Duke Dumont - I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Official Music Video)

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This video makes me really sad for some reason.
Reyyan Açıkgöz
To me this song is the literal definition of "chill". Makes you feel like you're in summer times even though you're in the middle of winter
Someone who is listening in 2019?
NasX G
Can you make a track like this again? 🌴😎
Kristina Strickland
4 years old but this song is timeless! anymore good songs like this? I also like rubayne - the come up and sky parox - midnight drive
Maso Byrd
Unrealistic. Stuff never comes with batteries in the box
john doe
he upgraded and woke up as a white guy
Pratik Ahir
You are the best version of yourself...remember that
Lumpy Dumper
Literally and advert for Thailand! I loved listening to this when I went to Thailand last summer
April 2019?
Olivia Madeleine
does anyone else see how depressing this is?
mundial and holiday vibes <3
De La Meme
This song had a different idea of what VR looks like
XxArjun MxX
This would be the best life ever
NoName :3
Its almost 2019 and im sitting here in Thailand at the beach listening to this👌❤
this video is better than my life
Crépuscule _
Nostalgia 😿
Lord tachanka
Must have been amazing making this video
Yasmine Sdn
07/01/2019 ? 💕💕
Uchiha Ado
If life looked liked this, you made it for sure.
James Lloyd
Why because this is the life we all want but it is hard to achieve no stress no worries
Dawid Warszawski
Hot Thai women.... Oh wait!
Yeşil Sevda
April 20 2019 <3 Listen
Jon Ludtke
The babes and the beautiful scenery were nice but my favorite shot in the entire video is when he grabs the sand and lets is slide out of his hands. It's somber and rejuvenating at the same time. Always loved this video.
this reminds me how poor i am xD
Nurah. K
i really want to have that life
Porque se convirtio en blanco?
Jacob Goyette
Duke Dumont one of the most underated artist of the modern era!
The cameraman of this music video must've had a great time.
João Cordeiro
the amazing life of rich people
Mitsos Da Best
My life sucks. 😂
Jakub Kotýk
DAMN! I just spent an hour looking for this song.
sar . aque
Ashlee S
Ask me what I did with my life...
happy 2 years to one of the best summer songs ever
Shawn N
"Ask me what i did with my life!..."
Marta Blajdo
Published on 22 Dec 2014 nddjnxd Small (C) 2014 Blase Boys Club / Virgin EMI Records a division of Uinversal Music Operations Ltd
bright stars123
2019? I have the VR I just wish they make something similar to this
Aida S.
december 2018?
dan bilzeridan simulator 2015
Straussi 4K
#2014 when Virtual Reality was science fiction xD
Piotr Duda
👏 nobody 👏 cares 👏 about 👏 what 👏 year 👏 you 👏 are 👏 listening 👏 in 👏
Alfonso Bautista
Quien La Escucha En Pleno 2019? México Presente 🇲🇽😎
One of the best summer songs ever made! Always takes me back to the summer of 2014!
Raymond Adrian Brown
This video the my perfect definition of paradise!!!
Dora N
Thanks for making Thailand famous ❤️
where's the link in the description to buy that helmet?
Trisha Paytas Memes
This is such a dream. I love it. Imagine having thissss
Angel Franco
This song reminds me when I was walking at the streets of Miami Beach :.)
Alan Tukmatsev
I wish i would experience this every single day.
Summer summer summe
This takes me to a better time, holiday and summer vibes, BIG family and friend BBQ’s, or in ibiza 🤗
Joshua Wood
“Reality is often disappointing” -Thanos
Shawn N
What do you think jeff and all his corrupt friends felt under those fireworks?
Mr. Someone
When you realize some people actually live like this....😭
Murat Can Özbek
Gerçek hayatta böyle yaşayan zengin piçler var ya,ne diyim amk.
This is my favorite song fur summer! Timeless and Whitney was the inspiration to the song ❤️ Nice
Kétlen Keiler Maciel
Há 3 anos ouvi e comentei.. Aqui estou eu de novo. AMO 💙
Marta Blajdo
Hi Gyan Could To The Outside And (C) 2014 Blase Boys Club / Virgin EMI Records a division of Uinversal Music Operations Ltd
Kafama Göre
TURKEY. Yazı seviyorum Mersinden selamlarr. summeerrrrrr 🌴🌴🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
2019 and this shit still not invented XD
❤️This song is beautiful 😎 ...Duke Dumont 2019....
This is a commercial for VR.
Vee James
Maladaptive daydreaming...
The last gun scene was about😂
Lennin Alarcón
I love this video. It makes me happy!
Gewel ✔
Finally found this song And hey! They predicted the future... sorta
bawsy move
I hope this is Far Cry 4 gameplay trailer :PP
Ãmïnã Lünã
I still watch and love this video till now .. when i need inspiration i come and watch it ♥♥♥♥ 2019
Schuber Keni
melhor clip que eu já vi! Música TOP!
lo-ami gonçalves
Música maravilhosa né gente ?
gabriek chagas
Mds quero viver isso
Gabriela Lima
Na parte do elefante me lembrou Far cry 4 Haha muito bom.
The best Musicvideo!!
Joker il Bullo
2019 ?
Cristofer Jimenez
Finally I spent f*cking four years finding this song! I finally made it guys! mission complete.
Damn... it's been 5 years already?? Time FLIESSSS T.T
Ivan Zapana
I need one of those... available in amazon or ebay? lol
Shawn N
this is the only song on youtube that matters sometimes.
Vacation Simulator (2019)
Keagan Wilbee
This songs makes me smile every time I listen to it ❤️
Kafama Göre
J Chuck
He became white.
Camilo Cano
Something I have to do sometime. Perfect life ❤️
Anthony Niroshan
Hands down his best song ever!!!
Connah Bailey
This song motivated me to work so I could earn money when i was 16 so i could make this my reality one day 😁😁😁
Kenofy Animações
Forza, Forza and Forza best game ever
whoever did these things for the video is soo lucky!
HOLY NOSTALGIA aaaand Forza Horizon 2 obviously
Luis Goncalves
Who needs drugs nowaday to escape realality when you've got virtual realality.lol
Vanessa Clearwater
0:23 Bro be looking like a xenomorph wearing that headgear
john reid
Nico Bruyniks
this video makes me realise what i want to do with my life!
Iwa Ify Tv
I was here 💕12. 12.2018 I often come back. Music is passion, love and longing. Music is the only sense of pleasure without the qualification of sin.
Winston Chen
This is youtube not a calendar
for lack of a proper name
This is the reason because is better spend in experiences instead of objects.
eG sleep
I just realised this is a remix of Whitney Houston
Black 110s
Who actually comes for the Just the video
Puggy The Savage
me after i see this :MOM WHERE IS YOUR WALLET
3000 subscribers with no Vids?
This video gives me so much nostalgia for some weird reason and like every time I watch the music video it gives me butterfly’s because of how beautiful everything is 😩🥴