Duke Dumont - I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Official Music Video)

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Alan Tukmatsev
I wish i would experience this every single day.
Noppanat Khaoyai
0:42 - Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel 1:03 - Royal Phuket Marina or Phuket Boat Lagoon 1:06 - Maya Bay, Krabi 1:13 - Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Island, Krabi 1:18 - Elephant Trekking at Kathu District, Phuket 1:29 - Tri Trang Beach or Paradise Beach, Phuket 1:42 - Phi Phi Island, Krabi 2:16 - Welcome to Bangkok (Capital City of Thailand) 2:21 - Khao San Road, Bangkok 2:25 - Some hotels in Bangkok 2:51 - Jet Ski rental in Patong Beach, Phuket 2:53 - Jungle Bungy Jump Phuket
Kurt Cobain
I wish this was a real thing
Arkham Knight
Can this also be played in multiplayer?
john doe
he upgraded and woke up as a white guy
Lećh Gusinski
The main reason why I should visit Thailand 🇹🇭 😍❤️
Kristina Strickland
4 years old but this song is timeless! anymore good songs like this? I also like rubayne - the come up and sky parox - midnight drive
December 2018?
Black 110s
Who actually comes for the Just the video
Reyyan Açıkgöz
To me this song is the literal definition of "chill". Makes you feel like you're in summer times even though you're in the middle of winter
Nurah. K
i really want to have that life
I love this song, but the video is fucking sad
Yasmine Sdn
07/01/2019 ? 💕💕
NoName :3
Its almost 2019 and im sitting here in Thailand at the beach listening to this👌❤
I'm really shocked by the number of people saying that they found this video sad. Why? What made it sad? I think the imagery is beautiful and the various parts where they cut in and out of reality were hilarious (like when he's kissing the girl or about to bungee jump). His facial expressions were always priceless and the actual video itself was shot beautifully. This is a pop song so I took the video very superficially, I don't really believe there was intended to be any meaning behind it really other than "hey cool 22nd century technology - hey cool summer on the beach - hey cool sexy girls" etc lol xD
XxArjun MxX
This would be the best life ever
owen muema
summer 2014 memories 😍😍 And forza horizon 2🔥
bright stars123
2019? I have the VR I just wish they make something similar to this
Ian Diru
This is why i love house music all the waaaaaay from Kenya
Dis My Own
este video te hace dar cuenta lo miserable que es tu vida.
Crépuscule _
Nostalgia 😿
where's the link in the description to buy that helmet?
I bet you $3375397979797 That you did not read that full number And you didn't realize the letter I left in the number You checked and realized I was just kidding You liked my comment and made my day:)))
Trisha Paytas Memes
This is such a dream. I love it. Imagine having thissss
Olivia Madeleine
does anyone else see how depressing this is?
Jon Ludtke
The babes and the beautiful scenery were nice but my favorite shot in the entire video is when he grabs the sand and lets is slide out of his hands. It's somber and rejuvenating at the same time. Always loved this video.
sar . aque
Summer summer summe
ชาคริต 08รามโกมุท
Welcome to Thailand🇹🇭🇹🇭
This video makes me really sad for some reason.
Makes me depressed knowing that this is the life I dream of, but also knowing I'll never get to experience this.
Aida S.
december 2018?
Camim Jofis Hoose
August 2018?
Joker il Bullo
2019 ?
Maso Byrd
Unrealistic. Stuff never comes with batteries in the box
Gran Videoclip
Porque se convirtio en blanco?
Connah Bailey
This song motivated me to work so I could earn money when i was 16 so i could make this my reality one day 😁😁😁
Ashlee S
Ask me what I did with my life...
Raymond Adrian Brown
This video the my perfect definition of paradise!!!
Lazy ass gamer
Ibiza vibes anyone? 😫💊
Kafama Göre
TURKEY 🌴🌴🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Man time flies, nearly 5 years since it came out
Murat Can Özbek
Gerçek hayatta böyle yaşayan zengin piçler var ya,ne diyim amk.
This is a commercial for VR.
Vee James
Maladaptive daydreaming...
Gabriel Ziperer
Algum BR
Joeking Dual
Best moment at 3:11
1:27 Love this moment
Yellow Label
Wellcome To Thailand
Luiz Colombo
Mi PC se ha bloqueado de pensar en ejecutar este juego
Lennin Schwarzer
I love this video. It makes me happy!
Nibo Music
happy 2 years to one of the best summer songs ever
Krzysztof K
Daaamn,i back every year to this video,it's so motivational,however, years come and pass and i'm still far away from that life : D Fortunately, i have 25yo and still some time to fix it Have a nice day guys !
Ca t
Wow!!!...Eso si es vida...❤🖒
I dont stoped to love this song :/
this video is better than my life
Angel Peterson
This song makes me forget all of my worries for just a little while.. can I just feel this forever on repeat? I also really like sky parox - midnight drive and rubayne - the come up.. check those out!
Luiz Colombo
Thailand is beautiful
Dopes World
anyone else has songs that remind you of good times like calvin Harris,the chainsmokers,dj snake etc like summer memories 😪
wow earth is such an amazing place. i can't understand how some people don't believe there is a God.
vinibike 9599
Forza horizon 2
Jermaine Philpotts
February 3 2019?
hitman harvey
Great song love it
Kenofy Animações
Forza, Forza and Forza best game ever
this reminds me how poor i am xD
Shayne Kielmann
Feed the monkeys , pet a elephant , dance with the hotties , take a boat ride , sip some mi ti out the coconuts , meet a random girl in elevator . Dance and chill some more and never leave my house .
delta Charlie
I had a serious illness and depression, seeing this again made me remember the sweetness of life.
romet metssalu
it's my school clock ringtone
PเкคςђยGιяl W.H.A.T
At the miniature he looks like an alien
Qui est la grâce à +Emma CakeCup ??
Gewel ✔
Finally found this song And hey! They predicted the future... sorta
Sit-back, relax listen to this song & dreaming of being a billionaire with all my wishes... ❤️
RTX on!
It's sad that they have someone riding a elephant in this music. Video
Vevo UK
Great video, love this track.
nick 000
esto me genera dopamina
Keagan Wilbee
This songs makes me smile every time I listen to it ❤️
Who 2018?😋
Flaminio Ranzato
virtual reality performs miracles: it even changes the color of your skin...
Prashant Tomar
2018 ???? how many
Efe Demir Yan
r qocayev
sweet dreams
Pradeep Chauhan
Amazing song and amazing music ,,,need more songs like this,,,,love the artist who made this song and music
Leonardo Diaz
i love this video...
João Cordeiro
the amazing life of rich people
Nauval Pizzeriax
Kerem Böle
VR gözlüklerden beklentimi bu klipte açıklamışlar :)
Susan Hart
I agree that would be amazing if we could experience a lovely peace fuck peacetime like that
dan bilzeridan simulator 2015
Crevel Valentine
to whoever said that money can’t buy happiness. you can give your money to me so I can carry your burden and sorrows
Danielle Teinangaro
i just realized that whitney houston's song my love is your love was sampled on this
Kevin Laid
What a tune ,what can I say,
miguel magana
what type of genre is this
Mr. Someone
When you realize some people actually live like this....😭
Amanda Fernández
Paradise song