Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC HD2 MIUI Crazy Comparison

HTC HD2 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Crazy comparison of the two. Is it worth the upgrade? Here are the links to the Roms SGS2 MIUI ROM: /> HTC HD2 MIUI ROM:

What's the better phone?
Frederic Duwe
The hd2 is the golden development egg now it can run wp8;wp7;all android versions;meego;maemo the only thing left is ios
Robert Olejnik
Really? Thats interesting I had an extended battery installed and hardly lasted a day no matter if WP or Android. Haha yeah I had a few digitizers replaced in my time.
Robert Olejnik
And the battery is horrendous!!!
The mother fu.... htc can run wp8 and android 4.0
Gonzalo Nacrur
and 3% on the galaxy s2
Dmitrii Krutov
Samsung Galaxy s2 best of the best
erik greenthumb
for the volume download an app called volume+ it is a paid app but google it, you'll notice the difference.
Ramazan Ekici
The sgs2 drained 3 % too..
Rylee Cox
I love my HD2 still best phone I've had. & I've had an iPhone 3GS,4,& 4S
Virtus Revenge
I think it's great that the HD2 is still recognised as a phone that can still stand against the best of them today. I own an S2 myself and I can still say that I love the HD and HD2 as much as I ever did, along with the original desire and the nexus one :)
Patrick Cooney
Well guys I just got rid of my hd2 for a galaxy s2. Hd2 is a great phone, but the galaxy s2 has a way better camera, way better display and display performance. The hd2 got TERRIBLE service whereas the galaxy is amazing. I could want nothing more from my galaxy s2 in a phone. I'm truly in love. For the Monet, $100 will get an unlocked hd2 on eBay and you have the best 3g phone ever made
Marko Koprivica
this video is amazing!!!
Robert Olejnik
@romcargo I had the HD2 with an extended battery (original HTC one) and it ran without any problems for a whole day overclocked to 1.4GHZ. It is a matter trying different kernles and roms to get the one with the least battery drain. Running WP7 on the device is a dream I think.
Sunil Patel
@robifis Was thinking about upgrading but would rather just save £15 a month and keep my hd2 for years :p nothing wrong with it.
@ams3401 and s2
Robert Olejnik
@ams3401 hence the big battery
Robert Olejnik
@xXToxicLunchXx thats's why I did the video. to show how good the hd2 still is...and how versatile.
Robert Olejnik
@hESSLO1 that's why it is a "Crazy Comparison"