SML Short: Bowser's Doritos

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Someone ate bowser's doritos! Who ate them? Watch to find out!

I love it when chef PeePee's mouth squeezes together as a sign of panic or anger
Whose watching 2018
CJ Official
You already know what it is folk Seattle Seahawks
Who watch the super bowl in 2018
EwokProductions 7612
Seahawks, because I am from the future
He has cool ranch on him and it's in a cheesy bag
Ricky Fortin
Super bowi cooking man vs monther sml movie muppets doll tv show movie vidéo now
Ethan Turvey
2018 19 Super bowl
Jamon Hayward
Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl
Layla Cardenas
2019? Edit: :T ;1
Malik Umrani
What Chef pee pee Try ate Doritos Bowser Get So Angry I Like Doritos For Snack
Reece Eveleigh
I feel like Doritos now!!!
Ali Hussaini
Honda a rffghtr junior eat it please me
What Up
Whose watching it in 2019
Furious Fuzion
When bowser said those things he was explaining himself
Sheila Velez
Happy 😊 hope to all your birthday 🎁 today also the loss and loss in my family
CoolCatKailey 101
Seahawks because they are my favorite team
Ellis Peek
Seahawks is going to win the super bowl
The prankster gangsters love Doritos, #PranksterGangsterNation 😎
Alpha trapzz
If I was Chef PeePee I will punch browser
Darryl White
I Think the Seahawks will win the super bowl
Ryan Ecker02
Whose watching 2019
Bree Mendoza
If u watching this in 2018 like this
ItzDrayton ¿¡
It’s bowser jr who ate his Doritos
Popcorn 2005
I Just Realized Lovell Is A Lefty
Kevin Chester
The New York Plush-films times
I don't feel so good
Kid Oxy
Dam chef peepee😥😥
Watching at 2019 like this
sometimes i just wanna smack Bowser right scross his face XD
Judy Park
The winner is the Seahawks
Lamboboys TV
Whose watching 2019
Lamborghini Aventidor&Ferrari maker the king
Jr eat the chips bowser
Tyler Puro
oscar romero
Jeff is going to the mall and I are going to the mall and I are going to the mall and the kids are you
adaline narvaiz
You should make a video someone stole jeffy's deretoes
Fudgecakers Rules
Whose watching 2019?
squidward tentacles
I don't know ask Alex from DaddyoFive.
Josh Davis
Seattle Seahawks
brittney jourdan
Happy New Year’s it 2019
CeddJr ThaBoss
43-8 man the most points in a super bowl game I think
Shawna B
Denver Broncos
Toppy hatty 2.12
The dumbest character ever: Bowser
Damaris Hernandez
What Is The Music Called When Bowser Is Mad At Chef Peepee's Lie Music Can Ya Tell Me SML?
TImmy TiMM tImm
0:04 💀💀💀
Dre Russell
The super bowl half time show sucked!
sports and stuff
Seahawks man😎 💚💙 no tom brandy the🐐
Abu 2.0
this video was made on my Birthday omg thanks
toy Freddy
On Wed Mar the first time BAD credit for the delay in getting back to the right thing to do it is the best 9th and a lot more to do you have a few days ago and have to be the same time as the first time BAD credit for the next few years ago and have to go back and forth between the
XxKing Ian250xX
Either Bowser is blind or he knew it was Junior and just wanted to blame Chef Pee Pee.
Fire Fur 297
1st time I see Bowser is the cause of the 2nd time I see him. IN THE HOSPITAL WHEN I SSSSLLLAAAP HIM IN THE FACE. HARD HARD
Bowser is blind he can't see the Dorito and the cheese all over jr
Seattle Seahawks
I think the Denver Broncos are going to win.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Slade Pickerill
I want the world champions to win let's go Denver Broncos.
Trent Palladino
Finally Bowser Jr admits something for once and Bowser is SO FREAKING DUM
Harold Wilson
I'm watching this video for the first time in 2018. And I regret nothing.
Versace Secrets
At 1:04 is so funny I laughed so hard
PLOT TWIST:Jeffy ate the doritos
Danny Riffs
HEY HERE. USE MY IDEA. Bowser wishes that he would see and meet charlie in real life, so he tries to email him. Mario Finally helps him after asking so many times, and they try to find out his email and number. They eventually find it then call charlie. Charlie says that he would come in 24 hours, so Bowser forces chef peepee to cook dinner for them(Mario,bowser and charlie). 
Tony Llamas
TYDE:I'm gonna kick bowser's jackass
Cayden Lane
frederic topping
43 to 8 a blowout
Joey Plays
I LOVE ❤️♥️♥️♥️ DORITOS also nice vid Keep up the good work
Orange Guy
Actually I ate bowsers Doritos
Pee pee Gang
And Seahawks won against the Broncos with a blow out of 43-8
Shannon Sutton
Seattle Seahawks
virtualaj 08
None of them Vikings are gonna win
Ale_ ur_g2k348
Denver Broncos because they are like the best
Do another play time
Deborah Jones
The Seahawks
Rasiel Pena
This channel demonetized remember and SuperLuigiLogan is fine
XGhost Playz
I hate bowser
Carine Bogoski
The Seahawks won that super bowl
Dianelys Fernandez
BOOOWWWSSSSEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Junior Ate your Doritos
Tiffany Medeiros
not me its 2019 now
Salvador Morales
I was happy cuz my first and second favorite teams where there and my second favorite team aka Seattle are playing on my 2018 bday
toy Freddy
30th and a few years day and age of my friends and family members and their families and friends and relatives and the kids are doing well and good to hear about your life and the kids are doing well and that is a good day to you.
Jonathan Mejia
Amelia DuBoss
Tom Braidy will win. "I won 4 super bowls!!!!!!!"
I think the Seahawks will win (coming from exactly 4 yeas later)
T H E L I E S , T H E Y ' R E A L L L I E S !
Caelan Findlater
Happy 2019 everyone 😄 🖐🏽🤚🏽
Will Isa
Here's an idea, SML! Black Yoshi is extremely addicted to his PS3 and all of his roommates are getting sick of it because he has gotten an unbelievable losing streak and has kept on yelling throughout the house in the morning, afternoon, and while everyone is sleeping. So, Toad has came up with the idea where the roommates send him to a gaming rehab, and Black Yoshi will be trying to escape it. Black Yoshi gets so upset he tries (or succeeds) on killing other people in the rehab. They bring Yoshi to a private room with nothing and we see how Black Yoshi adapting from not playing Ps3 while in rehab!
Ryan Indula
Seattle Seahawks
Keondria Harris
watching in 2018
Mucker 2k17
Jounior as them staked in his dyper
Jewel Boy1
Seahawks are going to win
Bowser's such an idiot he just blames chef PeePee for everything but that's why He's one of my favorite characters Cus he's funny
Hernando Martinez
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neymar fan11
my mom!!!
Justin Negron
i love the fact that bowser is oblivious to the fact that junior had a dorito on him
Robert Freeman
The patriots are gonna win
C r i n g e
My everyday life.