Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC HD2 MIUI Crazy Comparison

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HTC HD2 vs Samsung Galaxy S2 Crazy comparison of the two. Is it worth the upgrade? Here are the links to the Roms SGS2 MIUI ROM: /> HTC HD2 MIUI ROM:

What's the better phone?
Frederic Duwe
The hd2 is the golden development egg now it can run wp8;wp7;all android versions;meego;maemo the only thing left is ios
Robert Olejnik
Really? Thats interesting I had an extended battery installed and hardly lasted a day no matter if WP or Android. Haha yeah I had a few digitizers replaced in my time.
Robert Olejnik
And the battery is horrendous!!!
The mother fu.... htc can run wp8 and android 4.0
Gonzalo Nacrur
and 3% on the galaxy s2
Dmitrii Krutov
Samsung Galaxy s2 best of the best
erik greenthumb
for the volume download an app called volume+ it is a paid app but google it, you'll notice the difference.
Ramazan Ekici
The sgs2 drained 3 % too..
Rylee Cox
I love my HD2 still best phone I've had. & I've had an iPhone 3GS,4,& 4S
Virtus Revenge
I think it's great that the HD2 is still recognised as a phone that can still stand against the best of them today. I own an S2 myself and I can still say that I love the HD and HD2 as much as I ever did, along with the original desire and the nexus one :)
Patrick Cooney
Well guys I just got rid of my hd2 for a galaxy s2. Hd2 is a great phone, but the galaxy s2 has a way better camera, way better display and display performance. The hd2 got TERRIBLE service whereas the galaxy is amazing. I could want nothing more from my galaxy s2 in a phone. I'm truly in love. For the Monet, $100 will get an unlocked hd2 on eBay and you have the best 3g phone ever made
Marko Koprivica
this video is amazing!!!
Robert Olejnik
@romcargo I had the HD2 with an extended battery (original HTC one) and it ran without any problems for a whole day overclocked to 1.4GHZ. It is a matter trying different kernles and roms to get the one with the least battery drain. Running WP7 on the device is a dream I think.
Sunil Patel
@robifis Was thinking about upgrading but would rather just save £15 a month and keep my hd2 for years :p nothing wrong with it.
@ams3401 and s2
Robert Olejnik
@ams3401 hence the big battery
Robert Olejnik
@xXToxicLunchXx thats's why I did the video. to show how good the hd2 still is...and how versatile.
Robert Olejnik
@hESSLO1 that's why it is a "Crazy Comparison"