy, sensible and cheap.. ended up buy one.. 😪
lucio alves
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Этой модели 3 года, проснулись сцука.
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Luis Antonio Luri Berisa
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Сергей Валерич
Дверь как в газели водительская брякает.
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Johann Gmeiner
Mercedes a lot of advertising just hot air !!! I laugh #TOT, we are freezing since the beginning of January 2019 because #Mercedes can not deliver # spare parts for the #Hitzheizung W246, today is already the 19.02.2019 and still nothing happened. # Mercedes-Benz sign CS-1-2078547536 Mercedes viel Werbung nur heiße Luft !!! Ich lach mich #TOT, wir frieren seit Anfang Januar 2019 weil #Mercedes keine #Ersatzteile für die #Sitzheizung liefern kann W246, heute ist bereits der 19.02.2019 und immer noch nichts passiert. #Mercedes-Benz Zeichen CS-1-20785475368
كاظم محمد سالم
Минивэн Mercedes-Benz V-Class (новая модель Мерседес V-класса) пережил качественный рестайлинг и представлен официально 31 января 2019 года. Автомобилю не только освежили внешность, но и поработали над технической начинкой. В обзоре технические характеристики, комплектации, цена и фото Мерседес-Бенц В-класс с новым 2,0-литровым турбо дизелем OM 654, соответствующим новым экологическим нормам Euro 6d-TEMP. Источник:
potatocubes 30875
I don't know... It looks like the Japanese competitor, the toyota alphard, looks more luxurious
Dilip Raikar